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roao^ out // leads 


> 'stonn Loucnan 



Cjouenanf College 

JbooRout Mlountain, Georgia 

Dorian 1999 

la Jit to 

Challenges, struggles, disappointments, humbling situations, 
confusion, ventures into unmapped territory, fallen creatures, 
and life lessons. Pushing yourself, striving for perfection, con- 
templating. Aspirations, goals, dreams, and perseverance. Meet- 
ing that point of exhaustion and running just one more step. 
Success, comprehension, relief, achievement, victory, triumph, 
completion, forgiveness, and rest. Each situation in life is this 
pattern of struggle, perseverance and hopefully success. Col- 
lege life is no different. As we are involved in our walk with 
God, academia, sports, relationships, and activities, we learn 
who we are through failure, hard work, and accomplishment. 
Covenant College gives us a chance to embrace our entire edu- 
cation and apply what we have learned about our life, this world, 
and our God. As we work through things, hopefully we will all 
come out on the top giving God the glory, so that we will be 
ready to conquer the next mountain that comes at us. 

Another day is done: Another day of struggle, discipline, and trimuphs is through and 
tomorrow and this rest of this year is going to be great. 

Story and Photo by Janelle Bulicz 






«. «• 

• i1 

"Though I questioned the sky, 

now I see why I had to walk the rocks to 

see the mountain view, looking back I see 

the lead of love." -Caedmon's Call 

sunny Options 

Jamaica, South Africa, Peru, Portugal . . . sounds like a ge- 
ography lesson, doesn't it? Well, for some Covenant College stu- 
dents, this summer was much more than that. Opportunities for 
service, visits to home, and experiences in a new culture were only a 
few of the reasons why students ventured away from Covenant Col- 
lege and out of their comfort zones. 

Kristin Fray certainly broadened her world when she visited 
South Africa with Youth Evangelism Explosion. I asked about her 
trip and the culture because when I think of South Africa, I think of 
the struggle for apartheid and the tension and violence in that coun- 
try, but she said, "The overall trip was a wonderful experience. There 
were points that I observed severe racial tensions, although within 
the churches we worked at they weren't as drastic. They have de- 
veloped a lot of unity in Christ since the end of Apartheid." She 
does wish that she had been able to see more of the wild Africa since 
most of their time was spent in the cities. 

Dan Hudson spent his time in a city also, but it was Lisbon, 
Portugal. He grew up in Portugal and this summer he went back to 
visit his family. His purpose was two fold as he also brought a group 
of his friends along to do missions work at a church in Lisbon with 
which his father worked. For him, the hardest part of the trip was 
not dealing with culture, but learning to work with and be a part of a 
team and continuing to be effective in his impact with the people. 

But don't think you have to cross the border to make an 
impact and have a rewarding and adventurous summer. Ginny Blair 
also worked at a camp this summer out in Susanville, CA called 
Mountain Meadow Ranch. Developing relationships with friends 
and making memories were the rewards for her hard work and her 
experience made her feel as if "life can feel perfect for a little while." 
For her, the hardest part of her experience this summer was leaving. 

This summer was rewarding, if sometimes difficult, for all of 
us but God opened our eyes to new culture and new ways to live for 
serve Him, and prepared us each in a different way to return to 
Covenant this fall refreshed and ready to begin the semester. 

by Molly Maddox 

Student Life 


Photo courtesy of Ashley Smith 

Marco Polo: Chris Render plays with some kids at Ridge Haven, 
NC. This summer many Covenant students worked with kids all 
over the nation at camps, bringing them closer to God. 

Photo courtesy of Kristin Fray 

Photo courtesy of Tabitha Ellis 
All in a hard day 's work: Shanna Barrett and Rich Hess take a 
break after a sanding down a room in Portugal this summer. They 
and other Covenant students worked with a missionary in 
Portuagal last May. 

Friends from all over the world: Kristin Fray is joined with other 
friends at the Durban clinic in South Africa, where she worked 
with Youth Evangelism Explosion for three weeks this summer. 

Student Life 
Summer ' 

Tests already?!?!?!: Nick Smith, Holly McMurtry, Heather 
Honaker, and Ginny Barker listen attentively to learn the ins and 
outs of Covenant College before taking some placement tests. 

Joyful Helping Hands: Eddie Trygar, RA Anna Litis, Sara Allen, 
and Ben Crist all take a break while cleaning up the Ronald 
McDonald House during Amatuer Project day. 

Photo by Greg Anderson 
You get the top, 1 11 get the bottom: Christy Jone and Stacy Odell 
work together with Jay Ernst in painting the entire fence at 
Professor Krue Brock's home. 
r^\ Student jjfe 
«* Orientation 

OZff DCew 


Anxiety, nervousness, hope, excitement, fear, confusion, joy, 
sadness. These feelings, and others, raced through the hearts and minds 
of new comers as we arrived at Covenant College. We were flooded 
by an ocean of new faces, new names, new personalities, new tastes, 
and many new accents. Alex Digman reflected on his first thoughts, "It 
was a new place. I was a little worried about how college life would 
run, but excited and eager to get started." 

Moving in was no easy task in itself. There were tons of emo- 
tions going through our heads, but we pushed them aside and began to 
make our rooms start to look like home. This was the first challenge of 
working with our roommates. Some of us had a closet space of a room 
that we had to rearrange to give us breathing room. "We moved our 
beds all around and we were so grateful for the muscle strength of both 
of our dads," Niki Ellis said. 

Orientation week began. We became acquainted with RA's, 
faculty, and staff. They gave us rules, schedules, keys, and meal cards. 
We met some of our roommates, hallmates, and dormmates. Ahead of 
us were many purposeful, yet long and sometimes boring, meetings. 
We even had some tests during this busy week. We played many "get- 
to-know-ya" games with small groups and the entire entering student 
body. " 'Mingle! Mingle! Mingle!' broke down the whole barrier of 
being shy, it was easier since everyone was doing it," said Suzanne 
Prager. In the small groups we got to know the community through 
various service projects around Chattanooga. Grier Mangum gave his 
thoughts on the outing, "We cleaned up the Ronald McDonald House 
to make it easier on the families staying there. It was really an opportu- 
nity to let Christ work through us." 

As the week ended, faces were as common as a family 
member's. The church camp feel of the week began to disappear. Liesl 
Meier commented on the week. "It was helpful; it started to bond us 
together. I really appreciated it," she explained. With returning stu- 
dents arriving, it began to set in. . .. this place, this Covenant College 
was now our home. Orientation week was over. 

The beginning of a year totally in God's hands was underway. 
By now we had learned the names of many faces, bonded with a few 
potentially close friends, and began classes. Our freshman year would 
prove to be a life-changing experience and it all started out with orien- 
tation week. 

By Sean McDowell 

pray, ^/ves/ 

Covenant holds firm to our motto, 'In all things, Christ pre- 
eminent. 1 The conviction to honor our Lord in all that occurs on this 
campus leads to this special day here at Covenant in which we put 
aside our books and studies and focus on one thing: prayer. There 
are numerous accounts throughout the Scriptures in which we are 
told to pray. In I Thessalonians 5: 16-1 8 we are told, "Rejoice in the 
Lord always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this 
is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." As most of us have found, 
there are numerous ways on and off campus in which we can rejoice, 
pray, and give thanks on this day. 

Each year Psi Chi hosts the annual Day of Prayer sunrise 
prayer breakfast at Rock City. This activity serves as an awesome 
opportunity to start the day off right through fellowship with other 
brothers and sisters in Christ as the sun rises. Many also take this 
day as an opportunity to go off by themselves or with groups, friends, 
and halls. 

Pamela Lucas spent her day doing a variety of activities. "My 
day was ordinary, yet different in that I did not study school work, 
but instead I studied certain Scriptures that had ministered to me," 
she explained. Pamela also tried to be still and quiet before the Lord 
on the hour during the whole day. "This was a hard task at times, but 
I tried not to look at it as though I had 'X' amount of things to get the 
spiritual high from the day of prayer." Pamela treats the Day of Prayer 
as if Jesus Christ was her guest of honor for the day. 

Sara Akin spent her day in fellowship with her Gallery 
hallmates and the guys from Blackwatch as they camped out. She 
reflected on the quality time that was spent in prayer that day. Sara 
said, "It was very relaxing, just what I needed; a break from my 
rigorous schedule to enjoy God, His creation, and the relationships 
that He has given me here." 

Whatever activity you choose to do during the day it is re- 
freshing to end the day in the chapel with Dr. Graham and others for 
a time of reflection and praise. It is my prayer that throughout this 
day of prayer and the ones to come that you might learn the glory that 
God receives in our prayers to Him, and the ways in which He is 
faithful to answer them. 

By Karen Richter 

Student Life 
l|i;1|) Day of Prayer 

/: Travis Johnson enjoys camping ov 
'tpip&wtih his hall, Blackwatch, and his siste 

Photo by Joe C 

Oh, what a beautiful morning: Students marvel at the sunrise at 
Rock City on the Day of Prayer. The Psi Chi sponsored a time of 
prayer and fellowship at Rock City during the sunrise. 

.Finding God with Friends: Rebecca DePrine, Dora Mugerwa, 
Krista Iverts, Sara Allen, and Kristen Sandhojf delve into God's 
word out in front of the Chapel. S%iall group activities like these 
helped the Day of Prayer to be a fruitful one. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Photo bv Cherith Johnson 






* y 

A. '- M 

^t+ f ml 


• /fl "P^^^^^^ 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 
Just the Lord and I: Krista Steere spends some time in God 's word. 
The Day of Prayer was all about spending time talking to God 
whether it should be with friends or one-on-one. 

"Dear Heavenly Father... ": As a great example for the rest of the 
student body, Dr. Donavon Graham offers up prayers of adoration, 
thanksgiving, and supplication during his time at Rock City. 

Student Life 
Day of Prayer 1 1 

vester express: Brothers Timothy and Thomas Ellis get down 
and pay homage to the fantastic era of bellbottoms and 
decorative shirts. 

Let's get together: Michelle Seda and Laurel Usher sing a duet 

at the Talent Show. CAB gave its all the ability to show off our 
"talents " and give everyone a good laugh. 

Photo by Ellie Page 
wuz up?: Dressing as the typical North Carolina Tarheels. 
Joanna Hessenbruch and Kurt Halvorson work together as a 
couple to plan their matching outfits. 
/^s\ St udent Life 
12 Decades Dance 


of & 


Polyester bell bottoms, flapper skirts, turbans, tight-rolled 
jeans, poodle skirts, and glorious gowns. Is this your grandma's 
attic? Are you in a time warp? Nope. All these fashion statements 
and more were running rampant at the Decades Dance this year. 
CAB made the executive decision to move Kilter to the spring se- 
mester and create a whole new dance. Every decade was present 
from the monks to Zoro to Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson. 
The students' true personalities were evidenced in their creative, 
crazy costumes. "Everyone got to dress up however they wanted. I 
loved dressing up totally weird in the seventies decade. There were 
a lot of people who went in swing costumes," Kate Malone ex- 

While the guys were supposed to ask girls, it didn't seem 
to matter as there were just tons of friends that came in big groups. 
Justin Corder said, "There were more people there this year. It 
seemed like there were lots of friends that came together and had a 
crazy time. There was no pressure to get a date, the dance was a 
wicked choice." 

The overwhelming response packed students into the Great 
Hall, where they danced to music from "swing" to "Vanilla Ice." 
"By playing all different types of music, everyone could dance in 
whatever way they wanted. When they played 'Vanilla Ice', there 
were some people who were 'break dancing' . It was really inter- 
esting," Mary Grace Godfrey explained. 

The costume contest allowed the creative to shine like stars. 
"I was really surprised how many different types of costumes there 
were. Hed's costume was sweet, but everyone did a really good 
job getting dressed up to fit their decade," Amanda Duffy said. The 
highlight of the night was the talented lip synch's. It was a time for 
some students to show their "unusual singing ability." it ranged from 
Laurel Usher and Michelle Seda as the "Parent Trap Twins" to Jake 
Patton and Justin Corder as the "Indigo Girls" and "Kriss Kross." 

A variety of ice cream sundaes were enjoyed by all who 
participated. The Decades Dance was definitely a big hit around 
campus and will be repeated next year for sure. 


Student Life 
Decades Dance 1*> 





Whether the halls actually put more than thirty minutes of 
time into their skits or spent hours preparing, Skit Nights have be- 
come part of Covenant College tradition. Parodies on life at Cov- 
enant in the dorm, major motion pictures or events, or just random 
sketches are all included in the various presentations by each of the 
halls. This year, the girls of Fifth South stomped their way to victory 
at Carter Skit Night. The originality and dedication of their work 
took Skit Night into new territory as they performed their Stomp 
Team routine. The hall met every other night for two weeks under 
Pamela Lucas' enthusiastic tutilage and inspiration. "It was pretty 
funny at first since quite a few of us had no rhythm at all," laughed 
Jennifer McClain. But, I guess Fifth South proved they had rhythm 
after all. Second South proved that they had rhythm as well- at least, 
some of them- in their spin-off of Riverdance auditions. Perhaps 
some of the most talented dancers in their skit were President Brock, 
Vice President Littlejohn, Dean Raymond, Barb Schreur, and Arthur 
Gauthier as they performed for the student body. Who said anything 
about contract? 

And, if you didn't think that you'd seen or heard enough of 
Titanic in the last year, Rivendell created their own winning version of 
the now timeless story. Most crucial to their skit was the perfor- 
mance of Jay Ernst who played the popular role of "Jack." After 
only practicing their skit twice, Rivendell came away with first place. 
Catacombs took second place with their Spanish skills and creative 
variety. So, no one knew what they were saying- they still managed 
to make the crowd roar with laughter. 

Maclellan entered the annual Skit Night tradition for the first 
time this year. Their objective was to build dorm unity and encour- 
age the dorm members to get involved. Hall names were revealed 
during each of the skits: The Suburbs, Sutherland, Rowan, and Hal- 
cyon. Maclellan's skit night was not a competition, but a time for the 
halls to laugh about life in Maclellan Residence hall. 

Skit Nights provide a time of entertainment, procrastination 
of work, and a refreshed sense of unity for the halls of Covenant 
College. And as always, you'll be surprised at what you see! 

By Aarin Clark 

Audtionsfor the "Wedding Singer"?: Mrs. Schmidt helps Second 
Central create a crazy and hilarious skit. Lively scenes like these 
made the skit nights so enjoyable. 

Photo by Nicole Horton 
It is Cardigan time: Justin Corders joins Ben Robertson, Dan 
Wykoff, and Yon Gautsch in describing the "typical" life of the 
austere Maclellan Hall. 

Hola, Como estan Uds.?: Lang Martin, Joe Staven, Tim Bond, and 
Fernando Windemuller produce great clueless laughter from the 
audience as they tell a story in Spanish. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

The reason for the season: Teresa Link and Laura Rodriguez 
help to decorate the free at the animal tree decorating party with 
Highlands Presbyterian Church. 

"What a cutie!". Grace McLellan, who serves in the nursery at 
Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, has had the opportuntiy 
to develop relationships with many children and their families. 

Contributed by Shanna 

"S 'mores Anyone?" Aaron Papier roasts marshmallows at the 
annual Han 'est Party hosted by Highlands Presbyterian Church 
in Lafayette. 




It has been such a blessing for me to be able to be involved at 
New City Fellowship this year. Many of us we find ourselves as basically 
just another face in the large crowd of the congregation on Sunday morn- 
ings. We don't really get to know anyone that we didn't already know, 
and we definitely aren't using the gifts that God has given us to benefit the 
body of Christ. This is essentially what my experience was like last year, 
except the times when others reached out to me. There were so many 
opportunities at New City that I neglected. New City provides an op- 
portunity for families in the church to "adopt" one or more college stu- 
dents into their families. Our church families are able to provide us with 
so much: accountability, fellowship, and opportunities for spiritual growth, 
praising God, and ministering to others. 

This year for me, Sundays have become my favorite day of the 
week, because I essentially spend all day from 8: 15 AM till 9 PM down 
at New City with all the wonderful people down there, worshipping God, 
fellowshipping, and growing spiritually. There are many ways to get in- 
volved in a local church: joining the choir, attending a church retreat, 
taking a Sonship course, getting involved in a small group, teaching Sun- 
day school, helping in the nursery or with the youth group, attending Sun- 
day school, or just spending time with other members of the body of 
Christ, and truly getting to know them. This list is certainly not exhaus- 
tive, and yet through our involvement in things like the ones just men- 
tioned we can use the gifts that each of us have been given to benefit the 
body of Christ, just as Paul talked about in Romans 12. 

This year, involvement in my local church has truly blessed me, 
and is something that I would encourage any and every Covenant Col- 
lege student to engage in, but more importantly it is something that we are 
called to do as members of the body of Christ. 

By Pete Herron 

ice if up 

for the (L)co/s 

This year's Homecoming was a great success. Once it be- 
gan, it seemed to be action packed all weekend. The only complaint 
you could have possibly had was that were too many things going on 
at once. 

Friday night kicked Homecoming Weekend off with a bang. 
All of the returning Alumni were directed to the new Probasco Building 
or Alumni House where they were found old friends and exchanged 
stories. In addition to all the Alumni, many parents were here for 
Parents weekend which was held at the same time. This means that 
there were over 500 extra people on campus. 

There was a Multicultural Extravaganza held in Mills Hall 
where everyone could come and sample some the exotic flair of 
some of our International students. Soon after that event there was 
a concert put on by the music department featuring Covenant College's 
best musicians and singers. 

Once that concert concluded, it was time for Diamond Dan 
and the Cut Gems, an alumni band that formed back in the seventies 
who reunited this weekend to strut their stuff and show their old 
classmates they still had what it took rock and roll and have a good 

The following day was highlighted by victories for both our 
Men's and Women's Soccer teams, not to mention our Cross Country 
teams who both performed very well at their away meet. 

The conclusion of Homecoming was the fourth annual "Burn- 
ing at the Stage". The outdoor concert featuring Covenant students 
was held near the fire station on the hill next to Shadowlands soccer 
field. There was coffee, s'mores and the customary bonfire. Stu- 
dents, alumni and even several locals came out to enjoy the show, 
which went well past midnight. All the students that performed did 
an exceptional job at entertaining their fellow students despite the 
cold weather. 

All in all it was a very good Homecoming for Covenant. 
The Development office and the Class presidents worked very hard 
to accomplish something that would be fun for all and they suc- 

By Matt "Hed" Hedinger 

Teamwork leads to victory: Taylor Long high fives his team 
after a score was made. Both the Boys' and Girls' Soccer 
team used great teamwork to beat the other team. 

Photo by Joe Cogliandr 

I've still got it in me: With many alumni coming back to visit, the 
alumni soccer game proved to be full of fun, challenges, and great 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Student Life 
Homecoming 1" 

Banter with the Brain: Benedick (Lucas Fins) and Beatrice 
(Meggin Hayes) use their wits and swords when arguing with 
each other. 

Love of my life: In a joy oi/s and 1 i 'onderful moment. C 'laudio ( Yon 
Gaustc ■//) and Hero (Jill ' M nil ins) dec tare their lo) t for one another. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Coniving friends: Claudio (Yon Gaustch), Don Pedro (Jason 
Trimiew), and Leonato (Paul Hinkson) stir up trouble as they try 
to get Benedick to believe he is in love with Beatrice. 
Student Life 



about JXsofAina 

Interest in the play this year was high, and it allowed the 
drama association to confidently take on a play with a fairly large 
cast. But what would that play be? It had to be a play that could 
follow on the heels of last year's two plays, Rosencrantz and 
Guildenstern are Dead and Alice in Wonderland, successfully. It 
was time for Shakespeare. That's right. 

So came the decision to produce Much Ado About Noth- 
ing. It had comic scenes, sad scenes, hijinks and swordplay. It had 
princes, soldiers, nobles, musicians, scoundrals, and fair maidens. It 
had love and it had war. It was perfect. 

Isaac Wardell directed a cast headed up by Meggin Hayes 
(Beatrice), Lucas Fitts (Benedick), Yon Gautsch (Claudio), Jill Mullins 
(Hero), Paul Hinkson (Leonato), Jason Trimiew (Don Pedro), John 
Calvin Traver (Dogberry), and Scot Redpath (Don Jon) to a smash- 
ing success. Also appearing in the cast were Caleb Monroe 
(Borachio), Andy Crews (Antonio), Nicole Ellis (Cecilia, Leonato's 
wife), Grace White (Margaret), Mason Wolf (Conrade), Erin 
Bindewald (Ursula), John Ottinger (Verges), Marty Marquis (the Sex- 
ton), Ethan Pettit (the Friar), Lang Martin (the Messenger), Matt 
Kickasola (Balthazar), and Dave Kaufmann (Eunice). Joanna Rees, 
Caitlin Pettit, Sarah Hopson, Sarah Tilley, and Jessica Frailey were 
the ladies-in-waiting and Thomas Andreas, Ben Morrison, and Tim 
Larson were the guards. 

So was it a success? You bet your bloomers it was. Closing 
night had the biggest crowd and the most successful performance 
that the Covenant community has seen in a long time. The stage was 
elaborate, the costumes were detailed, the acting was superb, and 
the crowd reactions were even better. In conjunction with the play, 
photography students from Covenant and art students from nearby 
schools held an exhibit in the lobby for the benefit of those who came 
to see the play. Score one point for the fine arts. 

And score one point for Shakespeare, Isaac Wardell, and 
the cast and crew. It was a wonderful three nights. If you were 
there, you remember. If you weren't, well you should be filled with 

By Caleb Monroe 


The Ever-Exciting, Fun-Filled Chattanooga Weekend! 

Although it seems that watching the Covenant College "lobby 
couples" could be entertainment for a lifetime, I guarantee that you 
will soon tire of this activity, and will want to venture out and explore 
Chattanooga a bit. Broad Street and Market Street are great places 
to begin this adventure! There are many restaurants with different 
atmospheres and price ranges along these streets. Some favorites 
are Lupi's, Sticky Fingers, Phat Wraps, Pickle Ban-el, Panera Bread 
Company, Friday's, and some other smaller more questionable spots 
such as Thai Food of Chattanooga. So there are many possibilities 
for entertainment if you love food! 

Coffee Shops are also popular among the cheap college 
crowd! Chattanooga has several different places to offer. Be careful 
to guard against too frequent visitation of Gryefriars, as I think many 
Covenant students have suffered from the all too common severe 
Greyfriars burnout. Cafe Tazza has an alternative atmosphere and 
excellent coffee. The MudPie is a colorful and lively place that serves 
some yummy food too. My favorite, Rembrandt's, has a European 
feel and has many delicious desserts, a great outdoor eating area and 
is in a great area to take a relaxing stroll by the river. (What do you 
mean I seem biased?). 

There are also endless opportunities for outdoors adventures! 
No Covenant College student's experience has been complete with- 
out a few scenic hikes to the bluff! Being outdoors is refreshing and 
revitalizing for many people. The hang-gliding bluff is also a pictur- 
esque spot to watch hang-gliders in the daytime, or stars at night. 
There is also some rock climbing in the area if you can find someone 
who will let you tag along! Camping is a cheap and renewing week- 
end trip with places such as Blue Hole and Foster Falls just waiting to 
be enjoyed! We are in an excellent area for backpacking, camping 
and simply being outdoors. Be careful not to take this for granted. 

Remember, college is the only time in most of our lives where 
we can get away with being silly and crazy sooo. . .enjoy it and take 
advantage! If you are tired of the same old same old, then dress up 
ridiculously, acquire strange accents, go out to dinner with your imagi- 
nary friend, order slowly and deliberately mispronouncing all words, 
and enjoy the freedom of being a college student! 

By Ginny Blair 

Student Life 
22 Weekends 

Photo courtesy of Anna Lin: 

"I forgot my swimsuit!": On a campout earlier this semester, 
Kelli Hubbs went for a cold swim in Foster Falls. This camping 
trip was an activity planned in order for the women of Fifth North 
to take some time away for the day of prayer. 

Photo courtesy of Grace McLellan 
Seeing St. Louis: Over Fall Break, Grace McLellan, Jessi Terry, 
Jenny Erbel, and Katie Schenk all went to St. Louis. They did 
some sight-seeing and this picture is taken at the Botanical 

Crawling in Camouflage: Molly Maddox, who is in the National 
Guard Reserves, trains one weekend a month in Knoxville. 

Photo courtesy of Molly Maddox 

I am woman, hear me roar!: Ginny Blair, Nik/ Ellis, and Carlle- 
Lize Hacquerbord prove that they are ready and excited about 
their hall camping trip. 

Get ready, let's go!: Josh Hinman, Lydia Thompson, and Andrew 
Hobbs along with other members of the Backpacking Club get 
ready to go hiking nearby in Georgia. 


> by Joe Cogliandn 

.u ' - 

" > \ ( 


' X 


Jfgl "V 


f / 

^^mmi ■ ' 


Photo courtesy of Amy Deterding 

Holding on for dear life: Amy Deterding and a friend enjoy 
climbing by Sunset Park. Natural climbing walls near Covenant 
make it easy to explore the outdoors. 
/\/ 1 Student Life 
24 Outdoor Sports 

Photo courtesy of Joy Lynne Parker 

Photo by Stephen Freas 





The number of students involved in outdoor activities seems to be 
on the rise at Covenant. There were definitely more people interested in 
both climbing and caving. The outings were not limited to just club activi- 

The Outdoor Sports Club, headed by Sam Glaser, took the yearly 
caving trips. Sam was the guide this year, instead local guides, and led 12 
people a couple miles into a cave in Trenton. He had everyone turn off 
their lights to experience total darkness. The main group went through the 
most popular tunnels, and for a few minutes each person was allowed to 
explore a passage on their own. The group signed their names on a regis- 
ter in a tube and then headed back out into the sunlight. Some chose to go 
back for soccer games, but Sam stayed with five other guys to go into a 
difficult passage. 

He used his leadership to take the small group to a grimy, difficult, 
crawling swim. To enter this section of the cave, one had to crawl through 
water. Your back and stomach touched the ground and the ceiling simul- 
taneously. Your head had to be partially under the 50-degree water. The 
group hesitated, but once Sam went through, everyone joined in the mis- 
ery. The group was rewarded with unusual plant and animal life further in 
the cave. The plants were white from being deprived of light. There was a 
translucent salamander and colorless crayfish as well. 

Besides caving, the Outdoor Sports Club was also involved in 
the trail day at Sunset Rock. The trail day was an organized day of work 
to improve the landscaping and walkways at Sunset Park. Trees and rocks 
had to be carried down the trail in order to replant where trees had died, 
and to replace broken stairways. This was a good effort by Covenant 
students to help the local parks. 

The Climbing Club, which I led, had a rough beginning. The 
original climbing wall was condemned, so a new wall had to be designed. 
A new wall was built and finished in November, thanks to the funds from 
student senate. But the wall wasn't needed in the fall. Many students 
made use of the local rocks including Sunset, Bee Rock, Rock Town, 
and Foster Falls. As with the Outdoor Sports Club, the Climbing Club 
also had both men and women involved. Some students were devoted 
enough to climbing to travel to Kentucky on the weekends frequently, or 
to North Carolina, where there is even more climbing than here. 

by Stephen Freas 

Student Life 
Outdoor Sports 25 

in the 

GO? 58 

What a semester for the Campus Activities Board! 

The year started off with a bang with the pool party and diving 
eontest, welcoming the new freshman to Covenant. Laurel Usher ex- 
plained her mission statement as the CAB director. "I want people to see 
Jesus, whether it be through the friendships they develop at CAB activi- 
ties or by discovering who they are by experiencing different experiences." 

The year started off with the Silers Bald concert that spoke to us 
all as they sang and brought joy to the community. They stayed afterwards 
and talked with students and showed that they were interesting and very 
much like ourselves. 

The Decades Dance was a new attraction for the school and the 
students responded. The RDs of the residence halls had a tough choice 
to pick amongst all the sharp dressers from the 20's up to the 90's. Every- 
one danced to different decades of music, ate ice cream, and watched the 
lip synchs of the different times. 

The Diamond Dan concert in association with the Alumni Board 
set record attendance for a homecoming event. The alumni sang their 
hearts out like they used to do when they were at Covenant. It was a great 
time for students. Alumni, and visitors alike. 

The Allen Levi concert proved to be a hit. He did three concerts 
and spoke Thursday night on singleness. He spoke to us all, whether it 
was in the Great Hall enjoying lunch with him, when he saw someone 
around campus and stopped to talk, or when he sang his songs for us in 
chapel and at the concert Friday night. 

Preview Weekend was a busy time, but some still found time to 
play paintball amongst the woods by the soccer fields and the downed 
huey helicopter. The bitter cold turned some away that night from the 
drive-in movies, but there were those seen in their hats, coats, and sleep- 
ing bags watching 'Some Like It Hot' and 'Gattaca' eating popcorn and 
candy and drinking hot chocoa and coffee. 

The semester of CAB events closed with the Exam Cram. Stu- 
dents got to take a short break from the intensity of their studies to eat 
breakfast served by our loving faculty, and watch their fellow students 
show off their talents on stage. 

By Grace McLellan 

Fall CAB 

Break in the Blink: Matt Novenson looks reproachfully at Jason 
Wells after loosing one more fry to the hungry freshman. The CAB 
Blink Night gave us the ability to develop friendships. 

Photo by Ellie Page 
Yo, yo, yo! Wuz up?: Jason Trimiew and Matt Kimbrell strut their 
stuff during the Decades Dance. Students dressed up in a costume 
from their favorite decade and boogied down. 

Let's all work together: The AV Services gang Jeff Larson, Nathan 
Brauer, Travis Johnson, Nathan Dreger, and Matt Hedinger work 
with CAB to put on the Drive-In Movie night. 

Photo by Joe Cogliandro 

Everyone enjoys the merriment: E\ 'en the Madrigal singers tak ( • 

time to enjoy the food and each other. After the hard work that 
they put into it, these singers certainly deserve it. 

Let me tell you a joke: The jester entertains the guests with his 

funny jokes and mystifying tricks. The guests had many tilings to 
look at whether it be the jesters, the wenches, or the stable boy. 

Photo by Ellie Page 
A wenching we will go: Sarah Hops on and Grace White enjoy 
Madrigals and make money all in one night. The wenches and 
other hard workers made Madrigals a huge success. 
Student Life 

gfo OlCZllftJ 

in the Qjourt 

"For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; and the 
government will be upon his shoulder. And His name will be called, 
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of 
Peace." Isaiah 9:6. The reason for the season ! So often with the 
hustle and the bustle of the holiday season, we lose the real reason 
for the season, our Savior's birth. One way that many choose to 
start their holiday season off right is by attending Ye Ole Madrigals. 
If you ask anyone who has been affiliated with Covenant for any 
amount of time, they would tell you that Madrigals is one of the 
biggest traditions that this campus holds. If you ever get a chance to 
walk through the downstairs of the chapel and see the pictures of the 
numerous Madrigals singers, you will gain a better understanding of 
exactly how long this unbelievable experience has gone on for. "I 
thought that the singers did a great job. It was very easy to see that 
they have a lot of talent and that they work very hard to make 
everything perfect," Jodi Saunders commented. One of the reasons 
this special dinner tradition is so special is because it brings both the 
Covenant College community and the surrounding community 
together to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

Besides the singers, the night was full of interesting people 
that created a very enjoyable environment. Lord and Lady Higgins 
greeted their guest and invited everyone to enjoy a night of feasting 
and fun. The jesters and stable boy made the guest laugh. There 
was always something to look at. "The jesters did pretty cool magic 
tricks. They were fun to watch and created a light and cheerful 
atmosphere. I really loved it," Jesse Elliot explained. 

From the fellowship with other believers, to hearing the 
Madrigal singers proclaim the birth of the Savior, to everyone singing 
Christmas carols together, this is one joyous event that marks the 
beginning of the holiday season. Janna Levi said, "What a beautiful 
presentation of the celebration of our Savior' birth during the medi- 
eval time period!" May the tradition of Madrigals continue to uplift 
those who attend and may we all celebrate the meaning of this 
season, the birth of Christ, the Giver of life. 

by Karen Richter and Janelle Bulicz 




towards um 


Ever wonder how all those parties, fireside chats, skit nights, 
and dorm aetivities come about? Well, before the RA's start taking 
credit for it, (you know how they are sometimes) I am here to give 
credit where it is due. This year, I have had the awesome privilege of 
working with nine incredible people as President of Founder's Coun- 
cil. As a council, we have worked to put on many of thfe events you 
experience in your dorm — or someone else's dorm, for that matter. 
John Sweet, president of the all-new Maclellan Council, and Nathan 
Brauer, president of Carter Council, have both been great to work 
with. The three councils have worked to together to put on each 
dorm's skit night and the All Saint's Soul Party, just to name a few. 
The other events held this first semester were the Christmas Fellow- 
ship in Carter and the Thanksgiving Progressive Feast in Macllelan. 
Each of these events has offered students both traditional and unique 
ways to interact and enjoy each other's fellowship. Also, we have 
had the opportunity to hear from a number of professors at Fireside 
Chats, which have given students the chance to interact with differ- 
ent faculty members here at Covenant. 

Of course, there have been several new things that have 
affected the operation of the councils this year. When Kathleen 
Haase left Founders and moved to Maclellan, I was able toi 
work with Eric and Adelynn Spiecker. With the addition of a 
new dormitory, there has been a large group of people able to 
work together to coordinate bigger events. This has proven very 
helpful ! What we do want to communicate is the fact that we I 
are more than just an entertainment organization. This year, 
Founder's Council has worked to have what we call "Koinonia", 
a time of fellowship and worship. Though it is often hard to I 
think about the big picture amongst the details of the various 
events, it has been our goal to actively serve the dorm and to 
be a ministry to the students of each dorm. With fellowship be- 
ing our chief goal, we have worked to plan events that would 
abundantly meet that end. It has indeed been a thrill to serve 
Covenant in this way and to experience the joys of Christian 
fellowship lived out in dorm life. 

by Matthew Bryant 

Carter Council: 

Front Row (l-r): Jcinci Werson, Jonathan Entrekin, Sitzi Entrekin and Ashe r, 
Kara Stanley, Amanda Easton. Second Row (l-r): Katie Schenk, Holly 
Tolson, Brian Carlisle, President Nathan Brauer, Michelle Toner. Third 
Row (l-r): Michael Dixon, Carlle-Lize Hacquebord. 

Photo by Monique Good 

Founders Council: 

Front Row (l-r): Yukiko Takata, Carrie Hayes, Aarin Clark, Sara Akin, 
Danielle Gay. Second Row (l-r): Jonathan Murton, John Porter, Wes 
Hollowed, Jonny Razzano, President Matthew Bryant. 

Student Life 
30 Hall Councils 

Macllelan Council: Kathleen Haase, Laurel Tolson, Dan Wycqff, Sarah 
•High, President John Sweet, Anne Lichlyter, Ben Robertson. 

Friends at the Feast: Janna Levi, Molly Porter, and Abigail 
Hudson enjoy each other 's company, while eating good food at 
the Maclellan Progressive Dinner. The Maclellan Council 
succeeded in creating an atmosphere of fun and untiy. 

Photo by Nicole Horton 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Make that pumpkin roar: Sarah 
Martin uses percision and creativity 
when cutting into "Leo ", the Jungle 's 
pumpkin, for the pumpkin carving 

Photo courtesy of Kristine Brangwin 

It's a "Thug Life": Kristine 
Brangwin, Liz Adams, Melannie 
Sweatt, and Stefanie Long show off 
their bad side when dressing up for 
the Founders ' All Saints Soul Party. 

Photo by Beth Stacey 

Student Life 
Hall Councils 31 

I love it here!: Melissa Stain on and Elizabeth Robeson ore amazed 
by how wonderful their new dorm is. They realized that they are 
living the high life now. 

Generous Gifts: Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr. introduces Maclellan Hall 

at the Dedication where students. President Brock, and Pastor 
Joe Noveson gave their blessings to the dorm. 


Id join a 



High ceilings, air conditioners, a huge computer lab, dryers 
that don't burn your clothes, unstained carpet, walls of brick and all 
one color, living rooms, no varmints, a huge honking ballroom (or a 
dorm commons). Are we dreaming? Is this the Taj Mahal? Oh no. 
It is simply the new Maclellan Hall. 

Covenant College has grown so much in the last few years 
that we were able to build a new dorm full of new and innovative 
technologies. Those of us who lived in the other dorms in our "younger" 
years, found Maclellan to be absolutely indulging. Justin Corder 
described his "sensational love" for his new hall. "I love the high 
ceilings and our own spacious bathrooms with two sinks," he said. 

Students were able to enjoy living suite-style. This gave ev- 
eryone a place to study, sleep, and just hang out, all within a few 
hundred feet. Some students found this style of living conducive to 
studying. "I transferred here this year and I think this is much better 
than anything else I've seen. This style of living is very conducive to 
studying. It is very quiet here," Mike Sloan explained. 

Being that the Maclellan Hall is a neighbor to the gym and 
the Ha-Ha Plant and a good hike from the Great Hall, some got the 
feeling that they lived in a separate world in the Covenant commu- 
nity. "It sort of feels like an off-campus experience. It feels like we 
are so far away from things," Anne Lichlyter explained. 

Christening this new hall was a bit of a challenge. There 
were no traditions or ghost stories. However, the RAs and the 
Maclellan Council helped us to create traditions and personalities. 
The first thing to do was to change the names of each hall. Second 
Maclellan became Sutherland. Third Maclellan was renamed to be 
the Suburbs. Rowan became Fourth Maclellan's new name and 
fifth's new name was Halcyon. 

As Covenant College increases in size more additions to 
Maclellan will be made. Maclellan Hall is a great example of the 
great and bountiful gifts that God has given to Covenant in the last 
few years. We are a prospering college with tons of potential and 
capabilities to be students that strive for excellence and perfection by 
serving God. 

by Janelle Bulicz 

Student Life 
Maclellan Hall 33 


for in^ 


So you've decided that you want to come to Covenant College. 
The only problem is that it is a little more expensive than the state school 
you were considering. Fortunately, the helpful people working in the fi- 
nancial aid office understand this and work hard to develop the best finan- 
cial aid package you can get. While part of your aid may be scholarships 
or loans, you are also able to apply for a work-study position. As you fill 
out the form for work, you realize that you are joining a great number of 
Covenant College students who take on-campus jobs to help pay for 

Depending on one's financial need, students can apply to work 
from five to fifteen hours of a week. Based on their- minimum wage salary, 
students can earn from $800 to almost $2300 dollars a year from their 
work. This can help to significantly reduce the amount of loans or money 
from parents or other sources that is needed to attend Covenant. 

Though some students choose to work off campus, many find it 
more convenient to have a job that is just outside their back door. There 
are many areas in which students can work, although forty-five percent of 
students are employed in B.E.S.T. (housekeeping), kitchen, or grounds. 
Other options for work-study include admissions, office or lab work with 
professors, athletics, switchboard, community services and computer tech 

The work study program can truly add an important aspect to 
one's education. When working as an assistant for a professor, students 
are exposed to their area of study in greater depth. In an environment like 
the kitchen, students are forced to endure long hours on their feet and can 
learn a great deal of patience. Working in one of the many offices around 
Covenant can teach students how to behave in such environments. These 
employees can gain knowledge that they may use in future jobs. 

Most freshmen are assigned a position in B.E.S.T. or in the kitchen. 
Jessica Frailey is no exception. Her previous experience as a waitress at 
Pizza Hut has helped her catch on to the procedures used in the Covenant 
College kitchen. Concerning her job, Jessica stated, "Work study is kind 
of fun cause you get to meet a lot of people, but hard, because you smell 
like crusty eggs all the time." Despite the hard work, most students are 
grateful for the work-study program because it allows them the opportu- 
nity to attend such a high quality school as Covenant. 

by Kate Stewart 

May I help you? Lisa Gurney is ready and waiting to fix deli 
sandwiches. She, along with the others who serve in the kitchen, 
make up the largest group of work study students on campus. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 
Woman at Work: Shauna DeBoer drills out her agression in the 
carpentry shop. Work study gives her a chance to learn new and 
valuable skills. 

A Privileged Job: Stephanie Glass enters information about 
prospective students in the admissions department. Her job allows 
her to help the school and earn money for tuition. 

Student Life 
Work Study 35 

The Ferocious Mobster: The Mob-- Scott Anderson, Mark Krieg 
Matt Hedinger, and Caleb Monroe-- arrive in Chattanooga tt 
harass innocent Killer Caper mystery solvers. 

Let's Just Have Fun Out There: Sarah Ireland and Timothy Ellis 
enjoy their time out on the "swinging" dance floor. With Swing 
sweeping the coittnry Covenant just had to join in. 

Une <bwina 
of Un in os 

People were flying through the air, legs jutting out every which 
way, missing nearby couple's faces by centimeters. People were being 
dropped, flung, spun, and twirled. This was it — the night of Kilter — 
girls must swallow their pride, work up some nerve, and ask the guy 
of her choice to accompany her to Kilter. This year's theme, sparked 
by a campus-wide interest, was that of Swing dancing. 

"There aren't many dances where you get to fly through the 
air," says Heather Rantal, leader of the soon-to-be swing club. "Swing 
dancing is the outlet through which I've realized my childhood dream 
of flying." 

Shortly after the fashionably dressed couples filed into the 
Great Hall and were seated at their tables, they were told to look 
inside the single envelope in the center of their tables. Inside each 
was a clue introducing "The Great Kilter Caper." The object was to 
find President Brock who had been kidnapped by some nefarious 
villains and taken to a secret location. The competition arose when it 
was discovered that it was a race to find President Brock first and 
rescue from the scoundrels that had apprehended him. 

Groups sped all over Chattanooga running into Mafia don 
Cliff Foreman, and were led to places like the Pickle Barrel, the 
Walking Bridge, the brick couch on Broad street, and Rembrandts. 
The clues led the couples back up the mountain, onto campus, and 
on to the catwalk of the chapel, where President Brock was saved 
from harm's way. 

After the excitement, students were ready to start groovin' ! 
Inside the Great Hall, the music started playing. Infradig Ensemble 
was the primary entertainment, but in between sets Swing CD's took 
center stage, with jazzy music filling the air. Slowly but surely stu- 
dents made their way out onto the dance floor until at last there were 
over two hundred students crammed into the space. Students came 
alive with fantastic moves — spins, flips, twirls, lifts, leaps, and jumps. 
"It was the most fun I've had since I've been at Covenant," says 
Corrie Rantal, an avid swinger. 

According to Laurel Usher, director of the Campus Activi- 
ties Board, affectionately known as CAB, this was the most suc- 
cessful Kilter ever staged, and the evening brought to life the atmo- 
sphere of the glamorous forties, complete with villainy, great music, 
slinky styles, and fabulous dancing. Remember, it don't mean a thing 
if it ain' t got that swing ! 

by Kelly Clarkson and Molly Maddox 

Student Life 

Kilter 37 




o/n/n unity 

Chapel — much debated, often skipped, but impossible to 
ignore. Because chapel is such an important part of the Covenant 
community, the chapel committee works long and hard on the pro- 
grams. The committee invites a wide variety of speakers to chal- 
lenge us. During the 98-99 school year, the list was long and distin- 

Many of our local pastors, including Rev. Bob Haymes, 
Rev. Henry Stevens, Rev. Jim Pickett from New City Fellowship, 
Rev. Sandy Wilson, and Rev. Joe Novenson, pastor of Lookout 
Mountain Presbyterian church, spoke on various issues. 

Several of the speakers came from our local and state com- 
munities, whether involved in politics or outreach. GA congress- 
woman Kathy Ashe and Chip Woolwine, a public school adminis- 
trator, spoke on the benefits of charter schools and Christians in the 
public schools. Lurone Jennings from the Bethlehem Community 
Center in Chattanooga spoke on Christians in the city, and James 
Skillen from the Center for Public Justice spoke on gender issues. 

An eclectic assortment of individuals came from all over to 
share what they have learned living and working in a culture that is 
becoming decidedly anti-Christian. Scott Roley and David Hamp- 
ton spoke on worship as a lifestyle. Bob Demoss, from the class of 
1980, shook things up a little with a graphic presentation about 
Christians and the youth culture, and Dr. George Marsden, a pro- 
fessor at Notre Dame, was the Staley lecturer. Allen Levi, a speaker 
and wonderful musician, spoke on singleness. Ed Welch, author 
and counselor, discussed "When People are Big and God is Small." 
The author Jeff Van Vonderan spoke on families where grace is in 
place. David Aikman, Christian journalist and former senior corre- 
spondent for Time magazine, told of the six great souls of the twen- 
tieth century and discussed what it was like to be a Christian in his 
profession. To finish out the year, Professor Jim Hurley came from 
the Reformed Theological Seminary, and alumnus Fred McFarland, 
Army chaplain spoke on how to avoid the isolation so easy to em- 
brace at Covenant College. 

The overwhelming favorite chapel speakers were author 
Jeff Van Vonderan and Dr. Clive Calver, president of World Relief 
Organization and speaker at the dedication of the Chalmers Center. 
Chapel was a rewarding and challenging experience that stretched 
us all. 

by Molly Maddox 

Staley Lectures: Covenant had the great privilege this year of 
being chosen as one of the schools to host George Marsden, a 
professor at Notre Dame. 

Photo by Ellie Page 
Listen Up: Alumnus Fred McFarland, an Army chaplain whose 
daughter Austina now attends Covenant, challenged students to 
take a look at how they live their lives in the Covenant community. 

Great Souls: David Aikman describes the people that he believes 
to be the six greatest souls of all time and challenges students to 
live in the same manner. 

Photo by Ellie Page 

Bienvenidos a Peru: Members of 
the Peru team play with the 
orphans of Huanta Pent in the 
bed of missionary Jerry 
Guttierez 's truck. 

Go Scots!: The Scotland group 
smiles as they visit the home of 
the Presbyterian church and the 
amazing city of Edinburgh. 

JjreaRina a// 
Jjo un oaries 

It is all about change and stretching comfort zones. Whether it be 
the inner city of New York City or the backward mountains of Peru, 
Covenant students went all over the world to share the gospel and help 
the missionaries that are already there. This year during Spring Break, 
students went to Jamaica, Northern Ireland, Peru, Scotland, Peru and 
New York City. While each student had a unique experience, everyone 
came back joyfully exhausted and seeing God in new ways. 

The New York City team spent the entire week at the Bowery 
Mission, serving and living with the homeless men that live at the mission. 
Covenant students were able to see how fortunate they are and how God 
is so good. Alina Hansinger said, "I expected to go and minister to so 
many and do so much, but the Lord used the time to teach me about the 
gospel, His awesome grace, and the terrible effects of sin. The trip also 
showed me how different other people's lives are and how fortunate I 

For the Jamaica team, it wasn't so much the culture, but the great 
difference of the people they were serving at the Caribbean Christian 
Center for the Deaf. "I was overwhelmed with the deaf culture. It is 
amazing how we take advantage of how we can talk and hear. I knew 
about deafness before this trip, but it didn't hit me until I was in a commu- 
nity where nobody talked and everyone just signed," Jennica Jardine said. 

Most teams went to cultures where the gospel was known, but 
this did not mean that the people there had come to know God personally. 
A team went to Scotland, the home of the Presbyterian church, and had a 
surprising experience. Greg Anderson said, "The people of Scotland are 
spiritually apathetic. It has this rich Presbyterian heritage, yet they just 
downplayed it or they just don't realize it." 

Leaving the United States made certain teams see how small their 
worlds were and how big God was. Tim Cleary, who went to Northern 
Ireland said, "This was my first time out of the country and the biggest 
shock was the vastness of God's domain and how He encompasses ev- 
erything, not just things around me, but the whole world. It was so cool 
how He planned that we would meet up with certain people in those 
certain places at this exact time in our lives." 

By spending their Spring Breaks in different countries and cul- 
tures, Covenant students enjoyed each other, other Christians and their 
great God. These trips were only a week long, but the effects of these 
trips will be life long. 

by Janelle Bulicz 

Student Life 
Break on Impact " 

<uurn (L)and^ 


J Qjnoaj 


Spring Break. . .a time dreaded by eollege students every- 
where. Many students question, "Why must I be torn from my 
fascinating studies and be forced to be unproductive?" Many won- 
der, "What will I do without scheduled mealtimes, what will I choose 
to eat out of the endless variety of foods? I do not like to be forced 
to make my own decisions. " Many are simply concerned about 
what to do with all of the unstructured time... Oh... wait... no! 
Spring Break is a time to get away from the usual activities and the 
stress of school. The long-awaited and much-anticipated Spring 
Break is spent in many places. One favorite place is the beach; 
many flee southward to soak up the much-needed sun (who says 
pasty white is undesirable?). "Going to Florida was so much fun, 
but it was also interesting. We stayed in a gravel campsite down in 
Key West. Some weird things happened. However, the whole 
break was so relaxing and it was so wonderful to be with my friends 
that I loved it," Carlle-Lize Hacquebord said. Others venture out 
west for excellent skiing, and, in each case, the long drive seems to 
be worth it! Chip Swanson went out to Utah with his friends from 
home. "It was so awesome. We had great snow and we were able 
snowboard in the phattest places. It was great to be with my friends 
from home for a whole week doing what we love to do," he ex- 
plained. Still, many college students spend some time at home 
watching television and snuggling with their pillows ! "It was a good 
time to spend time with my family and some friends I hadn't seen in 
awhile," Emily Jordan explained. Wherever students go, Spring 
Break is a time to be refreshed and return prepared to learn once 
again (or be so ready for summer that all academic pursuits are 
forgotten). One of my favorite things about break is hearing stories 
of everyone's adventures afterwards and dreaming of next year's 

by Ginny Blair and Janelle Bulicz 

Spring Break 

Photo courtesy of Wes Hollowe 

A Day at the Slopes: Sara Campbell, Sarah Ireland, Kate Stewart, 
and Cameron Has tie prepare for a day of skiing in Breckenridge, 



B W~ ' v^^Bfc^^^^^ 

^^^M^^^^^^^. * .^^L ^J 

" r r*T^ y JW?w 

aife m 

F ■ J0P i 'I r ^H 

W^ Tm 

1 mt^m * ^Kk 

I £ ** ^hk 


^. ^flB ■ ^^^ Ji 

Fhoto courtesy ot Heather Rantal 

Photo courtesy of Chip Swanson 
What a kicker!: Chip Swanson hits a kicker. Spending a week in 
Brighton, Utah was a great way to get away from the stress of 
I 1 school 

. Seaside: Heather Rantal, Becca Norman, Annaliese Gilman 

PC* Bethany Boulton, Kelly Clatkson, and Becca Holmes vacationed 

"^ ±^\ in Seaside, FL. 


Student Life 
Spring Break 43 

".../ am an honest Pack..." Christine Lamb, creatively costumed, 

earned the very important role of the Puck, or Robin 

"A very good piece of work...": According to Kara Stanley, 
"John Calvin Trover was superb" as Nick Bottom, a member of 
a group of actors comniissed to put on a play for the Royal 




*" JK 


s hoto by Chcrith Joh 

"Lysander riddles very prettily...": Lysander (Brent Jackson) 
and Hermia (Heidi Bentson) unknowingly become a couple of 
the players in a quarrel between the fairies of the forest. 

Spring Play 

"Enough, enough, my lord!": Egeus (Marty Marquis) had 
a dramatic role to play as the father ofHermia (Heidi 
Bentson) whose love life created problems throughout the \ 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

JiwaAe ine 

of JiLirtn 


Following an annual tradition, Covenant College's Drama Club 
presented the Spring Play on April fifteenth and sixteenth. Under the 
guidance of director Isaac Wardell, a talented and teachable cast of 
thirty Covenant students joined to give a sensational performance of A 
Midsummer Night's Dream. Following Shakespeare's intended era for 
the setting in ancient Greece, the play utilized both the aesthetics and the 
imagination of the cast to create the mythical worlds in which the action 
took place. Having outgrown Sanderson 2 1 5 the previous semester with 
Much Ado About Nothing, the production was moved to the Great 
Hall where the decorated stage served as the backdrop for the perfor- 
mance. Experienced actors such as John Calvin Traver, Walker White, 
and Kelly Clarkson joined with novices, Brent Jackson, Lucas Fitts and 
Geoff Glenister to present a classical rendering of the Shakespearean 
comedy. And a comedy it was. A Midsummer Night's Dream has 
been called Shakespeare's most hilarious comedy. The play centers 
around the antics of four star crossed lovers—Brent Jackson, Heidi 
Bentson, Geoff Glennister and Kelly Clarkson- who unwittingly become 
pawns in a lover's quarrel between the fairies of the forest. Also in- 
volved in Shakespeare's fable are a band of rude mechanicals, country 
folk, who have met to perform a play for a royal wedding. It is in this 
group that the character of Nick Bottom the Weaver (John Calvin Traver)- 
- who will ultimately cross through the three worlds of rude mechanicals, 
royalty, and fairies— is introduced. From stunts pulled by the four con- 
fused lovers to sporting and rivalry between the fairy bands led by Nancy 
Young and Christine Lamb, the errors of the rude mechanicals and the 
unaltered Shakespearean dialogues were all humorously taken in by very 
supportive audiences. 

The play turned out to be a privilege to participate in, as well as 
a joy to watch. Senior Brent Jackson appreciated the opportunity to 
participate in the play as he said that "It was fun doing a comedy." Though 
he loved getting to wear a toga, his favorite part was the opportunity to 
work with the people involved. He furthered his description by stating 
that "It was a great cast and Isaac was a great director." Heidi Bentson 
agreed, and though the practices were difficult and often long, she loved 
the experience. Thanks to the hard work of many dedicated individuals, 
the Spring 1999 Play was definitely a success. 

by Emily Boatright, Kate Stewart, and Nancy Young 


Weekends in Chattanooga ean get boring. How many times 
can one person go to the $ 1 .50 movies before it gets so old? How- 
ever, Covenant College has the awesome privilege of bringing the 
entertainment to the campus because the Campus Activity Board is 
continuously coming up with activities for us all to participate in. 
These activities range from performances of many different bands 
and singers to the big dances of the year. 

The Campus Activities Board continued to provide quality 
entertainment during the second semester. Well-known music art- 
ists such as Allen Levi and the Vigilantes of Love were brought in 
to show off their talents. Many students came and everyone loved 
it. There were many fun events to liven up the school year. There 
was the semi-annual Drive-in Movie Night. In keeping with all 
former Movie Nights, it was absolutely freezing, but we loved watch- 
ing "The Truman Show" and "Amistad ,, cuddled up with our favor- 
ite friends. Responding to the favorite activity of many boys and 
some girls love for Nintendo Playstation, the Blistering Thumbs Video 
Game Tournament was created. The champs of this competitive 
"sport" showed up in the chapel to work their fingers hard. It was 
a great day. 

Since the Decades Dance was the dance of the first semes- 
ter, Kilter was moved to the second semester. The annual girls- 
ask-guys dance opened with the kidnapping of Dr. Frank Brock as 
he was giving his opening speech welcoming the students to the 
dance. So began the Great Kilter Caper. This led to a city wide 
scavenger hunt for clues leading to his whereabouts, with the infor- 
mants vaguely resembling students. After President Brock was res- 
cued and all was well, the party resumed with swing dancing and 
refreshments. It was a jiving time. 

Spring Banquet was held at the Tennessee Aquarium, and 
was the gala event of the spring semester. Activities of the evening 
included dancing to the tunes of the Joe Stephens Band, refresh- 
ments of pastries and coffee, and the opportunity to explore the 
enchanting aquarium, all of which contributed to the enjoyment of 
the people attending the event. The final event of the year, the Sym- 
phony Under the Stars, allowed students to take a break from study- 
ing for exams and close out the semester enjoying the spring sunset 
to the sounds of Bach and Mozart. 

by Justin Corder and Janelle Bulicz 

Student Life 

46 Spring CAB 

Alleluia: Ryan Long, a Young Life singer, performed a very- moving 
concert. Many students are involved with Young Life at local 
high schools, so Ryan 's concert was well attended. 

Work Pays Off: The CAB Board, Steven Wykoff, Therese 
Middendorf, Laurel Usher, Grace McLellan, Lydia Thompson, and 
Justin Walton enjoy Spring Banquet knowing they did a great job. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Photo by Joe Cogliandro 
Dancing with the fish: Molly Porter and Nathan Fowler enjoy 
Motown music during the wonderful evening at the Tennessee 
Aquarium during Spring Banquet. 

Beat Him: Chris Quillen,Gordy Martin, and Trevor Taylor are 
intent on winning during the Blisteiing Thumbs competition, 
sponsored by CAB for the many students who enjoy video games. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Loving Life: Robin Arrington and John Ohanian swing to the 

times of the Joe Stephen 's Bund. With Motown music, any dance 
would work, whether we actually knew how to dunce or not. 

Dancing the bines away: Kerry Caviness and Chris Wright are 
decked out for Spring Banquet in their matching blue dress and 

Photo by Joe Cogliandr 

R.A.s in the house: R.A. ofBlackwatch, Dave Graham, and R.A. 
of Gallery, Jen McKenzie, were grateful for a night away from 
being in-duty to attend Spring Banquet. 
/\S \ Studen tLife 
™ Spring Banquet 

Motown Mania: Members of the Joe Stephens Band, Pamela 
Lucas, Jason Trimiew, and Joe Stephens, take a break from 
singing great Motown songs. 

Jriends* ^Jrisn 





This year's Campus Activities Board decided to do something 
a little different with Spring Banquet. On the evening of April 1 7 , 
many students from Covenant College dressed up and headed down to 
the Tennessee Aquarium. 

In the past, a sit-down dinner has been served, but this year, 
great coffee and delicious desserts were served, catered by 
Rembrant's, the Renaissance Common's coffeehouse. The formal 
dinner did not seem to be missed, because plenty of other activities 
were provided to make the evening worthwhile. Making their own 
additions to the planned evening, most couples chose to make their 
own dinner plans at some of Chattanooga's fine restaurants. 

The evening began "2000 Leagues Under the Sea," as we 
toured the countless exhibits of the Tennessee Aquarium. Though the 
presence offish did not create an "enchanted" atmosphere, as did the 
setting at Rock City it made the evening unique and very interesting. 
The tour lasted approximately an hour and a half, and contained habi- 
tats native to the Tennessee River, as well as creatures from the sea. 
Students particularly enjoyed the jellyfish exhibit, as well as the rooms 
made to look like the outdoors, complete with trees, plants, grass, and 
the animals common to this kind of setting. 

After exploring the tanks of freshwater fish, jellyfish, and 
tropical creatures, students took their skills to the dance floor. 
Covenant's own Joe Stephens Band, led by talented Jason Trimiew and 
Pamela Lucas, provided the music. Sounds of Motown filled the air as 
people sang out loud to the familiar tunes. Even those lacking dancing 
abilities eventually put their pride behind them and joined those already 
moving to the music on the dance floor. The evening ended with the 
sounds of the U2 classic "Pride (In the Name of Love)." Judging by 
the response given by the crowd, this song was a great conclusion to a 
terrific evening. 

More than a few people grabbed a plateful of desserts as they 
walked from the Aquarium into the dark night, discussing the fun that 
the evening held. About her first Spring Banquet, freshman Liz Adams 
said, "I enjoyed getting to see the aquarium again, and it was fun seeing 
everyone dressed up and getting to dance a little bit." As senior Rachel 
Bode said, "Fun was had by all." Congratulations to this year's Cam- 
pus Activities Board for putting on a successful and creative Spring 

by Kate Stewart 

Student Life 
Spring Banquet 49 

J he Bast 

As is the case with any class president, my priority this 
year was that people would have a good time. For the most part, 
I think they did. Let's see if I can recount the year's chicanery: It 
all began when the wise and insightful members of the senior class 
council congregated to brainstorm about fun things to do. Among 
the ideas thrown out were attending a live semiprofessional 
wrestling tournament in podunk Trenton. I decided that this was a 
wonderful possibility, but for the sake of female interests I opted 
instead for a party on the Southern Belle Riverboat. Indeed, the 
event was a smashing success! Somebody, I won't name who, 
greeted arriving students in a human banana suit. It was a nice 
touch, I'll admit. On top of that, the Infradig Ensemble mesmer- 
ized the crowd with their funk-rock- whatnot sound, and drove 
them into a dancing frenzy. Meanwhile, the calm types were able 
to socialize on the upper deck of the boat and laugh at the banana 
man as he mingled to and fro amidst the masses. Without a 
doubt, this floating, dancing, and grooving collection of Covenant 
folks had lots of fun. Rightly so, 'cause that's my purpose in life, 
that folks would have fun. 

Another one of the fun events of the year was the Baker 
Tree Festival, which was held outdoors on the chapel lawn. This 
activivity included musical performances of various Covenant 
students as well as some other fun things like a moonwalk and a 
"Greased Vaden" to chase. Additionally, Aramark served dinner 
out of doors so that the fun would continue. This event turned out 
to be a huge success, according to the opinions of most folks I 
talked to. 

Finally, a bunch of us gathered at Krue Brock's cabin at 
the end of exam week to eat BBQ and talk about old times. It 
was the icing on the cake, so to speak — a great ending to four 
years of fun. The Senior Banquet was a time of nostalgia, fun, 
and reflection. The banquet was a time for seniors and their 
families to gather together one last time and savor the memories of 
four years at Covenant. The evening included testimonies from 
Marty Marquis and Kara Griffith, a slide show by Lydia Thomp- 
son (God Bless Her Soul), an address from Professor Wildeman, 
and a host of other things. For certain, the senior banquet was a 
wonderful and fun occasion. For that reason, I feel I fulfilled my 
mission as a class president. I am just happy to have had the 
opportunity to organize it all. The End. 

by Vaden Cox and Emily Boatright 

Student Life 
5U Senior Activities 

What kind of smile is that?! Vaden Cox is in charge of the grill at 

the cookout that was 

/if/J on Graduation 

weekend for the seniors. 

•*>I^B : 




■ " 1^0 

P*-- im 

\l J 

9k m 

1 Mk 





m^^^L ^B 



B^ " 1 

Cherith Johnson 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

"Who says we're too old for moonwalks?" Yep, that sure is a 
purple blown-up dinosuar in front of the chapel. ..part of the Baker 
Tree Festival included a moonwalk. 

Reunion: Once again united, Flying Tucker pleased the crowd 
with their unique sounds at the Baker Tree Festival. 

Studen Life 
Senior Activities **1 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Friends Forever: Graduate 
Elizabeth Robeson is joined by 
her closest friends Anne Lichlyter 
and Laurel Tolson. 

Finally Finished: With her 
diploma in hand, Laini Young 
has finally finished the Covenant 
College race. 

Luend \ 


Graduation. That word is what keeps so many students going in 
college. With a diploma, the world seems so much better. Or does it 
seem scarier? The word graduation also means growing up and respon- 
sibility. There will be no more crazy nights with hall members, no more 
late night runs to Krispy Kreme, and no more 100% + 100%= 100%. 
However, graduating does mean living by your own standards, no silly 
rules, and having the ability to do fun grown-up things. On May 8, the 
Class of 1999 moved from the world of education into the world of adult- 

With the bagpipes playing, the graduates filed into the Memorial 
Auditorium. Not only did the ceremony include traditional undergradu- 
ates, but also the graduates of Quest and the Masters of Education pro- 
gram. Each person had accomplished major hurdles to get to this great 
day. Some had come all the way from Liberia and had to overcome 
cultural differences. Others had to realize that their education was their 
own and take hold of it and learn as much as they could. Whatever the 
challenges, each person figured out who they were, what their strengths 
and weaknesses were, and how to accomplish great things. 

Cal Thomas, the distinguished commencement speaker, spoke to 
the whole audience, but especially to the graduating seniors. As Chris- 
tians in a fallen world, we must strive for perfection. Christians must fight 
for the truth, never grow weary, and run the race God has planned for 
them. The world will never accept Christian ideals, but nevertheless, 
Christians must be involved in the world in order to change the people of 
the world. Without saying it, Cal Thomas was implementing the phrase 
that every Covenant student, from their junior year in high school and on, 
knows- "In all things Christ pre-emiment." Not only is it a command, but 
it is also a mentality that Christians should take with them. 

To all the students who graduated in 1999, congratulations and 
may your life be full of challenges and successes. May you always re- 
member that Christ will never leave you nor forsake you, and only through 
Christ can your life be exciting, joyous, and wonderful. Congratulations 
to the Class of 1999! 

by Janelle Bulicz 

Studen Life 
Senior Activities " 

"Lord, you have been our dwell- 
ing place throughout all genera- 
tions. Before the mountains were 
born... from everlasting to ever- 
lasting you are God." 

--Psalm 90:1,2 

Scott Anderson-Josh Bird-Nathan Brauer~Tim Burke-Matt Cobb-Daniel Cohee-Paul Counts-Ben Crist-Nate 

Early-Elisha Godfrey-Jonathan Hamilton-Matt Hedinger-Dan Herron-Andrew Hobbs-Seth Hopper-Cale 

Home-Jay Jacoby-Allen Kamp-Ben Kennedy-Mark Krieg-Jon Lillie-Scotty Manor-Matthew Peters-Chris 

Quillen-Ben Richards-Mike Robertson-Maht Shapiro-Joel Swanson-Brian Walton-John Weiss-Kirk Winters-Gran 


2nd South 

Get down, get 
crazy: Scott 
Nathan Early, 
and Daniel 

Cohee show off 
their moves at 
Burning at the 

Photo courtesy of Daniel ( 

Photo courtesy of Andrew Hobbs 

Roommates Forever: RA Paul Counts, Scott Anderson, 
Nathan Brauer, Mark Krieg, and Andrew Hobbs love 
spending time with each other. 

We will miss James Bilbrey: All of Second South comes 
out in full force to say goodbye to their good friend and 
hallmate James Bilbrey. 

Photo by Natalie Opp 

56 2nd South 

Tim Bentson-Brian Carlisle~R. Gerald Collins-Vaden Cox-Andy Eisenbraun~Jon Gleason-Geoff Goodman-Josh 

Hinman-Eric Homick-Dave Kaufmann-Matt Kimbrell-Jim Lea-Ryan Leestma-Caleb Leonard-Steve Lewin-Chris 

McCartney-Rob Peck-Dave Pendergrass-Jason Peters-Kyle Posey-Tommy Ragsdale-Josh Sroka-John Calvin 

Traver-Jason Trimiew~Ty Tyler-Brandon Van Eck-lsaac Wardell-Matt Webb 

2nd Central 

^hoto courtesy of RA Josh Hinman 


hf a 

iM 1 

0i ,Kst ^ 

m v 

HI " **ers 

DooDoo Brown, Frenchies, G-Dog, and Flava, 

Sailin' Scotty, 30 year Zac to match 

Corganesque Jase, Webb slinger, and Dave's patch, 

Lord Lillie, Maoist Joel, and Middle Knowledge Mac. 

Rob's Pecs, Lisel, Powder, Roger's Aid Kools, 

Tim's C-Team, Tommy Star, and Gleason's Guild, 

Horny, Morphin' Dave, Vade's speedin'-been billed, 

Big V, Mad Dutchman, and Neanderthal Trimiew. 

Ty's lip, Caleb's wandering paws-Hands Off! 

Bike seat pain Geoff, Why move off campus Josh? 

Andy the Swingin' Carpenter, and Popo; all this topped with a 

good mosh. 

We are the experience. We are Central. 

Photo courtesy of RA Josh Hinman 

Cannot get enough of computer games: The boys of Second Central enjoy 
the newest computer program. Having common hobbies created unity. 

Light It Up: Decorating their rooms was just to boring, so Josh Sroka, 
Steve Lewin, Ryan Leetsma, and Andy Eisenbraun lit up their cars. 

Photo courtesy of RA Josh Hinman 

2nd Central 57 

Jeff Bone-Ryan Boone-Jarrod Bostrom-Micah Brown-Ben Collison-Stephen Cook-Michael Dixon-Mark 

Fields-Sam Glaser-Hoyt Halvorson-Sam Hettinger-Jason Jacobs-Pete Johnson-Matt Marchmann-Kevin 

McQuillen-Jon Mullen-Matt Novenson-Scott Oberg-Jake Patton-Matt Potoshnick-Joey Redd-Andy Schmidt-Matt 

Siedhoff-Dan Steere-Jeremy Toole-Jason Wells-Joseph Wise 


Day at the Beach: 

The Ghetto enjoys 
a day at the lake. 
By taking time off 
to do fun things 
with their 

hallmates, the 
Ghetto became a 
close hall. 

Photo courtesy of Matt Novenson 
Brotherhood: The Ghetto prides itself on their closeness 
with their fellow brothers. By being so vulnerable with 
each other, close friendships were easily formed. 
One, Two, Three, Smile: RA Sam Glaser, Michael Dixon, 
Matt Noveson, Matt Marchmen, and Sam Hettinger join 
in a friendly hug. 

Photo courtesy of Matt Novenson 

58 2nd North 

Allison Atkins-Ginny Barker-Esther Belz-Katie Boll-Ann Brainerd-Megan Brandon-Deb 

Fish-Shannon Green-Amy Homer-Nicole Horton-Becky James-Jennica Jardine-Jessica 

Kellogg-Sarah Lown-Katie McKittrick-Natalie Opp-Caitlin Pettit-Kristel Philipp-Rachel 

Powell-Mary Grace Rogers-Sarah Staley-Missy Taylor-Holly Tolson-Alana Trimmier 

3rd South 

4 Few Walruses: Jane 
Belz, Ginny Barker, 
Katie Boll, Alana 
Trimmier, and Natalie 
Opp enjoy Japanese 
food and making funny 
faces together. 

Good Friends: Jenny 
Davis, Missy Taylor, 
and RA Jennica 
Jardine find that living 
on the hall gives 
everyone instant 

Photo courtesy of Jennica Jardine 

Knee deep in emotional gush*Gas in your 
knuckles* Where's Becky?*You never get used to the cold, even 
if you are from there-you don't like it, you just develop an 
attitude*it's better than ice cream and chocolate *looking like a 
cop at 2 o'clock in the morning*getting lost in the chasm*dipping a 
teddy*Spam bombing*attractive young lasses getting hitched*Eat, 
drink and be merry, for tomorrow you will have homework* You 
should smoke or something, I mean nevermind*Good 
Story *Snorting at Random*Brake lights !*Walkin and talkin 'bout 
koolaid* Sneezing is censored, so are bowl movements*I want to 
breathe fire and singe all his hair offT 11 have what she is having*Pass 
the friendship zucchini*Ido believe your marshmallow is melting*On 
Crack*Sleep is like BEST*Take that CD away from my 
roommate!*Don't snarf the flowers*Bucket of Goo!*Smash the 
floating ideas*sodomized by foliage*I'll be your candy cane*Have 
you seen my roommate?*I used every last drop*I don't know 
about that now!*I gotta get me one of those buckets*Got Milk? 

Photo b\ Jennica Jardine 
What does it do?: Alana Trimmier, Holly Tolson, Shannon 
Green, Amy Homer, Jane Belz, Carrie Stewart, and Sara Staley 
discuss the multiple uses of latex gloves. 

i i South 59 

Kathryn ra Bursi-Christy Carlson-Shannon Carraher-Amy Clawson-Brooke Cone-Jocelyn 
Davis-Maria Ellis-Beka Enter-Scharlie Frame-Kristin Fray-Alina Hansinger-Heather Honaker-Dana Hopson-Joy 

Jansen-Jenny Kadtke-Katie Lee~A. Liz Marr-Katy Morgan-Krista Musselman-Mary Ohanian-Sarah 
Poirier-Joanna Rees-Stephanie Schneider-Stephanie Sproul-Cherish Vance-Mandi Vivarette-Jana Werson-Anna 


3rd Central 

If 3 rd Central were to go on an adventure this is what they would 

"We'd take a cruise to the Bahamas and never come back." 

"There would definitely be quiet hours." 

"We'd need curling irons for swords." 

"Where's the food, Baby!" 

"Are there directions to where we are going?" 

"Wherever we'd go, there would be a maid." 

"We'd need a lot of toilet paper. . . ." 

"Can you take waffle irons to the moon?" 

"Wedding in Las Vegas here we come!" 

"Make sure you bring the cookies." 

"We wouldn't forget the Mary Kay." 

"Tanned and gorgeous in a red convertible on a road trip to 

California. . ." 

"We'd go to clubs and dance till we drop." 

"Cheesecake all the time!" 

"Crank it up- 1 love this song" 

"Let's get dirty and rough it." 

"We would hunt some deer and shoot some skeet." 

Photo courtesy of RA 

Gettinjiggy with it: The Midgets danced to Will Smith for their creative ana\ 
funny skit for Carter Skit Night. 

Let's All Pile In: Even though everyone had known each other for only a 
few weeks, Third Central was already close. 

Photo by Joe Cogliandro 

Kristyn Borger-Jaymi Dorris-Alisha Ferman-MaryGrace Godfrey-Joanna Hessenbruch-Susan Kent-Meghan 

Kirby-Erin Lively-Clair Lowe-Nola Muir-Laranda Mullinax-Stacey Odell-Skye Parrish-Tracey Record-Liz 

Sands-Ashley Smith-Kristin Taylor-Michelle Toner-Heidi Voltz 

3rd North 

Photo courtesy of Liz Sands 

Glorify and Unify: 

Whird North take a 
hike to enjoy each 
other, form hall unity, 
ind see God's 
beautiful creation. 

Coffee will go straight 
to your head: Nola 
M u i r , Meghan 
Ki rby , La r an da 
Mullinax, Joanna 
W esse nbruch, Erin 
Lively, and RA Liz 
Sands enjoy a coffee 
break . 

Bird watching is a very profitable is so inter- 
esting to see their colors and sizes.that's the truth.but the thing 
I like best is the way they walk, sometimes they walk so slowly 
they appear to be still. but they must not be still, for then they 
would no longer be walking. as a joke we put piranhas in the 
swimming sure was a shame when we all went's strange that people would put piranhas in a pool 
when they were going to get in.why are we discussing nasty, 
scaly, toothy critters ?I mean who cares about the Amazon ?give 
me the Tennessee any day.the Amazon is such a fascinating 
river although it is kind of murky. the Amazon is murky and 
there are crocodiles and snakes and piranhas. oh my.during 
one of our hall gatherings at Cloudland Canyon, Clair pushed 
Liz off the edge.she has never been the same since.her carrots 
have been found in other people's bathtubs.she has been known 
to wake you up from your nap screaming, "girls, girlslanyone 
want coffee?" she also tends to jump 'round and 'round and 
calls these actions dancing. when we were walking thru the 
backyard the other day a giant groundhog grabbed my leg and 
yanked me to the ground.he pulled me right down into his 
hole.rubbing the dirt from my eyes, I realized I was standing 
before his leader.his leader told me I was now their role model.i 
thought this was a good thing until he told me that it meant I 
had to dye my body purple and never take a bath again, while 
caving we were told to stay to the right.unfortunately some of 
us forgot which was left and which was right.those who forgot 
made it to the bottom 7.24 times faster than the rest.the ones 
who got to the bottom first discovered that it was nothing but 
a big hole filled with walking of them said "plant me, 
please," so someone picked it up and stuck it in the ground.all 
of a sudden, things began to grow on it.this flower began to is made of many is planted all alone with 
nothing else around it.painted all alone with the color of 
purple. . .glistening in the sun with all its beauty. 

Photo courtesy of Liz Sands 

Photo courtesy of Liz Sands 

3rd North 61 

C. Katy Barker-Mandi Bobos-Jeannette DiBemardo-Amanda Easton-Erin Farquhar-Alison Fikkert-Teresa 

Fink-Katie Greenwald-Leah Heisig-Sarah Hopson-Jessica Hudson-Angela Isbell-Anna Lins-Jenny 

LoPiccolo-Katie McClellan-Austina McFarland-Ellie Page-Olivia Pugh-Corrie Rantal-Bryonie Raybum-Laura 

Rodriguez-Lisa Sperow-Jenny Walker 

4th South 

A Moment of 
Meditation: By ronie 

Ray burn and 

D i B e rnardo , 
enjoy each other 's 
company , while 
hiking in the 

e Cogliandro 

Photo by Jessi 

:a Hudson 


' lips! 

W M 


■ n AM> 

M*jh±*>' tf 


Photo by Anna Lins 

Photo by Jessica Hudson 

Off to the Tivoli We Go: Fourth South dresses up in their 
finery as they go on a hall outing to the Tivoli, for a night 
full of culture and fun. 

All Different, yet Many Similarities: All of Fourth South 
comes together as a unit. Each hall has many similarities, 
yet differences that give it personality'. 

Photo courtesy of Corrie Rantal 


4th South 

Jodi Belk~Laura Childs-Kelly Clarkson-Annaliese Gilman-Joanna Hastings-Becca Holmes-Carolyn 

Hubbard-Bethany LoPiccolo-Margaret Long-Kelly McSherry-Becca Norman-Liz O'Leary-Esther 

Potoshnick-Heather Rantal-Brandi Rosier-Jesica Swartz-Michelle Thomas-Grace White 

4th Central 

We're Caught: After a 
grueling intramural 
soccer game, Fourth 
Central faces another 
trial after running into 
a soccer goal net. What 
silly gooses! 

I feel so bonded: In 

order to unify her hall, 
RA Laura Childs has 
her hall get extremely 
comfortable with each 
other by putting panty 
hose on their heads. 

Photo courtesy of Laura Childs 

In a surprise attempt to escape Y2K complica- 
tions, Fourth Central decided to flee to the woods in 
order to avoid encroaching ominous numbers. The hasty 
retreat left time to only to bring those things they held 
most dear. Among the contents of the traveling bags 
were: stethoscopes (to listen to the lub-dubs [and an 
occasional lub-squeaks] of their passionate hearts); 
candles (for the New Moon/Dead Poets Society); pa- 
per towels (you need rag curls even in the woods!); 
Laffy-Taffy (to continue the legend of the Dumb Joke 
Club); and CAKE (presumably so they could break 
contract with their Dirty Dancin' !). 

Sadly, they left the boyz behind. When our 
correspondent asked how they were coping, she got 
positive reactions from most (including some displays 
of "Celibate Life" paraphernalia); but no response 
was given from Liz, Laura, Jodi, Michelle, Annaliese, 
or Margaret. 

To amuse themselves with in the woods, 4C 
has many parts of harmony (some unintentional); 
Death (along with the Catholic Everyman, Log-o- 
woman, and Emptiness); pink T-shirts (but then again, 
who on their hall wears pink!); scissors (Kelly cuts 
it!™); a biology textbook (for all those late-night 
disease questions); and the laughing game. 

Some witnesses of their departure report 
hearing the final comments before their escape: 
"Where is my hairbrush?!" "This' 11 be quite a feat!" 
"So methinks, not all girls can be pretty." 

Photo courtesy of Laura Childs 
A little wind, water, and unity: Carolyn Hubbard, Joanna 
Hastings, Rebecca Norman, Esther Potoshnick, and RA Laura 
Photo courtesy of Laura Childs Childs enjoy each other on a hall retreat to the lake. 

Kristy Clark-Jenny Erbel-Hannah Hager-Maija Iverts-Margaret Long-Molly Maddox-Grace McLellan-Therese 
Middendorf-Stacey Ogbum-Destiny Rahrer-Katie Schenk-Katie Stortz-Jessica Terry 

4th North 

Photo courtesy of Jessi Terry 

Popping out of 
the Tree: Grace 
McLellan, RA 
Jessica Terry, 
Katie Schenk, 
Jenny Erbel, 
spend a day of 
fun taking 

pictures all over 

Friends: By 
being hallmates 
and soccer 
players Maija 
Iverts and 

Hannah Hager 
form an 

extremely close 

"A friend loveth at all times." 

"The glory of friendship 

Is not the outstretched 

Hand, nor the kindly smile, 

Nor the joy of companionship, 

It's the spiritual inspiration 

That comes to one when 

He discovers that someone 

Else believes in him 

And he is willing to trust him 

With his friendship." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"A friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself." -Frank 

"Without a friend the world is but a wilderness." -Unknown 

"A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone 
out." -Unknown 

'True friendship comes when silence between two people is 
comfortable." -Gentry 

Photo courtesy of Jessi Terry 
Taking a Break: Therese Middendorf, former RA Catherine Middendorf 
RA Jessica Terry, Grace McLellan, Katie Schenk, Ellie Page, and Katie 
Stortz. take a break after a day of shopping. 

lurtesy of Jessi Terry 


64 4 t h rv.„, i 

Melissa Baird-Mandi Baker-Jaclyn Birman-Emily Boatright-Janelle Bulicz-MaryAnne Challies-Elizabeth 

Counts-Becky Crocker-Amy Deterding-Mary Higgins-Pam Lucas-Abigail Mallin-Jen McClain-Sarah 

Meiners-Holly Neugard-Deborah Reitsma-Melissa Rine-D. Jodi Saunders-Kara Stanley 

5th South 


Flash 'em, 
Flashers!: Team 
unity helped 
Fifth South to 
enjoy playing 
intromit rats. 
Even though 
they didn 't win 
many games, 
everyone grew 
closer to each 
other and was 
able to master 
the art of 

Photo courtesy 

Look Honey... A Shepherd: After a few hours of hard work, all the chiefs of 
Fifth South created the winning Bethlehem and the manger scene. 

At the first hall meeting of the spring semester 5 lh South decided 
to take a camping trip as an initiation for their newest hall 
member, Abigail. As they started packing the cars to get ready 
to go Mandi, Deborah and Canada declared, "It's only 60 miles 
away. We think it's silly to drive so we are going to run in- 
stead." So Mandi, Deborah, and Canada started off. About 45 
miles into their run, they slipped on some Jade that was on the 
ground and thought it was the coolest thing, so they put it in their 
pocket. The lazy members of the hall had a wonderful drive 
with singing and talking about their trips to Iowa. Once they 
arrived at Southside Campsite, Jen, the fearless RA, suggested 
they put up the tent, but after no response, she suggested that 
they start to find firewood, for it was growing dark. So they all 
went off looking for twigs and such, but they found better things 
to do, and shockingly enough Jen built the fire with the help of a 
few possums. With the fire blazing, Emily began to get SO hot, 
so she donned the Tangerine to cool herself off. The fire 
brought back the great memories of camping trips so Opera 
decided that she, with the help of Sugar, would lead the hall in a 
round of Kum-bi-yah (opera style, of course). Jodi and Kara 
decided they would put on a talent show. Jodi singing her 
favorite renditions of Richard Marx and Kara doing interpreta- 
tive dancing to Celine Dion. After the talent show, everyone 
dispersed and did an assortment of things. Becky, Mary, and 
Elizabeth discussed their favorite cyber-boyfriends. Sarah and 
Amy started playing soccer. Holly was so involved in putting up 
the tent that she did not see the soccer ball coming at her. It 
whacked her on the head, she fell down, but she was up in a 
flash talking trash. Janelle was laughing so hard; she did not see 
her marshmallow stick hit a tree and start a small forest fire, 
which the BEST man quickly put out. A bear came to warn 
them against forest fires. Melissa R. offered the dear bear a 
mini. "Do you have friends that would like one, here take ten, I 
have 457 of these," she said. Melissa B. was so fed up with 
situation that she just picked up the bear and launched it right at 
Emily, who by then was wearing four million layers of clothes 
(after all it was an initiation.) Now there was no fire (thanks to 
Janelle), no food (thanks to ARA), and the group was losing 
hope, but right then the FTD man dropped off Jaclyn's weekly 
food basket and the group was able to survive after all. They 
rebuilt the fire, hugged each other, and Pam led them in their 
chant, "South, 5 th South, Ladies South. . ." 

South 65 

Jane Baldschun-Ginny Blair—Lisa Branson-Kerry Caviness-Suzi Corwin-Jenny Davis-Jen DeHaan-Niki Ellis — Lis 
Franceschini-Rachel Gleason-Monique Good-Carle-Lize Hacquebord-Valerie Howard-Sarah Kennedy-JoyLynm 
Parker-Paige Perrett-Jenny Prentice-Emily Sanders-Michelle Seda-Carrie Stewart-Lydia Thompson-Laurel Ush< 

5th North 

Go Covenant!: 

Sarah Kennedy, 
Paige Parrett, 
Suzi Corwin, RA 
Rachel Gleason, 
and Ginny Blair 
cheer Covenant 
on at a soccer 

We are the Champions: PBJ, the Fifth North intramural 
team, won the girls ' indoor soccer season. The night they 
won was a great time of unity for the hall. 

It's Worth the Hike: At the first hall function of the year, 
Fitfth North enjoys backpacking and camping with each 
other and enjoying what they all love the most: nature. 

Photo courtesy of Rachel Gleason 

66 5th North 

Jade Alger-Nathan Brinkerhoff-Lucas Fitts-Stephen Freas-Chris Gosey-David Hancock-Wes 

Hollowell-Adam Hoxter-Matt Mantooth-Nathan Maphet-Lang Martin-Tom Okie-Josiah 
Roe-Andy Ross-Tim Rowe~Ed Silva-Joe Staven-Trevor Taylor-Dan Thompson-Justin Walton 


The Grossly Edited Version of the Lorebook of Catacombs 
When mighty men roamed the earth and had no fear of Chia 
Pets or other carnivorous beasts, there lived a great king by the 
name of Krabenbrok. Krabenbrok was a powerful well-respected 
monarch who had a son named Carter. 

And Carter was raised like a proper prince with a rich 
heritage and the most select foods on his table and the finest tutors 
in all the land filling his mind with the God inspired truths of Dutch 
Calvinists. Carter had children whose names were of such a 
strange nature that this monk who writes down this lineage could 
not even begin to pronounce much less script the names. So 
henceforth the children of Carter shall be called 2, 3, 4, and 5. 
There have been ongoing rumors circulating that there did exist at 
Photo courtesy of Lang Martin one point a number 1 child. But such accounts are pure fallacies 
propagated by heretics who are deserving of a most embarrassing death. 

Several years later the king had a son named Founder. Founder was given land like his elder brother Carter. Yet because 
Carter had been given the highest point in all the kingdom, Founder had to settle in a lower portion, literally in the side of a mountain. 
Founder had three children. The first born, Belz, had the misfortune of being born at a time when the dynasty was not at its most 
prosperous state. Thus the land given to Belz was of poor quality and his castle was aesthetically displeasing. Realizing their poor 
reproductive timing Founder and his wife put off having more children till the times were more financially generous. When that time 
arrived, Founder's wife was found to be with child and she gave birth to twin girls. When the hour came for the ceremonial naming 
of the children, Founder named the twin girls' names that resembled very much the names of boys — Rayburn and Schmidt. 

Because of his success at the time Founder gave to each of his daughters equal plots of land and castles that were very 
pleasant in comparison to the squalor of Belz. The children of Rayburn and Schmidt are as follows: Blackwatch, Rivendell, Gallery, 
Jungle, Highlands, and Balcony. Belz also had Children but unlike the births of his nephews and nieces there were no celebrations 
land wild inebriating festivities. 

The First Child of Belz was named Penthouse. Now even though Penthouse was a boy known to be mischievous and 
annoying, it was rumored that later in his poorly spent years Penthouse underwent a tragic emotional upheaval. The new name of 
Penthouse is unknown to this monk scholar but truly Penthouse shall always be referred to as Penthouse despite spurious attempts 
to revise the sacred records. 

The second child and third child of Belz had no defining characteristics aside from the 3 rd child's (strangely nicknamed first) 
unhealthy interest in electronic machinery. The last child of Belz was of a strange type. None like him had ever been seen in all of 
the Land of Krabenbrok. This child had a morbid, random mentality with a peculiar smell of resurrected mildew and deceased furry 
animals. And Catacomb grew in stature and strangeness continually bringing peculiarity to the land. As for the rest of Catacomb's 
adventures are they not written in the annals of the Lore book? 

Years passed and Founder and all his children enjoyed the status of being the youngest descendants of King Krabenbrok. 
But once again Krabenbrok had another child. 

This last child born of the Krabenbroks was a female and because of her beauty and age she grew in the favor of the King. 
As a result of her status in the king's eyes she was given in superfluity, gifts that surpassed in value and quantity any possessions in 
Carter's or Founder's Lordship. While in her spacious castle, adorned with posh furniture, Maclellan enjoyed a beautiful view with 
the most select trees and shrubbery from all over the world. So ends the crude lineage of the Great Krabenbrok the Great Grand- 
father of Catacomb. 

Greg Anderson-Andres Arroyo-Makoto Asano-lain Burguet-Ben Christmann-Jacob Classen-Tim Geary-Jesse 

Elliot-Neal Howard-Gabe Johnson-Stephen King-Andrew Kinzler-Jim Knox-Tim A. Larson-Sean McDowell-Jon 

Polk-Johnny Razzano-Eric Renkema-Phou Soundara-Marcus Todd-Josh Turner-Mason Wolf 

1 st Belz 

Through prayer comes 
unity: First Belz enjoys 
the Day of Prayer at 
Cloudland Park. By 
praying together, their 
hall became closer. 

Ultimate or Bust: 

Regardless of wind, 
rain, snow, sleet, and 
illness, First Belz 
could be seen playing 
Ultimate Frisbee out 
on the chapel lawn. 

Top Ten Quotes from Camping 
1 0. "He's gone to the gas station." 
9. "I'm going to sleep in the car." 
8. "Rattlers? What are they?" 
7. "Who took the bath this morning?" 
6. "Everybody gets one hot dog each." 
5. "Just put 39 of these mini-marshmallows on the stick. 

4. "Nae likes the scenic drive." 
3. "Where's the waterfall?" 
2. "Here ducky, ducky, ducky!" 
1. "Ultimate!" 


H s*"~Ml 2wJW* -Jt r .s dSTSM 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Staley 
Wedding Bells: Jesse Elliot, Warren Trice, and Andrew Kinzler 
are joined by honorary 1st Belz member Sarah Staley at their 
former RA Albert Leavengood's wedding. 

Photo by Tim A. Larson 

1st Belz 

Josh Bray-Micah Carver-Daniel Chun-Kevin Courter-Ethan Emrich-Seth Hargrove-Jon Hastings-Paul 

Hinkson-Paul Kent-Joseph Kim-Min Kim-Tim Marshall-Shawn McKnight-Ben Morrison- J on Ottinger-Jon 

Porter-Jordan Ross-Chris Smith-Chip Swanson-Dave Vreken-Terrance Young 

2nd Belz 

Cherith Johnson 

Buddies: Paul 
Kent and Joseph 
Kim enjoy each 
other during one 
of the many 
Second Belz 
outings during 
this year. 

Photo courtesy of Dan Vreken 

Photo courtesy of Tim Marshall 

Have a Doughnut: At a late night excursion to Krispy 
Kreme, Second Belz grows closer and finds that they all 
have something in common— their love for doughnuts. 
Looking Good: Second Belz members congratulate each 
other after a great program in the Chapel. Having music 
in common with each other made the hall closer. 

Photo courtesy of Paul Hinkson 

2nd Belz 69 

Jake Bennett-Currie Bishop-Matthew Bryant-Mallory Dean-Jay Ernst-Geoff Glenister-Jesse 
Haga-Ben Harper-Daniel Henry-Pete Herron-Dan Hudson-Matt Kodatt-Justin Malone-Grier 

Magnum-Ryan Wright 


If we, Rivendell, went on a camping trip it would 
be one stokeyular time! Even the animals would be 
scared of us. No supplies would be needed as we 
carved our tools, tents, and food out of nature. The 
night would never end. The fire would be warm and 
the fellowship, even warmer. We would sit back and 
laugh at all the not-so-slick people who wandered aim- 
lessly around the forest trying to figure out where we 
might be. Someone would take the last gulp remaining 
in a bear skin flask and the only words spoken would 
be "straight up." Make no mistake, the best move for 
you is to just stay out of the forest. 

Photo courtesy of Ben Harper 
/ love my hall: After such a great night, Rivendell 
is feeling closer than ever. By living together, 
everybody was able to make closer friendships. 

The Winners: Jesse Haga, Citrrie Bishop, and Jay Ernst live in the glory of: 
winner of Founder 's Skit Night. 

Billy Byerly-Joe Cogliandro-Jonathan Crabb-Jason Craven-James DeRuyter-Andy Dixon-David Graham-Ben 

Huffine-Travis Johnson-Matt Kickasola-Shannon Kiser-Jeff Larson-Steve Lindemann-Jonathan Murton-Chris 

Powers-James Richardson-Jamin Scribner-Nick Smith-Eric Swanson-Eddie Trygar-Winship Vamer-Mike 

Vendsel-Johnathan Weaver-Ian Work-Romeo Yleah 


Photo courtesy of David Graham 

Wen in Skirts: Keeping 
vith Covenant's 

Scottish tradition, 
'onathan Crabb, Jeff 
Mr son, and RA David 
Jraham, dress up in 

Let's Go!: Nick Smith, 
Jonathan Murton, Ben 
Huffine, Travis Johnson 
ire ready to get to the 
yottom of this cavern 
md have fun with their 

Photo courtesy of David Graham 

Blackwatch decided to go on a quest in search of Rixel. 
To our dismay, Rixel was never found, but here is the 
dialogue of our journey. 

You were at my party? 

Isn't it weird there's no air in space? 

Someone will bleed. 

I decide who lives or dies. 

Invisible button! 


Where's Mike? Where's Kara? 

So, when are we making our kilts? 

I had a graduating class of 800, but I didn't graduate 

with them. 

Oh, Bobby. 

Ladies and gentlemen. Put your hands together to 

welcome back Romeo Yleah... with a bald head. 

We want the truth! We want our garbage cans back! 

Nothing could be that big! The truth is out there.... 

Photo courtesy of Joe Cogliandro 
Did you see that?: Blackwatch enjoys a day of hiking and 

Blackwatch '■* 

Sara Akin-Heidi Bentson-Kaki Dick-Rebecca Edwards-Lisa Gumey-Amelia Heath-Sarah Ireland-Jennie 

Manzo-Jennie McKenzie-Bethy Mehne-Ruth Nichols-Blessing Oguntebi-Emily Stout-Kristen Tholl-Rachel 

Tilley-Krista Tiscione-Julia Ulrich-Beth Valkenburg-Amanda Witvoet 


Here, have a snake: 

The Gallery takes 
time out from their 
schoolwork to have a 
little hall party and 
become closer. 

Sitting pretty: Heidi 
Bentson, Katie 

Malone, Sarah 

Ireland, Christy 
Wilsey, Katie Poyner, 
and Kaki Dick are 
ready for church. 

Gallery Girls 
The Gallery hall is a fabulous place 

Dripping with all its inhabitants: 
Beautiful girls, in shape and in face, 
Two lizards, two mice and the ants. 

The Gallery hall will fill you with cheer 

And this we have proved as a fact; 

With dancing and smoking and plenty of beer, 

Wait! No! That's not it! We're on contract! 

Gallery Girls are the hippest of all, 

We each have our own special flare: 

From the study-a-holics to the freshman with "friends," 

The Gallery always is there. 

Gallery does things a different way, 

Like the time when we donned our new gas masks 

For the old pepper spray and the bright Rust Away 

When we wanted to know what they smelled as. 

Gallery Girls, as you know, are quite sweet, 

As we brighten up each foggy day; 

And if, strolling along, a Gal Girl you meet, 

We know you'll be certain to say: 


Ode to Gallery 

O Gallery, thy beauty fills my heart with sweet bliss 

O Gallery, thy bounteous halls forever will I miss 

O Gallery, I see thee in my dreams, day and night 

O Gallery, without thy love mine eyes lose their sight 

O Gallery, with all your doors and carpet, lizards, mice 

O Gallery, above these all hails something much more nice 

O Gallery, it's not your cinder blocks that I adore 

Your women are the creatures that cause my heart to soar! 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Ireland 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Ireland 

'2 Gallery 

Liz Adams- Jo Andersen-Beth Boulton-Kristine Brangwin-Dana Davis-Danielle Gay-Dawn Johnston-Emily 

Jordan-Sarah Knox-Stefanie Long-Sarah Martin-Julie Moore-Laura Osborne-Esther Peters-Mary Posey-Suzanne 

Prager-Moriah Raybum-Amy Schalansky-Beth Stacey-Elizabeth Stewart-Kate Stewart-Melannie Sweatt-Sarah 

Tilley-Wendi Wallace 


Photo courtesy of Emily Jordan 

It's after midnight. The campfire has died down, and as 

we huddle nearer to its glow, we turn to reminiscing 

about the things that have made this year on the Jungle 

so memorable: 

-Dr. Pepper -"Pup!" 

-Nick's music -Stomp! 

-Mission Impossible in the rain -Boys and dances 

-Valentine dinner with Rivendell 

-Freshman initiation 

-Hair coloring 


-Sarah pranking the cop 

-The trip to "Ever After" 

-Intramurals-2 nd (!) 

-The Blackwatch Vent 

-Aerobics with Kathy 

-Quiet hours? 

-Beth's foot 

-Crazy socks 

-Harding University phone calls 

-Cheerleading in the commons 

-Christmas decorating with Catacombs 


-Noodle breaks 



One by one, our voices drop out. We say goodnight 

and head for our tents, and drift off to sleep thanking 

God for each other. 

Mama Said...: The 

intense intramurals 
here at Covenant 
created a unique 
closeness amongst the 
Jungle as they made it 
all the way to the finals. 

You can never be too 
close: Because of many 
hall activities and 
accountability, the 
Jungle was extremely 
close and loved being 
with each other. 

Photo courtesy of Amy Schalansky 
AHHHH!: Kate Stewart, Kristine Brangwin, and Suzanne 
Prager are tough and crazy girls. Inside jokes and pure 
Photo courtesy of Emily Jordan weirdness made hall life SO much fun. 

Esther Alfonso-Katie Anderson-Lisa Ayres-Katie Brown-Joanna Chinchin-Shauna DeBoer-Mandy Duffie-Sherry 

Eubank-Karen Fink-Sarah Fluegge-MaryAlice Hamby-Susan Hansen-Meg Hayes-Miri Jamison-Rachel 

Lammers-Jennifer LeFler-Katie Malone-Megan Mcllhenny-Holly McMurtry-LiesI Meier-Julie Swanson 


Photo by Kathryn Malone 

The use of Highlands is associated with increased risks of 
several serious conditions including myocardial infarction, throm- 
boembolism, stroke, hepatic neoplasia, and gallbladder disease, al- 
though the risk of serious morbidity or mortality increases signifi- 
cantly in the presence of other underlying risk factors such as hy- 
pertension, hyperlipidemias, obesity and diabetes. 
Each method of Highlands has its specific benefits and risks. The 
study concluded that with the exception of Highlands users 35 
and older who smoke, and 40 and older who do not smoke, 
mortality associated with all methods is low and below that 
associated with childbirth. The observation of an increase in risk 
of mortality with age for Highlands users is based on data gath- 
ered in the 1970's. Current clinical recommendation involves the 
use of lower estrogen dose formulations and a careful consider- 
ation of risk factors. 

Pants on Our Heads: Amanda Duffie and Katie Malone take time out of 
their busy schedules to act a little silly. 

All Dressed Up and Ready to Go: Karen Fink, Liesl Meier, Holly McMurty, 
and Esther Alfonzo get ready to go out and have a fun night. 

Ruth Allison-Kristen Brauer-Whitney Dey-Jessica Donaldson-Katie Feamster-Lindsay 

Fidati-Kara Gray-Carrie Hayes-Kristin Kelley-Jessica Lamb-Emily Lanious-Jessica 

LaRose-Rachel Lester-Charity Millette-Kim Mills-Beth Painter-Laura Schenkel-Julie Weaver 


All the Balcony babes (and Steve) went on a camping 
trip. While getting settled down for the night, some of the girls 
heard leaves rustling in the forest. Steve, an expert in wildlife, 
told all of the girls they were just over-reacting and to go to 
sleep. After several moments passed, thousands of "long 
python frogs" started to maul everyone. The second all the 
campers died they were re-incarnated. 
Charity as a Chair 
Julie as a pen with never ending ink 
Carrie as a little furry bunny 
Jessica L. the dog named Keeper 
Kristen as the Covenant pool 
Kara as Sinead O'Conner 
Lindsay as the sunset 

Emily as the spoon from Founders 3 rd lobby 
Jessica D. the fog 
Beth the rain 

Whitney as dancing shoes 
Jess as oxygen 
Katie as a parrot (so she can talk, fly, be colorful, 

and get into Jimmy Buffet concerts free) 
Laura as a bird (she could never run fast enough) 
Ruth as a white cat with blue eyes 
Kristin as a butterfly 
Rachel as a cloud 
Ryan as the sunshine 
Kim as a sunflower 

damping with 

Catacombs: Exploring 
he outdoors with 
Zatacombs proved to 
ie an adventurous 

Circle of Friends: 

Some of the Balcony 
qirls show off their new 
hall tee-shirts and 
enjoy a moment of 
unity and love. 

Sara Campbell-Jessica Frailey-Bethany Franks-Cameron Hastie-Jina Hawk-Katie Hirsh-Jennie Irwin-Shawdi 

Jamison-Mindy Johnson-Christy Jones-Shlomit Maoz-Elisa Moon-Deborah Peele-Krista Steere-Barb 

Steketee-Jessica Talarico-Christy Whiteaker-Stephanie Young 

The Loft 

BM JHr ""* wbb - ,^B1 -it -'-->•■-■ 

"' ■ L 

Wm. mi 

IV "M ' 1H Iks 

■ SP Pw™ . fiaSBf jg§| 

■ JOIt — " "? 


Photo courtesy of Jenni 

Standing Tall: 

Deborah Peele, 
and Katie Hirsh 
stand proudly in 
their newly 

named hall— The 

Photo courtesy of Jennie Irwin 

Enjoying God's Creation: Some members of The Loft take 
a break from a great day of hiking, laughing, and many 
other adventures. 

Hanging Out in the Commons: Members of The Loft enjoy 
"studying" with each other, sharing some secrets, and 
growing closer to each other. 

The Loft 

Jamie Barrett-Mike Bedzyk-Dave Dennison-Steve Dennison-Tim Ellis-Tom Ellis-Rich Hess-David Illman-James 

<essler-Andrew Lucaciu-Nate Oster-Scott Parish-Nick Powell-Steve Rowe-Charles Royal-Sam Spiritosanto-John 

Sweet-Jonathan Thrower-Ethan Van Eck-Jason Wood-Matt Wright-Steve Wykoff 


Photo by Nicole Horton 

It is a funny thing how a group of individuals can cre- 
ate an atmosphere that takes on its own personality, its own 
character and it is a great opportunity to be part of the devel- 
opment of this character. It's hard to say what Sutherland is at 
this moment. Our character and identity have not been estab- 
lished and traditions are just now starting. I know I will never 
forget the pumpkins and armchairs that seem to find their way 
out 5th floor windows or that toilet that caught on fire. But 
those memories are reflections of something more, and some- 
thing deeper about the hall. I feel that it is a reflection of the 
relationships that have developed throughout the year. It is 
somewhat of a joke that our hall is made of three halls: North, 
South, and Central Sutherland, and there is some truth to that 
but when I walk in the rooms and see the relationships within 
the rooms I know that I can't complain. The characters of the 
men on this hall are being sharpened and we are drawing each 
other closer to Christ. And from this there flows a character 
from the hall. I feel Sutherland has not yet attained an identity 
but is in the process of developing one. 

After a hard day of 
hiking, Sutherland 
takes a break and 
enjoys the scenery and 
each other. 

We Love Competition: 

Members of 

Sutherland, along 
with some other 
people, become better 
friends through fierce 

f Jason Wood 

. Nice Truck: The boys of Sutherland show off on this amazing antique 

Photo courtesy of Jason Wood 

Sutherland ' ' 

Michael Agate-Robert Brant-Richard Brown~M. Adam Bruce-Justin Corder-Andy Crews-Alex Digman-Nathan 

Fowler-Michael Franks-Nick Herndon-C.J. Jackson-Caleb Monroe-Josh Moon-Jack Peterson-Nathan 
Post-Derek Rigby-Rob Righter-Josef Roberts-Ben Robertson-Michael Sloan-Brad Stair-Eric Towers-Pablo 

Varela-Dan Wykoff 


Photo by Nicole Horton 

AHHH, Let Go 
of My Nose!: 

Eric Towers and 
Rob Righter 

wrestle with 
each other and 
see just how 
limber each of 
their body parts 
are. Wrestling, 
was an unique 
way for boys ' 
halls to become 
friends and 
grow close to 
each other. 

Photo courtesy of RA Josh Moon 

Photo courtesy of RA Josh Moon 
Mmm... that was so good: At a hall function, some members of the Suburbs 
enjoy some good company and quality friend time. 

78 Suburbs 


Just south of the Ghettos of Lookout Mountain and situ- 1 
ated slightly above the lowly Sutherlands, one finds the serene roll- 1 
ing hills and white picket fences of the Suburbs (not be confused I 
with the second rate "suberbs" of Haaseland). The peace loving 
peoples of the 'Burbs (as they affectionately call it) are ruled by the ■ 
heavy-handed High Potentate Moon ("moon" being the Aztec word | 
for "big, round piece of celestial rock that reflects the sun"). 

As the story goes, in the year of our Lord 1999, the 
High Potentate decreed that all the citizens of the 'Burbs "shall 
attendest a most royal camping trip, for the purpose of increasing 
camaraderie and community amongst the ever changing peoples 
of the Suburbs." 

The population underwent major changes after the High 
Potentate expelled some citizens for "poor dancing in public" 
(the worse possible offense in the eyes of the Ruling Authority or 
RA). It was not long after when that void was filled by immigrat- 
ing Chinese kung-fu fighters from the lethal Clan of Phrankie. 

Of course, the countryside surrounding the 'Burbs is 
some of the most beautiful yet mysteriously masculine territory in 
the hemisphere and ideal for camping trips. The townsmen set 
up tents late in the evening. 

The first set of tents were filled with the Phrankie Clan, 
and it was not long before they began blasting strangely 
Nintendoesque electronic music and engaging in ritual role- 
playing (an ancient Canton tradition). The set nearest the center 
were managed by a few mysterious ones, who are still unidenti- 
fied. The tents nearest the Potentate where made up mostly of 
the powerful RA's elite guard, the Normalmen: sworn protectors 
of all that is cool. The Normalmen were perhaps the most 
desirable males on Lookout Mountain, for several other towns 
frequently sent their women to court them. 

To make a short story long (and to make the worse into 
a stronger story), the Chinese people managed to make the 
Potentate mad by yelling absurd statements late into the night 
(like "Will someone please come untie me?" and "I flip the 
barkeep a coin."), while the secretive middle inhabitants were 
nowhere to be found. The Phrankie Clan members were quick 
to kowtow and apologize to his Highness, and the other group 
graced the sovereign with a not-so-regular representative. 

From then on out, the townsmen of Suburbs got along 
with such brotherly love that you'd think the Fall never happened 
and that they lived in total paradise. Well, at least until the T-shirt 
riot later that year but that's another story. 

Sara Allen-Molly Bruegger-Becky DePrine-Krista Deutschmann-Kim Elliott-Stephanie Glass-Robynne 

Greyling-Andrea Hall-Allison Harbert-Erin Harris-Krista Iverts-Cherith Johnson-Christina Jones-Anne 

Lichlyter-Julie Loud-Dora Mugerwa-Sarah Paulk-Elizabeth Robeson-Leal Rodriguez-Kristen Sandhoff-Laurel 

Tolson-Laini Young 


Convocation Time: 

Some of the members 
join RA Kristen 
Sandhoff as everyone 
gets ready to start 

Cloudland Canyon: 

Krista Deutschmann, 
Allison Harbert, 
Laurel Tolson, Anne 
Lichlyter, and 

Elizabeth Robeson 
enjoy a hall activity. 

Photo courtesy of Kristen Sandhoff 

Photo courtesy of Kristen Sandhoff 

Back in August, eight fair and fresh-maidens moved 
into the 4 th floor of Maclellan also known as Rowan. On the 
first day they met the Queen Mother who took them under her 
wings and promised to guide and direct them. Each maiden 
brought something unique to the hall. The Portly Clown with 
flippers kept us in stitches, while Old granny astounded us 
with her wardrobe. The Uninhibited-naked-truth-teller blew 
us out of the water with her belching. Stella was too mature 
our silly schoolgirl games, and Betty Crocker was infatuated 
with the Red Baron. The Moon-goddess scored a perfect 10 
on the chapel lawn with her cartwheels. Sleeping Beauty sought 
to win a handsome prince with her beautiful voice (she is still 
single) and Laughing Hyena was frequented with midnight calls 
from a psychotic mystery man. After four peaceful days, the 
wise and beneficent older-maidens returned home and sought 
to embarrass and humiliate the fresh-maidens through the ritual 
of initiation. They were successful! Alas, it did not take long 
for the ladies of Rowan to unite and learn to love one another, 
DNQ of course! 

Photo courtesy of Kristen Sandhoff 

Freshman and then some: After a great first week, the freshman begin 
to love their hall, their RA Kristen Sandhoff, and their new friends. 

Rowan '" 

Shanna Barrett-Kirstin Chisholm-Kim Collins-Tabitha Ellis-Karen Grady-Angelica Gritter-Erin Hess-Anne 

House-Abby Hudson-Frances James-Mary Klinger-Janna Levi-Abigail Lundelius-Anandit Mangalwadi-Mary Rose 

Miller-Dianna Pohl-Molly Porter-Sarah Sligh-YukikoTakata-HosannahTamminga-Sarai Ussery-Perez-Lisa Weir 


To the tune of "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks 

It's Skit Night!: After 

a great skit night 
where Halcyon 
introduced their 
name, everyone was 
still feeling good. 

What's your name?: 

Halcyon got to know 
each other over some 
dessert at Big River 
Grill, where new 
friendships were 

Who doesn't know what we're talking about? 
Who's always stayed in, who's never camped out 
To eat off tin foil and laugh at hat hair 
Snores late at night from a Halcyon bear 

Many girls camped, some didn't follow 
Warm beds called, wet ground seemed hollow 
But when the campers returned with a sigh 
The smell of burnt wood made the other girls cry 

We live in wide open rooms 

Lots of space, even though there's no heat 

Hearing loud boiler booms 

Long elevator naps are a treat 

Initiation was like a bad dream 

Hiding out in bathrooms, the freshman followed their scheme 

But the rest found them out with a smile 

Dressed them up, did their hair; it was such a trial 

We live in wide open dorm rooms 

Stay secluded on fifth floor 

We have Halcyonic attitudes 

No kingfishers, hawks, fowl, and more 

A kitchen explosion, she hadn't checked the boil 

Stepping into the commons, Brown said, "I'm leaving these 


It was a "Boomer" to clean up the mess 

The chore was sticky, we got it done nonetheless 

We live in wide open dorm rooms 
Toothpaste fights and sleepless nights 
We leave dirty dishes 
Round table talks, oh what delights! 

Photo courtesy of Janna Lev 


Photo courtesy of Janna Levi 

Thomas Andreas-Sarah Armes-Robin Arrington-Brian Baxter-Emily Beeman-Carlos Canales-Angie Case-Pavel 

Chiva-Sarah Ellison-Jessica Fisher-Chris Folkerts-Autumn Fredericks-Katie Grant-Laura Hansen-Andrew 

Hansinger-Tom Homer-Myriam Jones-Jeremiah Khokhar-Christine Lamb-Jon Larson-Kerry Lyman-Kevin 

McCarty-Samella McCullough-Wil Meiners-Annamarie Meyer-Starr Moore-Jennifer Morrison-Miriam Mwaria-Paige 

vlelson-Terrie Petrella-Summer Ray-Tim Sotelo—Dawn Swinney-Charity Throener-Megan Toms-Megan VanderHart-Lycia 

VanDerWesthuizen-Nellie Vaughn-June Webb-Damaris Wessel-Greg Wilhelm-Andrey Yakovlev-David Yleah 


Toca la guitarra: 

Khokar and 
Carlos Canales 
boundaries as 
they live 


Photo courtesy of Betsy Matthews 

Lean On Me: Wil Meiners, Greg Wilhelm, and Richard 
Orr depend on each as they learn how to live in their 
apartment and cook. 

New Experience, New Friends: Miriam Mwaria, Lycia 
van der Westhuizen, Annamarie Meyer, and Katie Grant 
look forward to a great year of living in the apartments. 

Photo courtesy of Betsy Matthews 

Carter RA's~Laura Bursi~l_aura Childs~Paul Counts-Sam Glaser~Rachel Gleason~Josl 
Hinman~Jennica Jardine~Anna Lins~Jen McClain~Liz Sands-Jessica Terry 

Jonathan and Suzy Entrekin 

Vacation in 

Washington: Suzy, 
Jonathan, and Asher 
take a break from their 
ongoing job to enjoy 

Pick a Decade, 
Any Decade: 

Some of the RD 's 
come out in finest 
form for the 
Decades Dance. 

Welcome to Our Home: 

Kathleen and Dan 
Haase enjoy living in 
the newly furnished 
Maclellan Hall RD 

Kathleen and Dan Haase 

Maclellan RA's~Janna Levi~Josh Moon~Kristen Sandhoff~Jason Wood 

ounders RA's~Greg Anderson~Mallory Dean~David Graham~Meggin Hayes-Jennifer 
lrwin~Jessica LaRose~Tim Marshall~Lang Martin-Jennifer McKenzie~Julie Moore 

Eric and Adelynn Spiecker 

I; v 

Peace Out: Adelynn 
and Eric are ready for 
a groovy night as they 
prepare for the 
Decades Dance. 

Photo courtesy of the Spieckers 

Photo courtesy of the Haases Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Welcome, Eric and Adelynn!: The Spieckers brought new 
ideas to the campus as they became the RDs of Founders. 

Photo courtesy of Betsy Matthews 
Let's Go!: RD Betsy Matthews, RA Kerry Lyman 
and RA David Yleah prepare for a great year. 

Photo courtesy of Betsy Matthews 

Betsy Matthews 

Apartment RA's~Kerry Lyman~David Yleah 

Halls ^ , 
RDs 83 

"I will lift my eyes to the hills- 
From whence comes my help? 
My help comes from the Lord, 
who has made heaven and earth. 
-Psalm 121 


New places, new faces, new everything. What does it feel like to 
hear someone speaking something that sounds like Chinese. . .literally? It is 
probably strange. Traveling to another country will push you in new direc- 
tions. It will make you stop and realize things about the world, yourself, and 
God. Covenant College gives students the chance to go to different coun- 
tries, take some courses there, and learn about the culture around them. This 
year students went to France, Slovakia, England, Spain, Yemen, and China. 
Each group spent a semester in these countries, pushing their boundaries, 
trying new things, and seeing God as a totally new Person. 

The group that went to China experienced a new culture that wasn't 
anything like western civilization. This culture shock can be overwhelming. 
"By going to China I was able to see God in a new way. I think that the 
group did a lot of maturing both in our way of thinking and spiritually. Being 
in a different country made me depend on the group and God, which was 
new to me," Michael Franks said. 

The other major trip that Covenant supported was the trip to 
Slovakia led by Dr. Barker. The students took classes at the local university 
and CHOW with Dr. Barker, saw the sites, and got to know the people. "I 
really appreciated the people I met and I will always remember them. I 
expected this amazing trip, but halfway through the semester I was really 
struggling. However, after I got to know some of the Slovaks, it became the 
trip that I expected it to be. It was wonderful," Leah Heisig explained. 

Have you ever heard of the country of Yemen? No? Well get out 
the map and look near Saudi Arabia. Shannon Carrahar made a once-in-a- 
lifetime trip to the country of Yemen to teach English. "When I first arrived in 
Yemen, I was struck by a variety of things: men friends holding hands as they 
wore "dresses" with jimbyias (curved knives). Since the women were 
covered from head to foot and all I could see were their eyes, I had a lot 
trouble differentiating between my students. I had to figure out some other 
way to tell out who was who (like memorizing the distance between their 
eyebrows)," she described. 

Whether it was China, England, Spain, Slovakia, France, or Yemen, 
Covenant students were able to explore a different world, try new things, see 
a new side of God, and come back changed people. 


Photo courtesy of Jcsica Swartz 

86 study Abroad 

Friends crossing 
boundaries: Nathan 
Fowler, Jon Lillie, Joel 
Swanson, Pablo 

Varela, Laurel 

Foreman, and Dan 
Baker enjoy the 
company of other 
Chinese students. 
Mi profesora: Esther 
Belz is joined by her 
professor, Carmen 
Suarez. While in 
Spain, Esther saw how 
her country was not 
the center of the world 
and she saw how big 
God is. 

/// all things, Christ 
Pre-eminent: At 

C o n v o c a t i o n , 
President Frank 
Brock inducts Dr. 
Robert Littlejohn. Boh 
Bryan, Dr. Philip 
H or ton, and Dr. Jay 
Green into the elite 
Covenant faculty. 

Capture The Dream: 
Dr. Jeff Hall, the new 
Dean of Faculty 
charges the students to 
grab hold of the 
awesome Covenant 
education that 

embraces knowledge 
from a Christian point 
of view. 

Making dreams come 
true: After Professor 
Bob Bryan got his 
degree first semester, 
he was able to teach 
the Information and 
Computer Science 
students. Hiring 
another ICS professor 
strengthed our ICS 
major program. With 
Professor Bryan's 
expertise, the ICS 
students will learn the 
newest methods of 
working with 


Photo by Cherilh Johnson 

Changes at 

Returning students will be able to appreciate the scenario I'm about to 
describe. Yesterday was the first day of school. You slogged through endless 
numbers of unfamiliar faces bearing the expressions of the hopelessly lost. You 
recognized about two people out of the last fifty and wondered if you were 
even at the right school. Not only did Covenant acquire over three hundred 
wide-eyed freshmen, but we also hired three new professors, a new Vice- 
president of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Jeff Hall was hired as the new Dean of 
Faculty after having been a professor here for several years. 

Dr. Jay Green was the latest addition to the history department in an 
attempt to give it more of a non-western focus. "My goal is to constantly find 
ways to become a better teacher, learning as I go and doing the best I can. My 
favorite part so far, has been the people here and their commitment to Christian 
education," he said. Dr. Philip Horton joined the education department and 
Bob Bryan was hired in the Information and Computer Science department. 

Dr. Robert Littlejohn became our new vice-president of Academic 
Affairs this year and he also teaches Biochemistry. Dr. Littlejohn says, "I think 
that Covenant College is different because the Covenant faculty takes the inte- 
gration of faith and learning seriously. They seem to know how to do what 
other colleges just talk about doing in terms of developing a world view that is 
Christian and reformed. Covenant has a quality academic program that takes 
Christianity seriously." 

Dr. Jeff Hall is our new Dean of Faculty after having been a professor 
in the education department, teaching elementary education, and directing the 
Master's program for education. He still teaches in the undergraduate pro- 
gram, the Quest program, and the Master's program, but during the day he 
functions as an administrator. "This new position gives me a bigger picture of 
the college. My appreciation of Covenant has grown as a result. I would like 
to see the richness of the academic community at Covenant continue to grow 
as far as faculty members are concerned," Hall said. 

Each of these new faculty members offered a refreshing new perspec- 
tive on the college community and the academic atmosphere of Covenant Col- 
lege. All the new faculty members have also expressed excitement at the op- 
portunities that they will have this year and the years following at Covenant 
College. So we, as students, can breathe easier with new faces at the chalk/ 
markerboard because the changes are all positive and focused on making 
Covenant College even better than it is. 

by Molly Maddox 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Faculty Changes °" 

God in Art 

Whether it's through the arrangement of a dorm room or the chapel 
stained glass windows, art affects the lives of those living on Covenant's cam- 
pus. The arts are a gift from God. They communicate on a subjective, spiri- 
tual level that can enrich our relationship with Him and can help us enjoy His 
creation even more. 

Katie McClellan is one of the art students at Covenant. She likes to 
paint watercolor landscapes, florals, and still lifes. She also designs and cre- 
ates her own jewelry and hopes to sell it someday. McClellan is preparing to 
teach art to elementary students, and perhaps have a gallery of her own. She 
says, "No matter what I do after I graduate, I will try to integrate art into 
almost all that I do." 

Jesse Elliot enjoys the technological aspects of illustration. For fun, he 
experiments with computer graphics and three-dimensional image manipula- 
tion. Jesse hopes to go into the field of computer-aided graphic design and 

Holly McMurtry is simply an art lover. She says, "I don't 'do' art, but 
I enjoy analyzing it." She loves to study all aspects of art history. Her dream 
is to establish a school where gifted artists can integrate faith and learning. 

Grace White is working on sketches and linoleum prints of Covenant 
musicians and an oil painting of a friend this year. She says, "I love seeing 
something beautiful or wonderful and being able to capture it in my own art." 
She wants to get a masters' degree in art history or art restoration and perhaps 
work in a museum. The artwork White will do in the future will be for her own 

Not only is art visual, it is also audible. Covanant College encourages 
many students to explore their musical abilities, whether it being by singing or 
by playing an instalment. "I enjoy using and sharing the gift God has given me 
of playing the piano with others. After college, I am interested in teaching 
piano, accompanying others by working in the church," Jessica Hudson said. 

When we create something with our hands, we fulfill our calling as 
image-bearers of our Maker. The exercise of creative capacity is a Christian 
artist's joyful expression of faith. 

by Sarah Fluegge 

A gift and a hobby: While being an avid artist at s 
McClellan also enjoys painting watercolors as a 

Photo by Janelle Bulicz 
chool, Katie 

Attention: Geoff 
Goodman, in total 
creates a work of 
art in his 

Introduction to Art 
class, where he was 
able to explore his 
artistic side. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 
Enjoying what I love to do: Molly Bruegger creates a painting in Introduction to 
Art. Under Mr. Kellogg 's instructions, students were encouraged to broaden their 
artistic horizons. 

Minister to 
the Youth 

Kids running and screaming. Crazy games such as passing the apple 
from neck to neck or passing the life-saver from toothpick to toothpick. Square 
dances. Winter and summer camps full of romance and awesome memories. 
Seeing God as the greatest provider of fun times and finding a personal rela- 
tionship with Him. Singing "Awesome God" four million times. Trying new 
things for the first time, like backpacking or skiing. Helping kids see God in 
new ways as they grow up and mature. Creating awesome memories that 
prove to be life-changing and so influential. The students in the Youth Ministry 
class are trying to learn the gift and ability to lead junior highers and high 
schoolers to a deeper relationship with Christ while having tons of fun. 

Since many students here at Covenant College are involved with dif- 
ferent youth groups in the surrounding Chattanooga churches, the Youth Min- 
istry class proves to very resourceful and helpful. 'The youth ministry class 
has been a great learning tool as well as a lot of fun. Working with the First 
Presbyterian Church junior high youth group has been a lot of fun, but it is very 
challenging trying to balance school with youth ministry. The kids I work with 
are a great bunch and love the Lord. I would love to be a youth pastor after 
seminary, but I will do whatever God has in mind forme," Stephen King said. 

Lisa Ayres also took the Youth Ministry class this year and she de- 
scribed what she had learned. "As a volunteer in the high school youth group 
at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, I have learned that I cannot do 
anything about how students respond to the gospel or God's natural revelation 
all around them. I am not there to change them. What I can do is present 
Christ to them in a practical way. Youth Ministry is not about fixing the sins and 
problems in a teenager's life, but moving alongside them, being purposeful in 
youth ministry and intentionally developing relationships that will cause these 
kids to think about why they believe what they believe. Simply put, youth 
ministry really means to love teenagers. I love teenagers, therefore I love youth 
ministry," she explained. 

Lisa Franceschini was able to do an internship this past summer 
that made her realize that she was supposed to help junior and senior 
highers throughout her life. "It was a youth director and his wife that made a 
significant impact in my life, as God used them to lead me to Himself. They 
were just there for me and I feel that God has called me to do the same. If 
He can use ME, of all people, to have that kind of impact for His purpose 
then I feel completely honored to heed that calling," she described. 

by Janelle Bulicz 


Rearing to go: Along with her youth group and youth pastor} 
Lisa Franceschini is ready for a fun day of crazy activities. 

Take me out to the 
ballgame: Working 
with the Lookout 
Mountain Pres. 
youth group this 
past summer, 
Matthew Hedinger 
spent a day at an 
Atlanta Braves 
game with all his 
newfound friends. 

Photo courtesy of Lisa Ayres 
Building relationships through Christ: Every Wednesday night Lisa Ayres hangs out 
with Lookout Mountain Pres. high schoolers, where they build each other up and 
learn more about how to be women of God. 

Academics \\S\ 

Youth Ministry "* 

The Real 

College is about getting ready for the "Real World," a phrase designed 
to make us shiver down to our toes and rush to our advisors trying to declare a 
major. For some of us, this brings to mind a vague idea of adulthood in which 
we have to dress nicely and act responsibly. For others, it is a big shining light 
at the end of at least sixteen years of school, never mind the fact that along with 
graduation comes responsibility. And for a few well-grounded individuals among 
us, it is simply life after college, different, but no worse or better, and they are 
using some of their time doing different types of practicians to make their first 
forays into the working part of the "Real World." 

Sabrina Heather Harmon taught eighth grade math and science and 
courses at Dade County High School for her student teaching. She was inter- 
ested in how to discipline students in different ways. "I wanted to learn how to 
be a teacher with a good discipline method. Classes can't run unless students 
are involved. I watched for different methods of controlling the class so stu- 
dents could get involved." 

Jennifer McClain volunteered at the Moccasin Bend Mental Health In- 
stitute four hours a day, once a week for ten weeks for her Abnormal Psychol- 
ogy class. "I was able to see how their minds work and I tried to figure out what 
they're thinking. I was hoping to be able to apply what I was studying in class, 
to be comfortable enough to relate to the patients regardless of their past, and 
have the courage to face them and enjoy them. I definitely think I did," McClain 

Rachel Bode had a much different experience with her practicum in 
economics/business. Rachel was hired at the Tennessee World Trade Center 
to do a study on Asian economics and how it affects companies in Tennessee. 
She designed a survey for local businesses and then she did follow-up work 
contacting the businesses in order to get responses for her survey. According 
to Bode, the best part was talking to other people. "It's perfect for contact 
work — calling CEO's and presidents of companies. I developed good con- 
tacts in terms of future job opportunities and I learned how to conduct myself in 
a business environment." 

So, when you hear about the Real World don't start flipping frantically 
through the course list mapping out the next two years of your life, but realize 
that it is not such a daunting prospect after all. And wonder of wonders, the 
future actually can be somewhat enjoyable. And since we are still in college, we 
should go ahead and use this time to test the Real World and see what we will 
like and what skills possess. 

by Molly Maddox 

"4 Practicums 

Photo courtesy of Rachel Bode 

A dream come true: 

After years of 
dreaming of having 
her own classroom, 
Nancy Young gets to 
teach in her "own" 
classroom during her 
Student Teaching 
Practicum. She taught 
fifth and sixth graders 
at Fairyland 

Elementary School. 
"Once I got into the 
classroom I just came 
alive. It was an 
amazing experience 
where I learned alot 
about myself, " she 

The Bigwigs and Me: 

While working at the 
Chattanooga World 
Trade Center, Rachel 
Bode worked with 
boss, Jim Frierson, 
and Professor Steve 
Livingston of MTSU 
on the effects of the 
Asian econmic crisis 
on Tennessee 


May I help you ?: Mike 
Bedzyk helps a patient 
at Moccasin Bend 
Mental Health 

Institute. Psychology 
students had the 
chance to observe 
patients and put their 
pyschology knowledge 
to work. 

Photo courtesy of Mike Bedzyk 

Practicums "*> 

"If God sends us on 

stony paths, He provides 

strong shoes." 

-Corrie Ten Boome 

Calm and composed: Senior Matt Kimbrell calmly faces his opponent as 
he goes for the ball. Matt has been an e. u client asset to the team during his 
time ot Covenant. 

Berry College 
Emory Riddle College 
Lee University 
Bluefield College 
Cumberland University 
Life College 
Tennessee Temple 
Montreat College 
Bryan College 
Milligan College 
Tennessee Wesleyan 
King College 

Piedmont College 
Anderson College 
Martin Methodist College2 
North Georgia College 2 
Conference Semi-Finals 

Men's Soccer: 

(Back Row, L-R) Coach Brian Cross man, Kurt Halvorson, John Sweet, Josh Hager. 
Dan Steere, Anthony Tucker, Stephen Hitchcock; (Third Row, L-R) JeffBont, Matt 
Cobb, Dan Herron, Ty Tyler, Richard Brown, Taylor Long, Jason Trimiew, Matt 
Kimbrell; (Second Row, L-R) Scott Noll, Elisha Godfrey Michael Agate, David Illman, 
Caleb Leonard , Matt Potoshnick, Josh Moon, Coach David Stanton; (First Row, L- 
R) Brian Young, Nathan Brinkerhoff, Sam Hettinger, Mark Krieg, Jamie Barrett, 
Andy Schmidt, Ryan Boone, Jason Wells 



"I'm coming tegetyottT": R 

from St. Francis in hopes ofn 

rnoto Dy Joe Lognanuro 

■ i* 

Aiming for 
the Goal 

Unfortunately, soccer is not life, but it is full of 
"life lessons," as we have liked to refer to them over the 
years. The 1998 season once again proved to be a help 
in learning life's hardest lessons. Senior Scott Noll hurt 
his quad, which sidelined him for the bulk of the season, 
in a pre-season scrimmage. The 1998 season started 
off slowly with the first win not coming until the fourth 
game, following a draw against Lee University. To com- 
bat the slow start, we went on to win 4 of the next 5 
games with a loss only to the country's 3 rd best team at 
the time, Life University. The same held true for the final 
third of the season as we finished with 5 wins out of the 
6 last games. 

Before the last win of the regular season, uncer- 
tainty loomed in the air, thick as a quilt. We finished 
conference play with an even 3-3 record, losing to Bryan, 
Milligan, and Tennessee Wesleyan, while defeating 
Bluefield, Montreat, and King Colleges. This 3-3 record 
was not enough to qualify us for the conference playoffs 
outright. If Milligan College won their last game, we 
would go to the play-offs. Half the team sat in Dr. 
Crossman's office, awaiting the call from Milligan's coach. 
It turned out that Milligan won, and we had the opportu- 
nity to play in the play-offs. 

The story does not always end "happily ever af- 
ter," and such was the case for the men of the 1998 
Covenant Scots. The happiness, however, comes from 
realizing the lessons that have been learned and from the 
joy that is found as the memories are made and thought 
about over and over. 

This team persevered through much adversity 
from opponents, injuries, and hardships. Friendships 
were not only gained, they were also strengthened. Fans 
were loyal, and their support was greatly appreciated. 
Coach Dr. Brian Crossman not only surpassed the 200 
all-time victory mark, he also passed the 200 victory 
mark as the Scots head coach. Strides were made, per- 
severance was learned, and most of all, memories were 
etched into our minds . . . memories that will never fade. 
To quote a fellow senior teammate, Kurt Halvorson, "We 
are the best 9-8- 1 team in the nation." There is no doubt 
about that! Soccer may not be life, but it is full of "life 

By Anthony Tucker 

Men's Soccer 

Shooting Our 
Way to the Top 


"Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any 
comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any af- 
fection and mercy, fulfill my joy by being like-minded, 
having no ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind 
let each esteem the other better than himself. Let each 
of you look out not only for his own interests, but also 
the interests of others." 

Unity — unity in Christ, unity as a team, is what 
we played and worked for. With no seniors and thirteen 
freshmen, the team faced a huge rebuilding year this fall. 
With a complete line-up change midway through the sea- 
son, the team learned to overcome obstacles of playing 
together, became more flexible in the midst of play, and 
continued to grow in strength always with one thought in 
mind: "It is all about perseverance and not giving up." 

Through the diligence of both Coach Mark Duble 
and Assistant Coach James VanSteenburg, the continual 
injury maintenance done by Gurney, and hard work of 
the team itself, the Lady Scots stepped up to the chal- 
lenge of a tough schedule of games. Finishing the season 
with a 7-8 record, the team looks ahead to further suc- 
cess with eighteen players returning. 

This season we have learned something as valu- 
able as playing and winning a hard fought game. To those 
that are simply spectators, they may never fully under- 
stand what we have learned. It is about the excitement 
and thrill of stepping onto NSY (the best field in the Re- 
gion), the smell of the grass when the whistle is blown, 
the crack of dawn pre-season practices. It is about the 
hours of Coach's "trip trivia," the whirlpool parties in the 
training room, the "CHA-CHA," the run back from 
Shadowlands (a true test of will), the "six-minute" eight 
minute run, curfew captain checks, and the shared pain 
of losing a dear and close loved one. They may never 
understand. But the players, we know that the saying 
"Go Hard or Get off the Field" applies to every aspect 
of life. We will always remember that life will be like a 
hard fought soccer match, with mud, pain, sweat, rain, 
cold, conflict, struggle, and loss; but there will also be 
rich victory, life long companions and friends, achieve- 
ments, strength, growth, confidence, and new challenges. 
By the Captains of 1998 

" M Women's Soccer 

Women 's Soccer: (Back Row L-R) Amy Deterding, Bethany Franks, Bethe Me/ine, Darcee 
Nevin, Krista S tee re, Christy Whiteaker, Joy Jansen, Stephanie Young, Dana Davis; 
(Second Row L-R) Dawn Swinney, Kara Gray, Sara Campbell, Monique Good, Molly 
Maddox, Amelia Heath, Sarah Meiners, Kelly Clarkson; (First Row L-R) Jennifer 
Prentice, Hannah Hager, Stacey Ogbum, Coach Mark Duble, Maija Lverts, Rachel 
Powell, Sarah Lown, Erin Hess 

Oponent Scots Opp. 

Cumberland College 5 

LindseyWilson CollegeO 8 

Lee University 1 

Birmingham Southern 3 

Bryan College 3 1 

North Georgia College4 

Montreat College 4 

Tennessee Wesleyan 2 

Milligan College 2 5 

University of AlabamaO 1 

King College 2 1 

Berry College 3 

Union College 1 

Midway College 1 

Piedmont College 2 4 
Conference Semi-Finals: 

Tennessee Wesleyan 2 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

hoto by Cherith Johnson 

"I got it!": Darcee Nevin powerfully breaks through two 
defensive opponents and makes a run towards the goal. 

Women's Soccer 1" ! 

Going the 

The 1 998- 1 999 cross-country team had a chal- 
lenging and exciting season. Both teams grew in size this 
year, which made for a young, but new and dynamic team. 
Workouts were challenging and consisted of long nine- 
mile runs at Chickamauga Battlefield, speed training ses- 
sions on the new CCS track and lots of Lookout Moun- 
tain hill runs. Although these training sessions were not 
exactly "fun runs", the Scots sweated them out together 
and made their hard work evident at the races. 

While all nine races of the 1 998 season were im- 
portant for building the team and preparing us for 
Regionals, one race in particular stuck out as a landmark 
of the season: The Covenant Invitational, which was held 
on October 24. The Covenant course was redesigned 
this year and proved to be much more spectator friendly. 
Beautiful weather also encouraged many to come out and 
support the Scots. As we did the "Shusha" cheer, the 
excitement was almost electric. The crowd was further 
energized by the sight of a large Covenant Pack near the 
front of the race. The team came out with an exciting win 
and the title of Conference Champions. It was quite a 
day for the Scots. 

In early November, we headed to Kentucky for 
the Regional meet. This trip proved to be a lesson in 
God's grace and our need for total reliance on him. We 
left early and planned to arrive in time to shave our heads 
and legs and still get to bed on time. But God had other 
plans. After we had an accident in Knoxville and a break- 
down in the middle of nowhere, we finally arrived around 
midnight. Fortunately, some of us were still able to ob- 
tain that aerodynamic look. The next morning as we pre- 
pared for the race, Dan Emerson reminded us of our 
humbleness and brokenness before the Lord. By His 
grace we were able to have a great race with a number of 
runners setting personal records and our team coming in 
fourth out of the eleven teams in our region. We might 
like to think it was the men's bald heads and smooth legs 
that made for such fast times, but in truth we can only 
attribute our strength to the grace of God. 

On top of such a great season, freshman Kristyn 
Borger placed fifth individually and qualified for nation- 
als, where she placed 157 out of 344. 

By Carolyn Hubbard and Will Meiners 


Cross Country 

Iross-Country: (Back Row, L-R) Coach David Taylor, Jordan Ross, Wit Meiners, 
\ddie Try gar, Rob Peck, Josh Turner, Fritz Schalmo, David Kaufmann, Jeremy 
oole, Pete Herron, Ian Work, Matthias Shapiro, Travis Knight; (Second Row, L-R) 
tethany Boulton, Sarah Akin, Carolyn Hubbard, Jessica Talarico; (First Row, L- 
I Caitlin Pettit, Kristyn Borger, Amanda Duffie, Jenny Erbel, Jenn Batch 

Backin' up your teamates: The Lady Scots Volleyball players group 
together on the c ourt to support one another as the ball comes soaring 
over the net. 



^^r, "• ?>%* iP^r* 


Photo by Joe Cogliandro 

Opponent Scots 
Tennessee Temple 1 
Sewanee 3 


Milligan College 
Montreat College 3 
King College 
Bryan College 3 
Bluefield College 1 




Lee University 
Clinch Valley College 3 
Sewanee 3 



Abraham Baldwin 3 

Mary ville College 3 
Lipscomb University 1 
Tennessee Temple 3 
Brenau University 3 
OglethoipeUniverstiy 3 
Bryan College 1 
Montreat College 3 



King College 


Clinch Valley College 1 
Bluefield College 



Photo courtesy of David Franklin 

Women's Volleyball: (Back Row, L-R) Coach David Franklin, Kristin Taylor, Erin 
Mollenkof, Sarah Franklin, Suzanne Corwin, Alisha Ferman, Melissa Taylor; 
(First Row, L-R) Katie Feamster, Jennifer Davis, Kim Mills, Crystal VanDyken, 
Charity Anderson 


Serving Up 

The Lady Scots volleyball team began their sea- 
son in August with ten players. We were blessed with a 
good recruiting class and a new coach, David Franklin. 
The returning players were Senior Sarah Franklin, Jun- 
ior Jenny Davis and Sophomore AlishaFerman. Joining 
the volleyball team this year after running out of eligibility 
for basketball were Crystal VanDyken and Charity 
Anderson. Rounding out the team were transfer stu- 
dents Suzi Corwin and Erin Mollenkof, who transferred 
from Samford University and Geneva College respec- 
tively, and freshmen Katie Feamster, Kim Mills, and 
Kristin Taylor. 

The Lady Scots finished with a record of 10- 1 1 , 
but really that record does not show the true potential of 
the team. The biggest obstacle of the season was over- 
coming mental errors and playing well as a team. With 
as much individual talent as there was on the team this 
year, we struggled with coming together and all playing 
well at the same time. 

When asked to pick the game that stuck out the 
most as the best game of the season, the answer was 
unanimously the last time we played Oglethorpe Univer- 
sity. After losing to them twice earlier in the season at 
the Tennessee Temple Tournament, we played them one 
last time and won in three games. We had finally played 
a full match up to our true potential, and it had paid off. 

Late in the season the Lady Scots suffered some 
unfortunate injuries. Suzi Corwin, Charity Anderson and 
Kim Mills all sprained an ankle during the season. Their 
presence on the court was severely missed while they 
were recuperating. Also, Sarah Franklin's playing time 
became more and more limited due to her pregnancy. 
Despite the injuries, the team managed to keep their spirits 
up and continued to work hard. 

Some individual awards were given at the end 
of the season at the conference tournament. Sarah 
Franklin was named to the Academic All-Conference 
team and Suzi Corwin joined the All-Conference Team. 
Suzi was also an All-Region honorable mention. The 
Lady Scots would like to thank Seniors Sarah Franklin, 
Crystal VanDyken, and Charity Anderson for their time, 
dedication, and hard work. Their leadership and per- 
sonality will be greatly missed next year. 

By Jenny Davis 

Volleyball * ° 5 

"You only wish you w 

Shooting for 

We will not say explicitly, "Basketball is life," but 
we will say, "Basketball spills over into, affects every 
area of, and makes habits for practical, everyday life." 
To treat the "game" as separate from our lives is to mini- 
mize the significance of what we did together everyday. 

Anyone who has been on a team knows sin af- 
fects harmonic teamwork. Pride, selfishness, laziness, 
and gossip are subtleties that can seep into a team like 
yeast into bread. When these things surface (and they 
did) how we handled them as a team should be the gauge 
of our success. Did we reconcile, forgive, listen, and 
ask for forgiveness? It sounds like things you do when 
you are married and certainly this is not an inappropriate 
paradigm. Teammates, coaches, fans and officials all 
work together to make an overwhelming environment. 
Everyday is a test of self-control. Our teammates have 
performed the above mentioned duties admirably and it 
has been an honor and a privilege to play beside them. 
Each person added a unique and important dynamic to 
the team and many worked hard everyday knowing it 
would not result in immediate gratification. 

To those returning, continue to strive for excel- 
lence, be quick to listen, slow to blame, eager to en- 
courage, and try to forget self for the sake of the other. 
Thank you Covenant community for your support 
throughout the year. We only wish we could have won 
them all for you. It is our hope that the tide of tradition 
has begun to turn in our favor. 

By the Captains of 1999 

106 Men's B-hall 

"You're not getting past me!": Cedric Thomas puts out both arms to 
prevent the opponent from driving into the lane while David Hancock 

(left), Cedric Thomas f middle) and Jake Walls (far left) are poised for 
action, deteimined not to allow their player to tmopen for a p^ss. 

Wen's Basketball: (Back Row, L-R) Coach Ken Brooks, Jay Earnst, Dave Dennison, Cedric 
Thomas, Reid Daniels, Coach Bill Dennison, Jonathan Maffet; (Second Row, L-R) Jared 
Sostrom, Mark Fields, Nick Herndon, Calvin Jackson, Ethan Van Eck, Jonathan Weaver; 
First Row, L-R) David Hancock, Justin Malone, Brian Court, Jake Walls, 
Seth Toner, Micah Brown 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 




Lee University 



Free Will Baptist 



Bluefield College 



Bryan College 



Clinch Valley 



Virginia Intermont 



King College 






Thomas College 



Mercer College 



Milligan College 



Tennessee Temple 



Wesley College 



Clinch Valley Colle 



King College 



Milligan College 



Tennessee Wesley an 72 


Alice Lloyd 



Bryan College 



Montreat College 



Lee University 



It takes teamwork: Right before each game, the men would take a moment 
for silent prayer about and medition on the task before them. Jon Weaver 
commented that he often used this time to ask God to protect all the players 
from injury and to guard their attitudes as Christian athletes. 

Boxin ' Out's the Name of the Chime: Meghan Kirby does an excellent job 
of boxing out her opponent to clear the wax for Kristyn Borger to drive 
towards the basket. 

Photo by Joe Coeliandro 

Lee University 
Shorter College 
Bluefield College 
Bryan College 
Clinch Valley 
Virginia Intermont 
King College 
Columbus State 
Piedmont College 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Milligan College 
Tennessee Temple 
Alice Lloyd College 
Bryan College 
Montreat College 
Lee University 
Virginia Intermont 
Tennessee Temple 
Bluefield College 
Alice Lloyd College 83 
Tennessee Wesleyan 70 
Montreat College 



























! 71 














e 83 






Women's Basketball: (Back Row, L-R) Meghan Kirby, Dawn Johnson, Nola Muir, Coach 
Taini Smialek, Shannon Green, Clair Lowe, Tracy Record; (First Row, L-R) Kristyn 
Borger, Jolene Anderson, Ashley Smith, Joanna Hessenbruch, Laranda Mullina.x, Kristy 
Clark, Destiny Rahrer 


Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Women's B-ball 

"You got my back?" The Lady Scots believe in teamwork.. .as Clair 
Lowe goes up for a shot, the other four players on the court pay 
close attention, hoping for a rebound. 

Photo by Joe Cogliandro 

Slamming the 

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 reads: "Do you not know 
that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the 
prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone 
who competes in the games goes into strict training. They 
do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get 
a crown that will last forever. Therefore I do not run like 
a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating 
the air. No, I beat my body and make it a slave so that 
after I have preached to others, I myself will not be dis- 
qualified for the prize." "God stretched us outside of our 
comfort zone only to teach us that He is in control of all 
things, and has a greater plan with our best interests in 
mind. This season was one of incredible growth and 
learning." "Unity is what makes a team, and the unity we 
have found is in Christ. It is the greatest sense of ac- 
complishment knowing that we as a team of believers 
won games by playing to glorify Christ." "Using the gift 
that God gave us to play basketball we were able to 
witness to the non-Christian teams we played." "God 
teaches us so much through good and bad times." "Not 
only will we take memories from this game but also les- 
sons in life. We learned that you achieve more when you 
stop trying to do everything yourself and accept help from 
others, that if everyone gives suggestions we will eventu- 
ally come up with the right way to do it, even when you 
don't want to give it your all, others are counting on you, 
so suck it up and do it." We were a very superstitious 
team. Before every game we shared a box of Nerds, 
passed the ball in a certain order inside the locker room, 
circled up and screamed our heads off, reminded Shan- 
non that it wasn't time to get the balls, gave each other 
high-fives, after the starters were announced we would 
circle up and remind each other to "all fight", Kristy would 
hit Meghan on the butt, Nola would do her arm move- 
ment for us, since she was injured most of the season, 
and most importantly we would pray because, without 
God as our focus and strength, we are nothing. 

The Lady Scots want to thank everyone for their 
support this season. We realize that this article is not about 
our wins and losses, and most of you probably won't 
understand it, but it means alot to us. In twenty years 
when we take down our yearbooks, the number of wins 
and losses won't matter, but we will want to remember 
the friendships we made playing this sport. "Stack it up, 
who you with, Lady Scots ! PFC- Play for Christ" 
By Destiny Rahrer 

Wum,:,,'sB-ball 1° 9 

Photo In (hcnth John 


Less Pressure, 

More Fun 

Covenant's intramural program, under the direc- 
tion of Betsy Matthews, has been a much enjoyed activ- 
ity for many students. Betsy, along with her helpers Chris 
Render and Krista Deutschmann, schedule the games 
and provide referees. Intramurals are a great way to 
bond with a hallmate or get to know the Resident Direc- 
tors, who can often be seen playing with different halls. 
Intramurals are also a great way to relieve stress, and 
often games provide an excellent excuse to take a study 

The main falls sports are men's and women's 
oudoor soccer, men's flag football, and men's and 
women's indoor soccer. The Tanterlicks, led by Erin 
Harris were the women's outdoor champs, while Tim 
Bentson led the Silver Phoenixto victory in men's out- 
door soccer. WAMP, led by captain Jesse Haga, won 
the championship in flag football. Your Mom was the 
men's indoor soccer champs and PBJ, led by Rachel 
Gleason, won the women's indoor soccer. 

In addition to the main sports, the intramural 
department organized several tournaments. Three on 
three basketball, battleball, ultimate frisbee, and pingpong 
were all favorite tournaments that the Intramural Depart- 
ment provided for the student body to enjoy. Thanks to 
all the participants and the Intramural staff! 
Sports By Emily Boatright and 

Fall Intramurals Emily Jordan 

"»' "1 W W W P p j »i 

- ^JEJ 

In Her Face: Julie Moore slams the ball don nfield 
just before Kathleen Haase arrives on the scene 
to challenge her. 

"Quick, hurry Esther!": Esther Potoshnick and 
Rachel Bode battle for the ball during an indoor 
soccer game. Indoor soccer is a favorite among 
players and spectators alike as more supporters 
come out to cheer their favorite teams on 

"Wow, Elisha, I didn 't know you could jump that high!" Ben Huffir 
watches as Elisha Godfrey leaps extremely high off the ground i 
make a basket. 

Three Cheers for 

Many people consider partieipation in organized sports 
to be one of their favorite hobbies. Not only do intra- 
mural sports provide the opportunity for students to get 
out for some fellowship, fun and exercise, they also give 
students the chance to play a team sport without having 
to be an intercollegiate athlete. 

During the spring semester, basketball is the main 
intramural sport. This year there was extensive support 
from the student body as nearly thirty-five teams partici- 
pated. This season, Krista Deutschmann and Chris Ren- 
der tried out a new system to try to keep the good-sports- 
manship flowing. After each game, the team as a whole 
would receive a grade based on the attitudes expressed 
during the game. At the end of the season, the grades 
were averaged and teams with below a C average were 
not allowed in the play-offs. Fortunately, all of the teams 
passed, but some did come close to that failing grade ! 
When asked about the effectiveness of this new system, 
Krista commented that she felt in was successful in mak- 
ing the games easier to referee, as well as encouraging 
participants to exhibit more Christ-like attitudes. 

Coed Volleyball is the other season sport that 
will be offered this semester, in addition to other tourna- 
ments. Girls flag football, a miscellaneous Super Fun 
tournament, and a cross-country meet were all offered 
this semester as tournament sports. Thanks to the hard 
work of many people, intramural sports were once again 
a hit for the Covenant Community ! 
Sports -Emily Boatright 

112 Spring Intramurals 

Arms up ladies!: After a sMot i 
around the basket, hoping for 

"Keep trying, Sarah!" Sarah Meiner splays tough 
defense against Tami Smialek. Smialek plays on 
the staff ladies team and shows no mercy when it 
comes to the game! 

Whoa Speedy! Dan Herron flies down the court 
hoping to beat his opponents to the basket in 
order to score for his team. 

"... on this road to righteousness, 
sometimes the climb can be so 
steep I may falter in my steps but 
never beyond your reach..." 
-Rich Mullins 

Gnaritu iDeiqh 

Hometown: Bozeman, MT 
Major: Elementary Education 
"The rose and the lily grow so 
fair, but Lord make me like the 
sunflower, looking always to 
your light, seeking you from 
hour to hour." -Artist Unknown 

J^ooin Chelsea 

Hometown: Salem, VA 
Major: Biology (Pre-Med) 
Minor: Chemistry 
"Not what my hands have done 
can save my guilty soul; not 
what my toiling flesh has borne 
can make my spirit whole. Not 
what I feel or do can give me 
peace with God; not all my 
prayer and sighs and tears can 
bear my awful load." -Horatius 

Sarah Tje/h 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: History 
Minor: English Education 
"Know you what it is to be a 
child? It is to be something very 
different from the man of today. 
It is to have a spirit yet stream- 
ing from the waters of baptism; 
it is to believe in love, to believe 
in belief; it is to be so little that 
the elves can reach to whisper 
in your ear. . ." -Shelley 

Sarah JJarher 
Hometown: St. Louis 
Major: History 
Minor: Music 
". . .as a fiddler on the roof." 

0/?2 iJu JSe em an 
Hometown: Cape Coral, FL 
Major: English 
Minor: History 
"The only thing that counts is 
faith expressing itself through 
love." -Galatians 5:6b 

CRhett S/ephen 

Hometown: Tucson, AZ 
Major: English 
"Je voudrais parler que tout le 
monde sont des grandes 
vaches. Je pense que je vais 
vomir de flame." -Pierre de les 

[Rachel Ghristine 

Hometown: Holmes Beach, FL 
Major: Economics 
Minor: Sociology 
'Why should that apple always 
descend perpendicularly to the 
ground, thought [Sir Isaac 
Newton] to himself? Why 
should it not go sideways or 
upwards, but constantly to the 
earth's center?" -William 

3~follu ^nnne Ujracfy 
Hometown: Tyler, TX 
Major: Natural Science 
'That is the great conversion in 
3ur life: to recognize and 
3elieve that the many unex- 
pected events are not just 
disturbing interruptions of our 
brojects, but the way in which 
3od molds our hearts and 
Drepares us for his return." 
-Henri Nouwen 

josh Co ray 
Hometown: Deleon Springs, FL 
iMajor: Computer Science 
Minor: History 

''Behold I am with thee and will 
keep thee in all places whither 
thou goest." -Genesis 28: 15 

1 ■«■■ m 

iSJencfa ^Dau 13 utters 
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Major: English 
Minor: Education 
"It is not great talents or great 
learning or great preachers that 
God needs, but men great in 
holiness, great in faith, great in 
love, great in fidelity, great for 
God."-E.M. Bounds 

^7. Jiauier Gaoezas 
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador 
Major: Information and Com- 
puter Science 

"See to it that no one takes you 
captive through hollow and 
deceptive philosophy, which 
depends on human tradition and 
the basic principles of this 
world rather than on Christ." 

Gory Garpenter 
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL 
Major: English 
Minor: Secondary Education 
"To whom it may concern: We 
regret to inform you that 
President Carpenter has 
suffered a delusional episode 
and is no longer fit for society. 
He has been committed under 
the Baker Act until such time as 
the Surgeon General has 
deemed appropriate for the 
common good. Thank you." 

Jlnaie Gase 
Hometown: Ellensburg, WA 
Major: English 
Minor: Business 
"For what higher, more exalted, 
and more compel ling goal can 
there be than to know God?" 
-J. I. Packer 

Jieitn Gase 
Hometown: Walden's Ridge, 

Major: Biblical Studies 
Minor: Youth Ministry 
"When you start to doubt if you 
exist/ God believes in you/ 
Confounded by the evidence/ 
God believes in you/ When you 
chances seem so slim/ When 
your light burns so dim/ And 
you swear you ddn't believe in 
Him/ God believes in you. ,, 

Sa ura Guilds 
Hometown: Anniston, AL 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 
"He is no fool who gives up 
what he cannot keep to gain 
what he cannot lose." -Jim 




} }[/ 


ffiiffe • 



G oil ins 
Hometown: Jackson, MS 
Major: English 
Minor: Education 
"This I call to mind and there- 
fore I have hope: Because of 
the Lord's great love we are 
not consumed, for his compas- 
sions never fail. They are new 
every morning; great is your 
faithfulness." -Lamentations 

J J rian Gourt 
Hometown:Winthrop, WA 
Major: Pre-Law 
Minor: Detail 

"Take heart. . .Begin the work, 
for I am with you, says the 
Lord, and my spirit is present 
among you. Have no fear." - 
Haggai 2:4-5 

Uaden Conner Gox 
Hometown: Charlottesville, V/ 
Major: Sociology 
"There are no ordinary people 
-C. S. Lewis 

H8 Seniors 

Snauna deJJoer 
lometown: Modesto, CA 
vlajor: Pre-Med 
vlinor: Bible 

i Death cannot stop true love. 
KM it can do is delay it for a 
vhile." -Wesley, The Princess 

Jvenee T)eliaOeccnia 
lometown: Mayslanding, NJ 
Major: IDS 

I We are not yet what we shall be 
but we are growing toward it, the 
jirocess is not yet finished but is 
|ioing on, this is not the end but it 
|s the road. All does not yet 
|;leam in glory, but all is being 
(urified." -Martin Luther 

jeff-eru Dennison 

hometown: Corapolis, PA 
jtfajor: History 
[Never moon a werewolf." 
-Mike Binder 




\i 1 

1 ■ 

r* ' 



t" ^^k 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Business 

"He has paid us the intolerable 

compliment of loving us, in the 

deepest, most tragic, most 

inexorable sense." -C. S. 


cbaran ^anne Oil/son 
Hometown: Greenville, SC 
Major: Middle Grades 

Minor: Youth Ministry 
"Doubts are the ants in the 
pants of faith. They keep it 
awake and moving." 
-Frederick Buechner, Wishful 

D ad tjuearitt 
Hometown: Lookout Mountain, 

Major: Sociology 
Minor: Biblical Studies 
"All that we know is nothing, we 
are merely crammed waste- 
paper baskets, unless we are in 
touch with that which laughs at 
all our knowing." -D. H. 


Seniors ' ' ' 



Hometown: Reston, VA 
Major: English Education 
"Do I really dare to let God be 
to me all that He says He will 
be?" -Oswald Chambers 

.Jill iso n June JeJzete 
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL 
Major: Sociology 
"Dear Friends, let us love one 
another, for love comes from 
God. Everyone who loves has 
been born of God and knows 
God. Whoever does not love 
does not know God, because 
God is love." -1 John 4:7-8 

l)auid Jllan CT'isn 
Hometown: Norfolk, VA 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Secondary Education 


Deborah J~isn 
Hometown: Norfolk, VA 
Major: Biology 
"The sun will no more be yoi 
light by day, nor will the brigh 
ness of the moon shine on yoi 
for the LORD will be your evei 
lasting light, and your God will h 
your glory." -Isaiah 60: 1 9 

<L)arah J~lu egge 
Hometown: Jackson, MS 
Major: English 
Minor: Art 

"For he satisfies the longing 
soul, and fills the hungry soul 
with goodness." -Psalm 107:9 

<uaran Jran/eh'n 
Hometown: Boynton Beach, Fi 
Major: Elementary Education 
"But one thing I do: forgetting 
what is behind and straining 
toward what is ahead, I press 
on towards the goal to win the 
prize for which God has called 
me heavenward in Christ 
, Jesus." -Philipians 3:14 


Ujri'an Crreec/ 
hometown: Colorado Springs, 


Vlajor: Natural Science Math 

iviinor: Education 

'Life is tough, deal with it!" 

joshua Galeo Srreen 
Hometown: Chickamauga, GA 
i Major: English 
I Minor: Art 

"You know, you really can't 
shake your own hand." 
-Bentwee Willison 

JCara Griffith 
Hometown: Chesterfield, IN 
Major: English 
Minor: Philosophy, History 
"I learned to make my mind 
large, as the universe is large, 
so that there is room for 
paradoxes." -Maxine Hong 

josh 3~fager 
Hometown: St.Louis, MO 
Major: Business Administration 
"Hey Stephen, I got an early 
start on my procrastination this 

Jturt Dauid 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 
Major: Business 
Minor: Philosophy 
"It's easy to grin, when your 
ship comes in, and you've got 
the stock market beat; but the 
man worth while, is the man 
who can smile, when his shorts 
are too tight in the seat." - 
Judge Schmails, Caddyshack 



Hometown: Lookout Mountain, G/ 
Major: Mathematics 
Minor: Education 
"Trust in the Lord with all thine 
heart, and lean not unto thine own 
understanding. In all thy ways 
acknowledge him, and he shall 
direct thy paths." 
-Proverbs 3:5-6 

Orin Jiarr/s 
Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Sociology 
'The real voyage of discovery 
consists not in seeking new 
landscapes but in having new 
-Marcel Proust 

Dana JlLac'Jxae 

HometowmTuscumbia, AL 
Major: Physical Therapy 
Minor: Biology, Math 
"Insanity is often the logic of an 
accurate mind overtaxed." 
-Oliver Wendel Holmes 

J horn as Jiorner 
Hometown: Ormond Beach, FL 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: History 
"This done. . .they gave out the 
Word, which was, YE MUST 
Bunyan, The Holy War 

Or/'c JiornicA 
Hometown: Pensacola, FL 
Major: Sociology 
'The remarkable thing about 
fearing God is that when you 
fear God you fear nothing else, 
whereas if you do not fear God 
you fear everything else." - 
Oswald Chambers 

i^arolun Jiuobard 
Hometown: Sanford, FL 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 
"Years may wrinkle the skin, 
but to give up wonder wrinkles 
the soul, barnacles the brain, 
and clogs the heart." -Russ 

Valerie jKoniaue 

Hometown: St. Catharines, 

Major: Elementary Education 
"Be of good courage, and He 
shall strengthen your heart, all 
you who hope in the Lord." - 
Psalm 3 1:24 

122 Seniors 

jason ^rl. Jacobs 
Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Major: History 
"I'm an expert at nothing 
except train wrecks and soul 
mates. Though I never fell in 
love, I've stepped in it twice. 
There is no secret why this 
world holds so much life, where 
grace falls like rain." -Harrod 
and Funk, Ed Cash 

Jjrent Unomas 

iometown: Lapeer, MI 
vlajor: Business/ Accounting 

JKuriam uopnia jonet 

Hometown: San Diego, CA 

vlajor: History 

vlinor: Psychology 

'Thou hast made us for thyself 

ind our heart has no rest till it 

:omes to thee." -Augustine, 

fhe Confessions 

'Garder en soi le plus beau 

Dasse mais ne pa vivre de 


jennu jiadJite 
Hometown: Colorado Springs, 

Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: English 
"Be joyful always; pray con- 
tinually; give thanks in all 
circumstances, for this is God's 
will for you in Christ Jesus." 
-I Thessalonians 5:16-18 

In an nan CRuth 

Hometown: Melbourne, FL 
Major: Environmental Biology 
"Among those whom I like or 
admire, I can find no common 
denominator but among those 
whom I love, I can: all of them 
make me laugh." -W. H. Auden 

Miatthew JiicJiasola 
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA 
Major: Vocal Performance 
Minor: Mathematics 
"Then shall we know, if we 
follow on to know the Lord: 
His going forth is prepared as 
the morning; and He shall come 
to us as the rain, as the latter 
and former rain unto the earth." 


Seniors l^o 

TCaft Jdmbrell 
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC 
Major: English 
Minor: Youth Ministry 
"And if I weep, let it be as a 
man who is longing for his 
home." -Rich Mullins 



loie Ji inset/ 
Hometown: Woodstock, GA 
Major: Elementary Education 
"He alone is my rock and my sal- 
vation; he is my fortress, I will not 
be shaken." -Psalm 62:6 

jerafi See finder 

Jl iro u 
Hometown:Philadelphia, PA/ 
Major: Sociology 
"I needed this outing like I 
needed a hole in the head." 
-Saul Bellow 

tfodi Lounn Jlriea 
Hometown: Pine Island, FL 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Interpersonal 

"Watch over your heart with all' 
diligence, for from it flow the 
springs of life." -Proverbs 4:23' 

joe l 3l nut son 
Hometown: Augusta, GA 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Economic Developmen 
"Em really glad we walk on oui 
feet because the ground is realb i 
hard." -Ty Willison considering 
the reality of metaphysics 

Christine loamo 
Hometown: Rochester, MI 
Major: English 
Minor: Secondary Education 
"The grace of our Lord Jesus 
Christ be with you all. Amen." 
-Revelation 22:21 


Jimotnu o. /oarson 
Hometown: Seattle, WA 
Major: Biology/Pre-Med 
Minor: Chemistry, History, 
D hilosophy 

Then they will know that I, the 
^ord their God, am with them 
ind that they, the house of 
[srael, are my people, declares 
he Sovereign Lord." -Ezekiel 


OlSiaaif jBi'i 

Hometown: Millsboro, DE 
Major: Business 

'Be still my soul, the Lord is on 
your side; bear patiently the 
cross of grief or shame, leave to 
your God to order and provide; 
in every change, He faithful will 
remain. Your best, your 
heav' nly Friend through thorny 
ways leads to a joyful end." 

Katharina von Schlegel 


J y 

Hometown: Augusta, GA 
Major: IDS- Bible, Business, 
Youth Ministry 

'"Then he isn't safe?' said Lucy. 
'Safe?' said Mr. Beaver. 
'Don't you hear what Mrs. 
Beaver tells you? Who said 
anything about safe?' 
'Course he isn't safe. But he's 
good. He's the King, I tell 
-C. S.Lewis 

Jterru Id u man 
Hometown: New Smyrna 
Beach, FL 

Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Art 

"God, of your goodness, give 
me Yourself; for You are 
sufficient for me. I cannot 
properly ask anything less, to 
be worthy of You. Iflwereto 
ask less, I should always be in 
want. In You alone do I have 
all." -Julian of Norwich 

JKartu JlLarauis 
Hometown: Yakima, WA 
Major: History, English 
"My lips were quivering slightly, 
like two fools." 

Omi'/y ^Annette Mi art in 

Hometown: Hixson, TN 

Major: Early Childhood 


"He is before all things, and in 

Him all things hold together." - 

Colossians 1:17 



Seniors "5 

JCeuin 0%. McGarltj 
Hometown: Lubbock, TX 
Major: Psychology 
"Do not let your heart envy 
sinners, but always be zealous 
for the fear of the Lord. There 
is surely a future hope for you, 
and your hope will not be cut 
off." -Proverbs 23: 17- 18 

Jennifer JKcGlain 
Hometown: Annapolis, MD 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology 
"The great end in life is not 
knowledge, but action." 

Jennifer JITcJCenzie 
Hometown: Crystal River, FL 
Major: IDS- Psychology, Bible, 
Youth Ministry 

"For I know the plans I have for 
you," declares the Lord, "plans 
to prosper you and not to harm 
you, plans to give you hope and 
a future." -Jeremiah 29: 1 1 

9Z. Sfiawn %CcXni 9 £i 
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Major: Computer Science, 

"And there's bound to be 
rough waters and I know I'll 
take some falls, but with the 
good Lord as my captain, I can 
make it through them all." 
-Garth Brooks 

Xeoin J. JKcQuifler, 
Hometown: Augusta, GA 
Major: Biblical Studies 
Minor: Youth Ministry 
"Like sands through the hour 
glass, so are the Days of Our 

JKatt jliona/ian 
Hometown: Naples, FL 
Major: History, Philosophy 
". . .and, all of a sudden, I had 
no pants on !" -Ty Willison 

yindrea) JRon/aomero 
Hometown: Lookout Mountai 
Major: ICS 

Minor: English and Philosophy 
"Here I am in the middle waj 
having had twenty years- twenti 
years largely wasted. ..tryin 
learn new words, and every at 
tempt is a wholly new start, an 
a different kind of failure." 
-T.S. Eliot 

jonainan ^/incfrew 

Hometown: Virginia Beach, V/i 
Major: History 
Minor: Philosophy 
"Be thou my wisdom, and thou 
my true word; I ever with thee 
and thou with me, Lord." 

frff ffluffins 
Hometown: Perry, GA 
Major: Biology/Pre-Med 
Minor: Psychology, Chemistry 
'(i who have died am alive again 
today, and this is the sun's birth- 
day; this is the birthday of life and 
of love and wings; and of the gay 
great happenings inimitably 
earth)" -e. e. cummings 

JKic/ieffe JKurray 
Hometown: Huntsville, AL 
Major: Middle Grades 

"You complete me." -Jerry 

J?ut£ OCicAofs 

Hometown: Lakeland, FL 
| Major: Elementary Education 
"We read to know we are not 
alone." -C.S.Lewis 

Osqar jonn 

Onanian III 
Hometown: Hatfield, PA 
Major: Natural Science/ 
"Delight yourself in the Lord and 
He will give you the desires of 
your heart." 
-Psalm 37:4 

Cj(izaSet£ : /3eary 
Hometown: Reading, PA 
Major: Biology/Pre-Med 
Minor: Chemistry 
"Do not be anxious about 
anything, but in everything, by 
prayer and petition, with 
thanksgiving, present your 
requests to God." 

Qauio o. J arisn 
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL 
Major: Business 
"A good friendship is one of the 
most enjoyable things in life." 

%o£ CPecJe 
Hometown: Arnold, MD 
Major: Chemistry, Biology 
"The Lord has done great 
things for us and we are filled 
with joy." -Psalm 126:3 

Ctfncfy CPerltins 
Hometown: South Portland, ME 
Major: Pre-Engineering 
"There's a lot of good ways for 
a man to be wicked." 
-Bob Dylan 


Seniors 127 

I' /• in J J etref[a 
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Philosophy 
"Substantial things deaden a 
man without suffering; love 
awakens him with enlivening 
pains." -Kahli] Gibran 

Os/ner J otoshnicA 
Hometown:Wheaton, IL 

Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Spanish 
"Seek first His kingdom and 
His righteousness, and all these 
things shall be added unto you." 
-Matthew 6:33 


Hometown: Pleasant View, TN 
Major: English Education 
Minor: Music 

"To know that one is dreaming 
is to be no longer perfectly 
asleep." -C. S.Lewis 

uco/ J^edpatn 
Hometown: Severna Park, MD 
Major: Bible 
Minor: Missions 
"Delight yourself in the Lord, 
and He will give you the desires 
of your heart." -Psalm 37:4 

james Jvicnardson 
Hometown: Bridge water, VA 
Major: Applied Music 
"The man that hath no music in 
himself/ Nor is not moved with 
concord of sweet sounds,/ Is fi 
for treasons, stratagems and 
spoils;/ Let no such man be 
-William Shakespeare 

Dt. OlizaSetn J^oSesot 
Hometown: Manassas, VA 
Major: Elementary Education 
"Instead of fancying that our 
ordinary daily work was one 
thing and our religion quite 
another thing, we would 
transform our acts of drudgery 
into acts of worship." 
-Elisabeth Prentiss 

Jirj an u J\ ' h c.\o;> 


Hometown: Dothan, AL 
Major: Business 
Minor: Accounting 


jB. Sciineicfer 
Hometown: Beaver Falls, PA 
Major: Elementary Education 
"His love disposes him to desire 
our everlasting welfare and His 
sovereignty enables Him to 
secure it." -A. W. Tozer 

12o Seniors 

WicAe/fe SeJa 
iometown: Dover, DE 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Biblical Studies, 

ilShaddai: All-Sufficient 
'My grace is sufficient for you: 
or my strength is made perfect 
n weakness." 
•II Corinthians 12 

JlirJ? CTlfexanJer 

Hometown: Pine Hall, NC 
Major: Psychology 

You are the light of the world. 
Let your light so shine before 
men, that they may see Your 
good works and glorify your 
Father in heaven." 

Matthew 5: 14, 16 

his a Grin Sperow 
Hometown: Wherever my 
family is. 

Major: : Sociology 
Minor: Interpersonal Counsel- 

"O make me thine forever; and 
should I fainting be, Lord, let me 
never, never outlive my love to 
-Bernard of Clairvaux 

Julie (jnristina Stair 
Hometown: Ithaca, NY 
Major: Pre-Physical Therapy 
"So we fix our eyes not on 
what is seen, but on what is 
unseen. For what is seen is 
temporary, but what is unseen is 
eternal." -I Corinthians 4: 1 8 

"" **■ 


ml e lis s a jou Stanton 
Hometown: Lookout Mountain, 

Major: English 

Minor: Biblical Studies, Educa- 

jJenjamin Unomas 
Major: English 
Minor: Philosophy 
"What is that feeling when 
you're driving away from 
people and they recede on the 
plain till you see their specks 
dispersing? It's the too-huge 
world vaulting us, and it's 
good-by." -Jack Kerouac 

Gearic J nomas 
Hometown: Orlando, FL 
Major: Physical Therapy 
"Life is but a chess game; make 
the right moves." 



Hometown: Kingsport, TN 
Major: Business 
Minor: Biology 
"We are ladies. We can have 
good time, but we cannot be 




Hometown: Henderson ville, NC 
Major: Economies 
Minor: Accounting, Math 
*'In the woods around her, the 
invisible cricket choruses had 
struck up, but what she heard 
were the voices of the souls 
climbing upward into the starry 
field and shouting hallelujah." 
-Flannery O'Connor 

Set A JKc'Ji (lister 

Hometown: La Vale, MD 
Major: Business 
"Everything is permissible for 
me- but not everything is 
beneficial. Everything is 
permissible for me- but I will 
not be mastered by anything." 
-I Corinthians 6: 12 

Ami/ Jot 



Hometown: Gainesville, FL 
Major: Sociology 
"Our problem is not so much 
that God does not give us what 
we hope for as it is that we 
don't know the right thing for 
which to hope." -Max Lucado 

jo/m (ja/u/n Jrauer 
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Major: English, Philosophy 
"Eel ate enormous appletzara, 
key dairy chef's hat he'll learn 
oomparah!" -Tom Stoppard 

U. Jason J rim jew 
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Major: Business Administratioi 
Minor: Economic Development 
Youth Ministry 

"Pickles waved a paw at her, an 
if to say, 'Mrs. Goodkind, this 
is only a beginning.'" -The Fire 

Anthony Uuc£er 
Hometown: Lakeland, FL 
Major: Business Administratior 
"Books are dumb!" 

JZoSert Cric QJtAIaut 
Hometown: Charleston, SC 
Major: Information and 
Computer Science 
"And we know that God causes 
all things to work together fori 
good to those who love God, to 
those who are called according 
to His purpose." Romans 8:2* 

Mi e a an ClizaSetA 

Uan cfer Thart 
Hometown: Davenport, IA 
Major: English 
Minor: History 
"And we know that God causes 
all things to work together for 
good to those who love God, to 
those who are called according 
to His purpose." Romans 8:28 

Gruslal ^nnderson 

Van \Uu^en 
Hometown: Bozeman, MT 
Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Art 

Be devoted to one another 
above yourselves. Never be 
lacking in zeal, but keep your 
spiritual fervor, serving the 
Lord." -Romans 12:10, 11 

ZaJte Waffs 
Hometown: Warner Robins, 

Major: History 
Minor: Education 
"Yours, O Lord, is the great- 
ness and the Power and the 
Glory and the majesty and the 
splendor, for everything in 
Heaven and Earth is yours." 
-1 Chronicles 29: 11 

J^oSert $o£n Weigers 

Major: English 

Minor: Philosophy, Biblical 


"Integrating faith and sarcasm." 



Gjiris loJriyJi/ 
Hometown: Palmetto, FL 
Major: Biblical Studies 
"He is Faithful and Just to save 
all those who call upon His 

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV 
Major: Business 
"When you do something, 
know what you are doing, do it 
right and don't look back." 

Daoitf 9. 71. OS. 

yiea£ $r. 
Hometown: Tappita, Liberia 
Major: Biology/Pre-Med 
Minor: Chemistry 
"Sever every tie that binds, 
except the ties that bind me to 
Your heart and to Your ser- 

LDaini Unerese young 
Hometown: Richmond, CA 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Youth Min., Physical Ed. 
"Think to yourself that every 
day is your last; the hour to 
which you do not look forward 
will come as a welcome sur- 
prise. As for me, when you 
want a good laugh, you will find 
me." -Horace 

Elizabeth Adams 

Michael Agate 

Sara Akin 

Esther Alfonzo 

Brandon Alger 

Mary Allen 

Sara Allen 

Ruth Allison 

Christopher Amnions 

Jolene Anderson 

Gregory Anderson 

Katie Anderson 

Scott Anderson 

Thomas Andreas 

Andres Arroyo 

Allison Atkins 

Lorissa Austin 

Lisa Ayres 

Melissa Baird 

Amanda Baker 

Carl Baker 

Jane Baldschun 

Vanessa Baloche 

Catherine Barker 

Virginia Barker 

James Barrett 

Shanna Barrett 

Michael Bedzyk 

Joanne Belk 

Esther Belz 

Jane Belz 

Jacob Bennett 

Karen Bennett 

Heidi Bentson 

Timothy Bentson 

James Bilbrey 

Joshua Bird 

Jaclyn Birman 

Curran Bishop 

Virginia Blair 

Emily Boatright 

Amanda Bobos 

Katherine Boll 
Rebecca Bomer 
Timothy Bond 
Thomas Bone 
Christopher Boone 
Kristyn Borger 
Ivey Bosshardt 

Ruth Bosshardt 

Jared Bostrom 

Bethany Boulton 

Larena Bracked 

Kathryn Bragdon 

Megan Brandon 

Kristine Brangwin 


132 Underclassmen 

»m M • ©"1 ) M 

Lisa Branson 
Robert Brant 
Kristin Brauer 
Nathan Brauer 
Nathan Brinkerhoff 
Anna Brown 
Kathleen Brown 

Richard Brown 
Molly Bruegger 
Matthew Bryant 
Janelle Bulicz 
John Burke 
Timothy Burke 
Laura Bursi 

William Byerly 
Sara Campbell 
Carlos Canales 
Brian Carlisle 
Christina Carlson 
Micah Carver 
Kerry Caviness 

Maryanne Challies 
Joanna Chinchen 
Kristin Chisolm 
Pavel Chiva 
Jacob Claassen 
Aarin Clark 
Kristy Clark 

Kelly Clarkson 
Amy Clawson 
Timothy Cleary 
Matthew Cobb 
Joseph Cogliandro 
Daniel Cohee 
Jennifer Collins 

Gerald Collins 
Brooke Cone 
Stephen Cook 
Justin Corder 
Suzanne Corwin 
Elizabeth Counts 
Paul Counts 

Kevin Courter 
Jonathan Crabb 
Andrew Crews 
Benjamin Crist 
Rebecca Crocker 
Dana Davis 
Eric Davis 

Jennifer Davis 
Jocelyn Davis 
Danielle Dayton 
Mallory Dean 
Jennifer DeHaan 
Justin DeMarco 
Erin Demaree 

Underclassmen 133 

Dave Dennison 

Stephen Dennison 

Rebecca DePrine 

James DeRuyter 

Amy Deterding 

(Crista Deutschmann 

Whnnev Dev 

annette DiBernardo 

Kelly Dick 

Alexander Digman 

Andrew Dixon 

Michael Dixon 

Jessica Donaldson 

J ay mi Dc 

Nathan Dreger 

Amanda Duffle 

Melissa Dyches 

Nathan Early 

Rebecca Edwards 

Joseph I;;. in 

Richard Eiscnbraun 

Charles Elliot 

Kimberly Elliot 

Maria Ellis 

Nicole Ellis 

Tabitha Ellis 

Thomas Ellis 

Timothy Ellis 

Naomi Emerson 
Ethan Emrieh 
Rebekah Enter 
Jennifer Erbel 
Sherry Eubank 
Erin Farquhar 
Krister) Farr 

Catherine Feamster 

Evan Fellers 

Alisha Ferman 

Lindsay Fidati 

Alison Fikkert 

Karen Fink 

Teresa Fink 

Jonathan Fitts 

Christopher Folkerts 

Nathan Fowler 

Jessica Frailey 

Scharlie Frame 

Lisa Franceschini 

Bethany Franks 

Michael Franks 

Kristin Fray 

Autumn Fredericks 

Alice Gambino 

Yon Gautseh 

Danielle Gay 

Daniel Gcrhardt 

134 Underclassmen 

Annaliese Gilman 
Samuel Glaser 
Jonathan Gleason 
Rachel Gleason 
Geoffery Glenister 
Elisha Godfrey 
Monique Good 

Geoff Goodman 
Michael Gosey 
Karen Grady 
David Graham 
Katherine Grant 
Kara Gray 
Shannon Green 

Katie Greenwald 
Robynne Greyling 
Angelica Gritter 
Carlle-Lize Hacquebord 
Jesse Haga 
Hannah Hager 
Andrea Hall 

Hoyt Halvorson 
Mary Alice Hamby 
Jonathan Hamilton 
Laura Hansen 
Susan Hansen 
Alina Hansinger 
Andrew Hansinger 

Allison Harbert 
Seth Hargrove 
Benjamin Harper 
Cameron Hastie 
Joanna Hastings 
Jonathan Hastings 
Jina Hawk 

Carrie Hayes 
Meggin Hayes 
Amelia Heath 
Matthew Hedinger 
Leah Heisig 
Daniel Henry 
Karen Herder 

Nicholas Herndon 
Daniel Herron 
Peter Herron 
Erin Hess 
Richard Hess 
Jonathan Hesselink 
Joanna Hessenbruch 

Mary Higgins 
Sean Hildebrandt 
Paul Hinkson 
Joshua Hinman 
Katherine Hirsh 
Alexandra Hobbs 
Andrew Hobbs 

Underclassmen 135 

Christine Hollida) 

William Hollowell 

Rebecca Holmes 

Amy Homer 

Heather Honaker 

Ramona Hook 

Seth Hopper 

Sarah Hopson 

Cale Home 

Nicole lie Hem 

Heather House 

Neal Howard 

Valerie Howard 

Adam Hoxter 

Kelli Hubbs 
Abigail Hudson 
Daniel Hudson 
Jessica Hudson 

Sarah Ireland 
Jennifer Irwin 

Angela Isbell 

Krista Iverts 

Maija Iverts 

Frances James 

Rebecca James 

Mozhdeh Jamison 

Shawdi Jamison 

Joy Jansen 

Jennica Jardine 
Cherith Johnson 
Dawn Johnson 
Melinda Johnson 
Peter Johnson 
Travis Johnson 
Christina Jones 

Christy Jones 

Emily Jordan 

Allen Kamp 

David Kaufmann 

Kristin Kelley 

Jessica Kellogg 

Sarah Kennedy 

Paul Kent 

Susan Kent 

James Kessler 

Jeremiah Khokhar 

Edward Kijewski 

James Kim 

Stephen King 

Andrew Kinzler 

Meghan Kirby 

Shannon Kiser 

Mary Katherine Klinger 

James Knox 

Sarah Knox 

Matthew Kodatt 



136 Underclassmen 


James Kraakevik 
Mark Krieg 
Jessica Lamb 
Emily Lanious 
Amy Lanoie 
Jessica LaRose 
Jeffrey Larson 

Jonathan Larson 
Timothy Larson 
James Lea 
Katherine Lee 
Jennifer Lefler 
Caleb Leonard 
Rachel Lester 

Janna Levi 
William Lewin 
Anne Lichlyter 
Jonathan Lillie 
Davison Long 
Stefanie Long 
Taylor Long 

Bethany LoPiccolo 
Jennifer LoPiccolo 
Julia Loud 
Elizabeth Lowe 
Sarah Lown 
Pamela Lucas 
Tamara Luchenbill 

Abigail Lundelius 
Molly Maddox 
Jonathan Maffet 
Justin Malone 
Kathryn Malone 
Anandit Mangalwadi 
Grier Mangum 

Scotty Manor 
Matthew Mantooth 
Jennifer Manzo 
Shlomit Maoz 
Nathan Maphet 
Matthew Marchman 

Timothy Marshall 
Lang Martin 
Sarah Martin 
Katie McClellan 
Sean McDowell 
Austina McFarland 
Megan Mcllhenny 

Catherine McKittrick 
Grace McLellan 
Holly McMurtry 
Kevin McQuillen 
Kelly McSherry 
Elizabeth Mehne 
Leisl Meier 

Underclassmen 137 

Sarah Meiners 

William Meiners 

Annamarie Meyer 

Therese Middendorf 

Mary Miller 

Chanty Millette 

Kimberly Mills 

Erin Mollenkof 
Caleb Monroe 

In .lni, i Moon 

Elisa Moon 

Julie Moore 

Starr Moore 

Katy Morgan 

Benjamin Morrison 

Hannah Morse 

Dora Mugerwa 

Nola Muir 

Laranda Mullinax 

Jonathan Murton 

Kristen Musselman 

Miriam Mvvaria 

Paige Nelson 

Holly Neugard 

Darcee Nevin 

Scott Noll 

Rebecca Norman 

Matthew Novenson 

Stacy Odell 

Stacey Ogburn 

Blessing Oguntebi 

Mary Ohanian 

Natalie Opp 

Laura Osborne 

Nathanael Oster 

John Ottinger 

Katherine Painter 

Joy Lynne Parker 

Skye Parrish 

Jacob Patton 

Sarah Paulk 

Deborah Peele 

David Pendcrgrass 
Paige Perret 
Esther Peters 
Jason Peters 
Matthew Peters 
Terrie Petrella 
Caitlin Pettit 


138 Underclassmen 

Mary Posey 
Matthew Potoshnick 
Nicholas Powell 
Rachel Powell 
Christopher Powers 
Katie Poynor 
Suzanne Prager 

Jennifer Prentice 
Olivia Pugh 
Christopher Quillen 
Thomas Ragsdale 
Destiny Rahrer 
Corrie Rantal 
Heather Rantal 

Aaron Rapier 
Bryonie Rayburn 
Moriah Rayburn 
Jonathan Razzano 
Joel Redd 
Joanna Rees 
Deborah Reitsma 

Eric Renkema 
Jessica Reph 
Benjamin Richards 
Karen Richter 
Derek Rigby 
Robert Righter 
Linda Riley 

Melissa Rine 
Josef Roberts 
Benjamin Robertson 
David Robertson 
Michael Robertson 
Lael Rodriguez 
Laura Rodriguez 

Mary Grace Rogers 
Andrew Ross 
Jordan Ross 
Stephen Rowe 
Timothy Rowe 
Emily Sanders 
Elizabeth Sands 

Angela Satterfield 
Jodi Saunders 
Amy Schalansky 
Katheryn Schenk 
Laura Schenkel 
Andrew Schmidt 
Jamin Scribner 

Joel Sell 

Matthias Shapiro 
Kent Shore 
Matthew Siedhoff 
Edward Silva 
Sarah Sligh 
Michael Sloan 

Underclassmen 139 

Ashley Smith 

Christal Smith 

Nicholas Smith 

Timothy Soldo 

'houthavanh Soundara 

Samuel Spiritosanto 

Stephanie Sproul 

losluia Sroka 
Elizabeth Stacey 
Bradley Stair 
Sarah Staley 
Kara Stanley 
Joseph Staven 
Daniel Steere 

Krista Steere 

Ryan Steinbrechei 

Barbara Steketee 

Carrie Stewart 

Elizabeth Stewart 

[Catherine Stewart 

Kathleen Stortz 

Mary Swann 

Erik Swanson 

Julia Swanson 

Jesica Swartz 

Melannie Sweatt 

John Sweet 

Dawn Swinney 

Yukiko Takata 
Jessica Talarico 
Hosanna Tamminga 
Jarrod Taylor 
Kristin Taylor 
Melissa Ta\ lor 
Trevor Taylor 

Jessica Terry 

Kristcn Tholl 

Michelle Thomas 

Bradley Thompson 

Chanty Throener 

Jonathan Thrower 

Rachel Tilley 

Sarah Tilley 

Krista Tiscione 

Marcus Todd 

Holly Tolson 

Laurel Tolson 

Kathryn Tomlinson 

Michelle Toner 

Jeremy Toole 

Eric Towers 

Alana Trimmier 

Edmund Trygar 

Janine Tuininga 

Joshua Turner 

Joseph Tyler 

140 Underclassmen 

Julia Ulrich 
Laurel Usher 
Sarai Ussery-Perez 
Elisabeth Valkenburg 
Lycia van der Westhuizen 
Brandon Van Eck 
Ethan Van Eck 

Molly Van Zee 
Pablo Varela 
Winship Varner 
Michael Vendsel 
Mandi Viverette 
Heidi Voltz 
David Vreken 

Jenny Walker 
Wendi Wallace 
Brian Walton 
Justin Walton 
Isaac Wardell 
Jonathan Weaver 
Julie Weaver 

Matthew Webb 
June Webb 
Lisa Weir 
John Weiss 
Jason Wells 
Jana Werson 
Damaris Wessel 

Stephen Wheeles 
Grace White 
Mary Frances White 
Teresa White 
Christy Whiteaker 
Gregory Wilhelm 
Evan Williams 

Ty Willison 
Christy Wilsey 
Anna Wilson 
Jessica Wilson 
Fernando Windemuller 
Kirk Winters 
Robert Wise 

Grant Withington 
Amanda Witvoet 
Jason Wood 
Julie Wood 
Ian Work 
Matthew Wright 
Ryan Wright 

Underclassmen 141 

Dick Allen/ Quest Professor 

Robert Ashlock/ Education Professor 

Don Bailey/ Grounds Supervisor 

Suzy Bakke/ Office of Records/ Assistant (Master of Education) 

Carolyn Ballard/ Human Resources Administrative Assistant 

Betty Barham/ Accounting Administrative Assistant 

Jeff Barr/ Instructional Technology Director 

Cal Beisner/ Interdisciplinary Associate Professor 

Frank Brock/ President 

Ken Brooks/ P. E. Assistant Professor & Men's Basketball Coach 

Bruce Brown/ Technology Services & Programming Technician 

Cathy Brumgard/ Office Services Assistant 

Bob Bryan/ Information & Computer Science Associate Professor 

Ray Clark/ Biblical Studies Associate Professor 

Joseph Clumpner/ Math & Applied Science Professor 

Carol Collier/ B.E.S.T. Assistant Supervisor 

Carol Corn/ Accounting Clerk 

Angela Counts/ Admissions Assistant Office Manager 

Marjorie Crocker/ Technology Services & Programming Director 

Phyllis Crooks/ Accounting Controller 

Brian Crossman/ P. E. Associate Professor & Athletic Director & 

Men's Soccer Coach 

Bill Davis/ Philosophy Associate Professor 

Bill Dennison/ Interdisciplinary Associate Professor 

Chris Dodson/ Accounting Associate Professor 

Rebecca Dodson/ A.V. Services Director & Master of Education 

Assistant Director 

Charles Donaldson/ Chemistry Professor 

D. C. Dreger/ Development Director 

Troy Duble/ Admissions Director of Constituent Relations 

Corey Dupree/ Physical Plant Clerk 

Chris Dyches/ Technology Services & Programming Technician 

Jonathan Entrekin/ Resident Director-Carter Hall 

Suzy Entrekin/ Admissions Information Coordinator 

Tim Evearitt/ Education Professor 

Brent Faulk/ Admissions Regional Director 

Brian Fikkert/ Economics Assistant Professor 

Denis Fogo/ Publications Coordinator of College Relations 

Cliff Foreman/ English Associate Professor 

David Friberg/ Music Associate Professor 

Virginia Garrison/ Quest Associate Director & Academic Advisor 

Arthur Gauthier/ B.E.S.T. Maintenance Assistant 

Gene Golden/ Physical Plant Administrative Assistant 

James Goldsmith/ M & O Painter 

Leda Goodman/ Admissions Regional Director 

Don Graham/ Education Professor & Chaplain 

Wilma Graham/ Office of Records Office Manager 

Artie Green/ B.E.S.T. Supervisor 

Susan Green/ Student Development Administrative Assistant 

Herman Griggs/ M & O Preventive Maintenance Specialist 




Sharyl Griggs/ Career Development Assistant Director 

Kathleen Haasel Resident Director-Maclellan Hall 

Daphne Haddad/ Education Associate Professor 

Jeff Hall/ Academic Affairs Dean of Faculty & Master of 

Education Director 

John Hamm/ Music Professor 

Bob Harbert/ Business Office Vice President of Administration & 


Mike Hardie/ Director of Experiential Studies & Yearbook 


Grace Haymes/ Chapel Secretary 

Carolyn Hays/ Student Financial Planning Coordinator 

Russell Heddendorf/ Sociology Professor 

Paul Hesselink/ English Professor & Director of Maclellan 

Scholars Program 

Bill Higgins/ M & O Electrician 

Renee Higgins/ Student Financial Planning Assistant-Receptionist 

Eddy Hilger/ Admissions Assistant Regional Director 

Henry Hilliard/ M & O Supervisor 

David Hoover/ Quest Associate Professor 

Philip Horton/ Education Professor 

Kent Huff/ Lead Equipment Groundskeeper 

Alvin Huffine/ B.E.S.T. Custodian 

Margret Huffine/ Quest Group Projects Coordinator 

Gary Huisman/ Librarian 

Dot Hunter/ Purchasing Director 

Rachel Jimenez/Student Development/Practical Service Assistant 

Stephen Kaufmannl Education Professor 

Ed Kellogg/ Art Professor 

Jerry King/ Career Development Director 

Henry Krabbendam/ Biblical Studies Professor 

Dale Lee/ Physical Plant Director 

Phil Little/ M & O Electrical Assistant 

Robert Littlejohn/ Academic Affairs Vice President 

Elysa Lochstampfor/ Admissions Office Receptionist 

Jack Lothers/ Biology Professor 

Paula Lynch/ Admissions Office Manager 

Craig Lyon/ Auxiliary Services College Hostess 

Dan MacDougall/ Biblical Studies Associate Professor 

Tricia Magnuson/ President's Office Secretary 

Betsy Matthews/ Resident Director-Student Apartments & 

Intramural Director 

Reg McLelland/ Philosophy Professor 

John McMillianl Quest Director 

Lany Mehne/ Chemistry Associate Professor 

Barbara Michal/ Health Services Director 

Dennis Miller/ Academic Affairs Dean of Academic Administration 

Rodney Miller/ Office of Records Dean 

Lucas Mininger/ Admissions Director of Constituent Relations 

Ramona Moore/ Student Work Programs Coordinator 

Regina Moore/ Telephone System Coordinator 

Tim Morris/ Biology Associate Professor 

Paul Morton/ History Associate Professor 

Underclassmen 143 

Rebecca Morton/ Student Financial Planning Director 

Jack Mullerl Sociology Professor 

Lee Ozierl Records Associate Registrar 

Christine Page/ Human Resources Director 

Mike Parker/ Admissions Assistant Regional Director 

Donald Petcherl Physics Associate Professor 

Ethan Pettitl Assistant Librarian 

Charlie Phillips/ Development & Admissions Vice President 

Ed Pickell Quest Program Recruiter & Academic Advisor 

Carol Pierce/ Quest Administrative Assistant 

Cathy Pinner/ B.E.S.T. Assistant Supervisor 

Harry Pinner/ Institutional Research and Planning Vice President 

Herb Politano/ Auxiliary Services Director 

Kimberly Redpath/ Library Technical Assistant 

Beverly Ridge/ Office of Records Assistant 

Jeremy RoerdinkJ Conference and Special Events Assistant 

Marshall R'owe/ Development Director of Alumni Affairs 

Mike Rulon/ Psychology Associate Professor 

Keith Russell/ Technology Services Cable & Wire Plant 


Michelle Saville/ Academic Affairs Administrative Secretary 

Wilhelmus Schaffers/ Math and Applied Science Professor 

Barb Schreur/ Associate Dean of Students 

Beverly Scott/ Office Services Assistant 

Doug Sikkema/ M & O Assistant Carpenter 

Doug Sizemore/ Information and Computer Science Professor 

Tami Smialek/ Assistant Athletic Director & Sports Information 

Director & Women's B.B. Coach 

Drake Smisson/ Modern Language Assistant Professor 

Randy Smith/ Information and Computer Science Associate Professor 

Eric Spiecker/ Student Development Resident Director- Founders Hall 

Joan Stanton/ Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant 

Timothy Steele/ Music Associate Professor 

Joe Stephens/ Admissions Director 

Jane Stewart/ Education Secretary 

Ken Stewart/ Bible Associate Professor 

Margaret Stewart/ Quest Financial Planning Assistant 

Cathy Surgick/ Student Financial Planning Assistant 

David Taylor/ Athletic Field Groundskeeper & Cross Country Coach 

Oliver Trimiewl Interdisciplinary Studies Associate Professor & 

Director of African American Studies 

Robert Veal/ HVAC Technician 

Matthew Vosl Quest Recruiter 

Louis Voskuil/ History Professor 

Linda Walton! Institutional Research and Planning Assistant 

Jerry We/i^tr/Biology Associate Professor 

Glen Wieldraayerl M & O Carpenter 

Jim Wildeman/ EnglishAssociate Professor & Director of Writing Center 

Cindy Williamson/ Office of Records Administrative Assistant 

Phil Wright/ Psychology Professor 

President Frank Brock 

Congratulations to the class of 1999. 

Can you believe that you are the last class of this entire millennium? 

If there is one word which would characterize this century, it would be a century 
of change. In terms of population growth and technological development, per- 
haps more change has occurred in the last one hundred years than occurred in 
the previous four thousand. Covenant College has not been immune to this 
change. You have witnessed the construction of three new buildings- Mills, 
Probasco, and Maclellan. You have experienced the advent of individual email 
accounts, the campus bulletin board and computer-aided instruction. You also 
were an important part of attaining an important milestone in Covenant's his- 
tory- our first enrollment of over 1000 students. 

While material and technological changes affect all of our lives, basic human 
nature never changes. We need to be like the woman at the well, who would 
gladly give up an essential ingredient of life- drinking water- so she could be 
assured of eternal life. There is no greater gift, for the physical body will cer- 
tainly perish, and I hope that if you have learned nothing else at Covenant Col- 
lege, you have learned to trust in Jesus, the Author and Giver of life, in Whom 
we find all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. You have received an 
excellent education because you have learned what it means to think, to com- 
municate, to analyze, and to act responsibly. However, human wisdom is not 
enough and will not satisfy you. You are totally dependent upon the power of 
the Holy Spirit; He can satisfy your deepest needs and enable you to do far 
more that you ask or think. Never forget Covenant's motto: ' 'In all things . . . Christ 

Please pray for Covenant College, that we will stay true to our purpose. We 
will pray that you will stay true to Jesus. Please come back often. You will 
always be a part of the Covenant community. 

In Christ, 

Frank A. Brock 

Faculty and Students > 

Claudette Andrews/ Receptionist 

Not Pictured 




Eileen Auel/Office Services Manager 



Lee Ballenger/ Counseling Services Counselor 

*** F'W JS 

Nick Barker/English Professor 



Tim Black/M & Painter Assistant 

Tracy Blea/ Conference & Special Events Manager 


flSL ^^Enm.! 

Carter Brown/ M & O Campus Safety & Security Coordinator 


Dean Cleavenger/Bus'mess Assistant Professor 

Jean Cor«ey/English Adjunct 

Randy Crabtree/M & Assistant to Preventive Maintenance 





■*-'.». fcj 

Makoto Asano 

Rachel Lammers 

Mark Duble/ Athletics Women's Soccer Coach 

Jennifer Balch 

Ryan Leestma 

Karen Emerson/ Music Secretary 

Erin Bindewald 

Margaret Long 

David Fish/ Grounds Field Tender & B.E.S.T. Floor maintainer 

Ann Brainerd 

Andrew Lucaciu 

David Franklin/P.E. & Women's Volleyball Coach 

Micah Brown 

Robert Martin 

Jay Green/History Assistant Professor 



Michael Hughettl Physical Plant Clerk 



Gary Huisman/Eibrdrian 

Daniel Chun 


Jerry Jackson/M & HVAC Technician Assistant 

Ashley Cobb 


Rod Jackson/B.E.S.T. Custodian-Maclellan 

Robert Colvin 

William Okie 

Jim Kooil Lookout Inn Resident Assistant 

Jason Craven 

Alice Page 

Roger Lambert/BMica] Studies & Missions Professor 

Reid Daniels 

Jack Peterson 

Ruth Lathers/ Health Services Staff Nurse 

Dave Dennison 

Ernest Pickel 

Larry Lynch/M & Maintenance Mechanic 

Joe Egan 

Tracey Record 

Edna Massengale/Dewdopmeni Data Entry Clerk 

Senesi Ernst 

John Render 

Steve Mcllvaine/ Counseling Services Counselor 

Amanda Easton 

Keith Russell 

Carol Moore/Development Production Coordinator 

Jessica Fisher 

Tederick Schalmo 

Shah Mo^v/Library Technical Assistant 

Laurel Foreman 

John Simpson 

Laura fW/vY/Development Administrative Assistant 

Stephen Freas 

Christopher Smith 

Stephanie Pierce/ Admissions Assistant Regional Director 

Mary Grace Jennifer Southworth 

Patricia Ralston/ English Assistant Professor & Director of 


John Spalding 

Diversity Scholarship Program 

Kevin Hake 

Adelynn Spiecker 

Brenda Rapier/ Accounting Clerk 

David Hancock 

Jonathan Steele 

Stephen Rapier/M & Maintenance Mechanic Assistant 

Ben Harper 

Vera Stevens 

Scott Raymond/ Student Development Vice President of Student 

Dolores Helmling 

Joel Swanson 


Gabriel Holland Laurel Werchowski 

Phil Roerdin k/ Lookout Inn Resident Manager 

Ben Huffine 

Lynn Williamson 

Colleen Stevens/Library Technical Assistant 

David Illman 

Mason Wolf 

Debbie Turner/ 'B.E.S.T. Assistant Supervisor 

Calvin Jackson 

Brian Young 

Beth Ward/ Quest Clerical Aide 

Roderick Jackson 

Terrance Young 

Benjamin Kennedy 




3 E ~ ~A :> ' l^^^^^P^* 

_ ' ■ 7, _ ^^H 

j3rWi..> ' 


^ H 

fc*V \ 


■K fSfiSR^i w w ^ 

Salty 147 


King Hussein of Jordan 1935-1999: 

King Hussein of Jordan talks with 
President Bill Clinton in the East 
Room of the White House in October 
23, 1 998, where the West Bank 
accord was to be signed. King 
Hussein of Jordan, who became a key 
force for stabibliry in the turbulent 
Middle East in more than four 
decades as ruler of his stragically 
placed nation, died Sunday 
February 7, 1999. 
Hurricane Mitch rips through 
Central America: A family, isolated 
by flood waters, watch as a river 
continues to rise outside of El 
Progreso, Honduras on Thursday, 
October 29, 1998. Hurricane Mitch, 
among the century's most powerful 
hurricanes, pounded this Central 
American nation, bringing 
downpours that flooded at least 50 
rivers, killed many, and stranded 

14o Current Events 

The Girl Who Ruined a Presidency: Monica Lewinsky arrives 
at the U.S. Federal court on August 6, 1998. Former White 
House intern Lewinsky had been ordered by the Senate to 
provide a testimony in President Clinton 's impeachment trial. 

Bombing Bahgdad: An Iraqi child 
stands amid the rubble which was 
left after a missile hit a residential 
area, in southern Baghdad early 
December 17, 1998. The United 
States fired hundreds of missiles on 
Iraq. The US military strike came a 
day ofter chief U. N. weapons 
inspector Richard Butler said Iraq 
had reneged on its promise of full 

1I€ Sfce&tami Herald 
_^ mos.\ xm cui _ •SSL... ESii- 

Impeached!: Front page headlines 
from Miami area English and 
Spanish newspapers are shown on 
December 20, 1998, featuring the 
news of President Clinton's 
impeaching and upcoming Senate 

Clinton vows *>.£; > ."iS^* 

J fight to fm«h £j % ££&? 


ONIRAQ:SFfGALS[CTOPAaS2«5A ! '^^k\H\* **? 







JSh Resident says he won tqurt 

1998-1999 149 


A Terrible Tragedy: Honoring the 

victims of Swissair Flight III. 
Canadian and American flags fly at 
half-staff' in the town of Peggy's Cove, 
Nova Scotia on September 4, 1 998. 
The Swissair MD- 11 crashed into the 
Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nova 
Scotia on September 2, 1998. 
Among the victims was the mother of 
Covenant students Cameron and 
Elizabeth Hastie. 

Making History Once Again: 
Senator John Glenn, D-Ohio, waves 

as he leaves the Operations and 
Checkout Building on October 29, 
1998 at Kennedy Space Center. 
Glenn, Commander Curt Brown, and 
five other crew members were on their 
way to Launch Pad 39-B and a 
planned liftoff on the Space Shuttle 

Embassy Bombing: A Kenyan soldiers prepares to raise the 
United States Flag outside the Ufundi House in Central Nairobi 
on August 12, 1998, where a short ceremony was held to 
commemorate the victimes of the embassy bombing that 
devastated the area. More than 250 people were killed and 
more than 5, 500 were wounded in the twin bombings in Kenya 
and Tanzania. 

I- 5 " Current Events 

Second Times the Best: Denver 
Broncos quarterback John Elway 
looks up after crossing the goal line 
in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 
XXXIII in Miami on January 31, 
1999. The Broncos defeated the 
Atlanta Falcons 34-19. 
Run Heaven: St. Louis Cardinal's 
home run slugger Mark McGwire 
hits his 62nd home run of the season, 
setting a new major league record 
in St. Louis on September 8, 1998. 


1998-1999 151 



"Sometimes my life just don't 
make sense at all 
When the mountains look so big 
and my faith just seems so small 
So hold me Jesus ... Won't you 
be my Prince of Peace?" 
-- Rich Mullins 

Aerobics Club 

Dianna Pohl, Esther Potoshnick,Kim Collinsjocelyn Davis, Li 
Marr, Dee Helmling, Dora Mugerwa, Jessica Hudson 

Backpacking Club 

Josh Hinman, Lydia Thompson. Esther Belz 


Bethlehem Soccer 

Marty Marquis, Jennifer LoPiccolo, Kim Elliot, Kim Collins, John Heidi Bentson, Tim Bentson, Sarah Sligh, James Goodman, Ben Holston, 

Perkins, Paige Nelson, Kara Griffith, Eric Towers, John Sweet, Sarah Jake Taylor, Andy Schmidt, Josh Hinman, Hoyt Halvorson, Jason Jacobs, \ 

Sligh, Sarah Fluegge, Sarah Barker Matt Potoshnick 

Brass Choir 

Benevolent Dictators 

Rob Peck, Mallory Dean, Travis Johnson. Ethan Emrich, Ben Morrison, Teresa 

7 ink, David Vreken, Nate Oster, Eric Towers, Mary Klinger, June Webb. Jim Knox, 

Kevin Magnuson, Andy Crews. Matt Bryant, John Drake 

„/wnv Townsend. Andrew Schmidt, Anthony Tucker, Rachel Rode, Autiunn., 

IndrncU.HreiU Jackson.. ( arlic-Li:e, HqCcuicbord. Chanty 111 roe net; Emily . 
■- overs. Davison Loiui, Keith Case. James, Goodman. Jaana Lew. 

Children 's Ministry 

Rose Miller, Mary 
hanian, Jenny Erbel. Kristin 
ray. Susan Kent. Eric Homick. 
ina Werson. Sean McDowell, 
izanne Prager, Emily Lanious. 
Schalansky. Krisiine 
rangwin. Amanda Witvoet, 
lex Digmcin, Liz O'Lean, Rob 
ighter, Ben Robertson, Amy 

Vhat a sweet little girl: Club Leader 
enny Erbel plays with a little girl, 
enny has a burden for 
mderprivileged children and wants 
o show them God's love and 
imazing grace. 

A Truckload of Fun: Children play with each other on a 
sunny Saturday afternoon during a CCM program. 

Look how tall I 

am!: Ben Robertson 
helps a small boy see 
the world from a 
different height, 
both through play 
and Bible stories. 

Campus Activities Board 

Chamber Orchestra 


Laurel Usher, Grace McLellan, Justin Walton, Steve Wykoff] Lydia 
Thompson, Therese Middendorf, Nichole Horton 

Emerson, Rachel Lester, Jennifer LoPlccoto, Josh Turner, Nate Osier, Eric Tom 

'il, Sarah Barker. Sarah Pinner. Sttphen Lenin, Kim Lilian, Shauna dc Boer, . 

Sarah Ftuexgc, Amelia He< 
Bryant, John Drake, Jes< 
Deuischmann, Rebee.a \ : <>rman. Kn.\i,n i rax, An^ila Salterftcld. ! nl. "iv.aiiM'ti. Bin Bamr Kaix Barker, Jeannette Di Ben 

Kevin Hake, Bryonie Rayburn, Jessica Lamb, Eric Davis, Esther Alfonso, Bethany Weston, Kara Griffith 



Stephen Freas, Barb Steketee, Matt Mantooth, Timmy Rowe, John 

Drake, Emily Beeman, Jacob Claasen, Sam Glaser, Nathan Post, John 


Sarai Ussery-Perez, Timothy A. Larson, Krista Tiscone, Carolyn 
Hubbard, Joanna Hastings, Luke Wynja, Susan Hansen, Julia Ulrich 


French Club 

Freshman Class Council 

Myriam Jones, Steve Lewin, Alison Fikkert, Mason Wolf, Chris Folkerts, 

Jim Lea, Damaris Wessel, Xavier Cabesas, Monique Good, Jennifer 

Prentice, Bryonie Rayburn, David Yleah 

Ben Christmann, Sara Allen, Alina Hansinger, Scottie Manor, Jessica 

Dance Team 

ott Anderson, Tim Bond, 
ean McDowell, Sam 

ettinger, Daniel Cohee, 
esse Elliott, Katie 
nderson, Kristy Farr, 
my Schalansky, Carrie 

ayes, Kiko Takata, 
arah Tilley 

retting Ready For a Performance: 

he Dance Team poses before swing 
'ancing at a home game. 

Dancing in Blue: Katie Anderson, Kiko Takata, Carrie Hayes, 
Kristy Farr, Sarah Tilley, and Amy Shalansky get ready to dance.. 

Up in the air: Sam 

Hettinger lifts 
Carrie Hayes up 
high during half 

Gospel Club 

June Webb, Pamela Lucas, Peter Herron, Dan Hudson, Wes Hollowell, Julie Loud. 

Jeanne Faucheux, Jaymi Dorris. Michelle Seda, Sarah Amies, Carrie Stewart, Molly 

Porter, Kirstin Chisholm, Abigail Lundelius, Laura Hansen. Heather Ranted. 

Christine Land), Shauna deBoer, Mary Higgins 

nda Duffle, Ann Brumerd, Ben Crist. Bethany LoPiccolo, Brandon Alger, Charity Millelte. Daniel Herron, 
ck, Deborah Reitsma, Elizabeth Adams, reriiundo Windemuller. Jennijer Detiuan, John Weiss, Jonathan Cral 
athan Davis. Joseph Staven. Karen Bennett. Maryunne Challies. Nathan Maphet. Stefanie Long, Susan Green, | 
William Oke 

International Students 

Junior Council 

David Yleah, Daniel Chun. Min Kim, Joseph Ki 
Miriam Mwaria, Carlos Canales, Anainlit Ma 

Jamison, Yukiko Takaia. I'ahl,, Varcla. Ruth Allison. Eli. 

Mugerwa, Becky DePrin, 
:o, Shawdi Jamison, Mir 

Jarrod Taylor, Jenny Davis, Nathan Burner, John Sweet, Valerie 

Howard, Rachel Powell, Erin Farquhar, Andrew Kinzler, Molly 


Kinii MlisDth Jennifer Baielt, Rhea Hentsan, Brian Carlisle. James DcRtnlcr. \Mii/ne\ Dev. Jewte,! Sarah 

Emrich, Jay Ernst, Andrew Hansinger, Susan Kent, Matt Kickasola, Anna Lavoie, Jenni Manzo, Lies! Meier, Mary 

Ohanian. Beth Painter, James Richardson, Rob Righter, Lae! Rodriguez- Man Shapiro, Nae Sotmdra, Melannie Sweatt, 

Beth Valkertburg, Jenny Walker 

Evangelism Club 

\bfr\ Hudson. Laher ,\lfon:o. Hath 
Tabitha Ellis, Timothy Ellis. Thomas 
James, Moihdeh Jamison, Shawdi Jai 

Yukiko Takata, 

Surah Arme.s. William Bvciix. Jemima Clnnrhen, lonulltan Crabh, Shannon Dagt-r. 
: Hake. Daniel Herron, Peter Herron, Carolyn Hubbard. Daniel Hudson. Rebecca 
yriam Jones, Jtm Lea, Timothy Marshall. Shi. ana Mat>:_. Kevin McCarty, 
rs. Barb Steketee, 

hris Powers, Currie Bishop, Liesl 
Meier, Alex Digman, Ruth Allison, 
essica Frailey, Erik Swanson, Joel 

wanson. Shannon Carraher, Miri 
amison, Jonathan Hamilton, Seth 
iargrove, Esther Alfonzo, Holly 
WcMurtry. Dee Helming, Daniel 
laker, Abigail Mallin, Daniel Cohee, 
dm Collins, Shawdi Jamison, Emily 

is. David Raherl\a>t. Beit llujj'tne. 

Rachel Lester. Elisa Moon, Matt Peters, 
Marcus Todd, Shlomit Maoz. Charity 
Willette, Laura Schenkel, Jennifer 
)eHaan, Mason Wolf, Min Kim, 
Deborah Peele, Tom Okie. Jason 
n, Daniel Chun. Joseph Kim, 
Eddie Trygar, Tim A. Larson, Jon Polk, 
Htll\ Bverly, Jamin Scribner 

Learning New Lessons: Jonathan 
Hamilton, Elisa Moon, Daniel 
Cohee, and Chris Quillen watch the 
children learn and play.. 

1 HB& Bl ■V" 

ft IV TB 

£^T&^IpFjOl ^ 

' fli I w 
J # 

■J ^.j-; 

: ■ -' ■ 




Hugs and Curiosity: James Kim and Rachel Lester get to 
know children through the Evangelism Club. . 

Becoming Friends: 

Shawdi Jamison sits 
with children in the 

Ping Pong 


Esther Pete 

Matthew Peters, Joe Cogliandro, Makoto Asano, Steve 
Lindemann, Jared Bostrom, Dan Wykoff 

Erin Furquhai, Jennifer l.aPiecola. Suzanne Pragcr. Sarah Poiriei. Kaolin Chnlmlm. Melanmc Swcatl. Jack Pel, 

David Parish, Steven Wykoff Daniel V\U/<//. Ann HiaineiJ. Heidi Volt:. (firvia-\ Anderson. Tnnathy Marshall, A. 

Fredericks. Blessing Ogumehi. Megan Toms. Brad Thompson, Tim Burke, Anthony Tucker, Kurt Halvmson. Ja 

Trimiew, Jeremiah Khokiun. Hainan Haul ton Suzanne Corn in. Setli Toner. Andrew Diwn. Jeff Uirton, Tiffany Ro 

Steplten Rowe 

Senior Class Council 

Sophomore Class Council 

Vaden Cox, Joel Knutson, Erin Harris, John Mullen, Lydia Thompson. 
Nancy Young, Joshua Green 

Matt Hedinger, Cale Home, Nathan Maphet, Wes Hollowell, Amy 

Clawson, Ginny Blair, Kristin Fray, Kathryn Bragdon, Julie Loud, 

Kristen Musselman 

Sigma Tau Delta 

Sarah Baker, Wendy Butters, Kimberly Elliott, Jeanne Faucheux, Valerie Howard, 
lames Jacoby, Matthew Kimbrell, Christine Lamb, Martin Marquis, Sarah Sligh, 
Melissa Stanton, John Traver, Grace White 

Valerie Howard, Paige Nelson, Ginny Blair 

GLAD Tutoring 

sther Potoshnick, Laura 
arisen, Melissa Baird, 
iclyn Birman, Jen 
cClain, Mary Higgins, 
chelle Toner, Allison 
tkins, Stephanie Sprout, 
inda Riley, Josh Green, 
rista Tiscone, Sarah 
eland, Mandi Baker, 
arlle-Lize Hacquebord, 
oily Neugard, Becky 

iood Students, Good Friends: 

ielissa Baird and Jaclyn Birman 
oin a few students at the Christmas 
>izza party. 

Celebrating the End of the Semester: Allison Atkin and 
Krista Tiscone hang out with some young friends. 

Rewards for 

Working Hard: 

Laura Hansen gives 
a hug to some 
students who have 
finished a great 
semester in the 
GLAD Tutoring 

Student Venture 

Rob Peck, Autumn Fredericks, Jonathan Crabb, Vaden Cox, Ben 

Christmann, Laurel Usher, Rachel Powell, Tiffany Robeson, Kathryn 

Bragdon, James Goodman, Scott Raymond, Paul Hesselink 

Nursing Home 

Sarah Amies, Peter Herron, Matt Mantooth, Jeremy Toole, Jason Wood, 
Dan Hudson, Shanna Barrett, Teresa Fink, Laini Young, Aaron Rapier 

Julia Ulrich, Seth 
Hargrove, Carolyn 

Hubbard, Rebecca 

Edwards, Jodi Saunders, 
Mary Klinger, Becky 
Crocker, Elizabeth Counts, 
Sarah Poirer, David 
Pendergrass, Christy Jones, 
Natalie Opp, Christina 
Jones, Krista Tiscione, 
Dave Vreken 

Enjoying Fellowship: Julia Ulrich 
and Krista Tiscone use God's Word 
and their smiles when talking with 
the older men and women. 


Wise Friends: Dave Vreken, Rebecca Edwards, Krista 
Tiscone, Seth Hargrove, and Sarah Poirier with the elderly. 

A Helping Hand: 

Dave Vreken 

ministers to a 


Janelle Bulicz. Emily Boatright, Alexandra Hobbs, Nick Smith, Mike 
Hardie, Bethany LoPiccolo, Molly Porter, Emily Jordan, Julie Weaver 


Matt Siedhoff, Sam 
Hettinger, Monique 
Good, Michelle Seda, 
Ben Crist, Brian 
Walton, Jade Alger, 
Dan Henry, Jon 
Gleason, Nicole 


And the Beat Goes On: Jade Alger 
worships with his drums on 
Wednesday nights. 

Praise the Lord Through Singing: Many students turn out 
to enjoy the music and singing. 

Moved By the 
Spirit: Sara Allen 
and Kris ten 

Sandhoff sing with 


print analog to the covenant experience 




Marty Marquis 

faculty advisor 

Dr. Clifford Foreman 

Kim Ellioi 
Kim Colli] 


John Adam Perkins 


Paige Nelson 

just plain jazzier than anything you've seen before 


we were 
just so 
pleased to 
have so much 
good feed- 
back from 
that wonder- 
ful Covenant 
student body! 
I mean I can 't 

tell you what a rewarding and enjoyable experience the whole thing was. Why, 
we even saw a velveteen boa constrictor, honest! And the sights and the sounds, 
well.. .we've sweated and cried. It's hard work making up a print analog! 


Eric Towers 
Sarah Sligh 

John Sweet 

copy editing 

Sarah Fluegge 

P Sarah Barker 

Frances James 


Eric Towers 
Jonathan Davis 
Gordy Martin 

business operations 

Jenny LoPicxolo 

staff writers 

Jerah Kirby, David 
Kaufmann, Matthias Shapiro, 
Bob Wiegers. Sarah Hopson, 
Dora Mugerwa. Heather 
Honaker, Leah Heisig. Chris 
McCartney, Jane Belz. 
Christina Jones, Blessing 
Oguntebi, Ben Harper. Rhett 
Bentson. Sam Glaser, Matt 
Monahan. Thomas Andreas, 
Ben Thomas. Jeanne 
Faucheux, Robert Uthlaut. 
Teresa Fink, Michael 
Vendsel, Stephen Freas, 
Rachel Bode, Valerie Howard 

guest writers 

David Yleah, Jessica 
Frailey, Vaden Cox, Brian 
Bear, Jeremiah Khokar, 
Miriam Mwaria, John Calvin 
Traver, Anna Grace Brown, 
Jason Trimiew, David 
Robertson, Stephen Rowe, 
Myriam Jones. Charity 
Throener, Amy Schalansky, 
Sean McDowell, Dana 
Davis, Dianna Pohl, 
Winship Vainer, Jordan 
Ross, Grier Mangum. 
Autumn Fredericks, Josh 
Sroka, Cory Carpenter, John 
Weaver, Erin Petrella, Lisa 
Branson. Joel Knutson, 
Stephen Wheeles, Jeannette 
DiBemardo, Rachel Gleason, 
Jed Royal, Chris Ammons, 
Lindsay Fidati. Matthew 
Bryant, Stephanie Glass, Ben 
Christmann, John Porter, 
Rachel Powell, Matthew 
Kickasola, Kate Stewart. 
Andy Montgomery, Angelica 
Gritter, John Simpson, Tom 
Okie, Anandit Mangalwadi 

) Publication Photo 

In case you 

don't know who we are. 

Cherith Johnson 

Joe Cogliandro 

Ellie Page 

Not pictured: 
Monique Good 
Nicole Horton 


Janelle Bulicz 

Emily Boatright 

Faculty Advisor 


Section Editors 

Academics: Janelle Bulicz 

Ads: Emily Boatright and Bethany LoPiccolo 

Halls: Julie Weaver 

People: Alexandra (Hobbs) Ledgerwood 

Organizations: Molly Porter 

Spoils: Emily Boatright and Emily Jordan 

Student Life: Emily Boatright, Janelle Bulicz, and 

Emily Jordan 

Technical Editor: 

Nick Smith 

Practical Servants 

Tim Geary 

Molly Maddox 

Katherine Stewart 


Cherith Johnson, Joe Cogliandro, Ellie Page. 

Monique Good, Nicole Horton 

Special thanks to Natalie Opp, Matt Novenson, 

and Mandi Baker for the 

Division Pages picaires. 


to the 

166 i,,,,.,,, 

1 999 Tartan 

Colophon: Walsworth Publishing 
Company in Marceline, Missouri 
published the 1998-1999 Tartan, 
Volume 42. Our company represen- 
tative was Bill Stoess. The book has 
192 pages with 16 pages of color. 
Cover: Green is between F5 100 and 
F5 1 1 and blue F4700 with a silver 
strip going through the page and Tar- 
tan 1999 embossed. Fonts used: 
Opening/Closing: Nuptial Script, 
Times New Roman; Division: 
Marker Felt Thin; Student 
Life: Nuptial Script, Times New Ro- 
man; Halls: Arial, Times New Roman; 
Academics: Garamond, Times New 
Roman; Sports: Impact, Times New 
Roman; Peoples: Nuptial Script, 
Times New Roman; Organizations: 
Times New Roman; Ads and Index: Times New Roman. All spreads were prepared with Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 
on a Dell Pentium II. The theme "Straight To The Hilltops" was created by the editors as we believe strongly 
that the only way we can make it through challenges, falls, and struggles is to look to God, depend on Him and 
know He is going to pull us through everything. The Tartan office is in a deep, dark, moldy basement of Carter 
Hall at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750. Telephone 706-820-1560 ext. 1375. 

A Few Funny Memories that made this job bearable: Top Tens; It'll look good on our resume; Exhilarat- 
ing Brainstorming Meetings; Dark Chocolate and Women-Mason; Mike bringing food and winning our hearts 
over; Deadline One 1 pm-4:45 am; Get on the CAB; That poor couch; It looks like we are going to lose 
another friend; Sacrifice all for the Yearbook; Big River; Mike prank calling us; Living on the Edge of Inap- 
propriateness; Nipple Rings; A Meet Mike Night; Creative Invitations from some really great girls; Loralee 
and SweetJBH; Nick "dancing"; Tartan Blink Night; Big Lick and DumDums; Slamming Doors and Sunsets; 
Bagpipe Girl; Calling all of Blackwatch "early" Saturday morning and Tim in Nick's bed; Emily dancing on 
the Carpet Box; Our awesome next door neighbor Mart; "We are such geeks"-Mart as we discuss our big 
plans for the weekend; The Emilys Birthday Party; Love the Ones You Run From; "Ahhh, I've sold my soul to 
the Tartan!" 


Tartan 167 


"I cherish these times up on 

the mountain, 
But I can leave this place 

because I know 
Someday you'll take me home 

to live forever 
Up on the Mountain." 
-Steven Curtis Chapman 

We love you and 
are proud of the 
fine young woman 
you have become! 

Esther Jean Potoshnick 

As you graduate and teach, remember I Peter 
4: 1 1 "... If anyone serves, he should do it with 
the strength God provides, so that in all things 
God may be praised through Jesus Christ." 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Brian Ashley Court 

You 'vefilledour hearts 
with so much love. 
Your determination, 
dedication, and com- 
mitment to whatever 
you pursue has taught 
us much about "Giving 
it all you've got." Your 
compassionate heart 
and sensitivity for oth- 
ers has been a lesson in human kindness and 
grace. Thank you for all you've taught us and 
all the joy you've brought to our lives. 

All our love and blessing to you, 

Mom and Dad 

Jeremiah 29: 11-13; Numbers 6:24-26 

Holly Anne Brady 

Carolyn Joy Hubbard 

May the wonder you felt as a child for God's 
handiwork always stay with you, and may His 
glory be reflected in you as you go out to 
serve Him. 

We love you very much, 
Dad and Mom 

Once the baby... 
Now a young woman. 
We are grateful for 
God's work in your 
Life and proud of 
this New 
We're proud of you. 
Ill John 4 

Love, Dad and Mom, Dawn and Christy 

"I am under vows to you, O God; I will present 
my thank offerings to you. For you have delivered 
me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I 
may walk before God in the light of life." 

-Psalm 56: 12-13 

Robert Eric Uthlaut 

John Calvin Traver, 

"My son, if your heart is wise, then my heart will be glad: my inmost being 
will rejoice when your lips speak what is right... The father of a righteous 
man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him. May your father 
and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice!" 

-Proverbs 23: 15- 16, 24-25 

Your Mom and Dad are indeed glad, delighted, and rejoicing, as you gradu- 
ate from Covenant College. 

". . .continue in what you have learned and have been convinced of. . . from 

infancy you [as a covenant child] have known the Holy Scriptures all 

Scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, 
and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly 
equipped for every good work." 

-II Timothy 3: 14-17 

Much Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Robert Nathaniel Peck 

"The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who 
has a wise son delights in him. May your father and 
mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice. " 

-Proverbs 23:24-25 

Rob, you have brought us great joy and we are very 
proud of you! We love you! —Mom & Dad (Heather, 
Lauren, Josh, & Cassi G too) 

"As a Daughter... 

You're such a source of pride, 
always glad to share 
Helping out and coming through, 
showing that you care. 
As a person.. . 

You're a source of joy, 

always warm and giving, 
Looking on the bright side, 

finding fun in daily living. 
To everything you do, 

You bring a very special touch, 
And as a person... 

and a daughter... 
You're loved so very much!" 

Karen Michelle Murray 

We pray for God's grace to continue to guide you 
and keep you. 

We are so proud of you - you've worked so hard 
and will be such a wonderful teacher. 

Mom, Dad, James, Sammi & Buddy 

Valerie Monique Hultink 

Trust in the Lord with all 
your heart and lean not on 
your own understanding; 
in all your ways acknowl- 
edge him, and he will 
make your paths straight. 
-Proverbs 3:5-6 

With love and congratulations 
from your family 

Jonathan Andrew Mullen 

As you graduate, may 
the Lord fill you with 
His love and strengthen 
you by His grace. May 
the love of Christ shine 
in your life and show 
itself in all of your 

Love, Mom, Dad and Jer 

Deuteronomy 31:8, 

Colossians 3:1-4 

Vaden Connor Cox 

You'll always be our 


'The joy of the Lord is your 



with much love, 

Mom and Dad 

^raiin is. 

. . . Confidence in God's faithfulness to me 

in an uncertain world, 

on an uncharted course, 

through an unknown future. 


With love 

and sincere 


Mom, Dad, and 


Stephanie L. Schneider 

Dearest daughter, 

You have given 
your family so much joy. 
We love you and are 
proud of the Godly 
woman He has fashioned. 
. . continue in His ways. 


Mom and Dad 

Bryan and Andy 

Megan Joy Toms 

You are a gift 
from God. We 
praise Him as we 
have seen you 
grow in Christian 
maturity these 
past four years. 

Mom and Dad 

Brent Thomas Jackson 

A keen mind and a feeling heart— what a combi- 
nation! I have watched you suffer and grow 
through adversity to become the man you are 
today. Truly God has a special plan for your life 
and has gifted you with sensitivity and concern 
for others. "Being confident... that He who has 
begun a good work in you will complete it until 
the day of Jesus Christ." 

-Philippians 1:6 

With all our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Tricia 

Allison June Fekete 

We are so proud of the woman of God 
you are and of the hard work you have 
put into your education. Whatever the 
future holds, our prayer is that God 
will always be the delight of your heart. 

Dad, Mom and Greg 

"For I know the plans I have for you, 
declares the Lord, plans to prosper 
you and not to harm you, plans to give 
you a hope and a future." 

-Jeremiah 29: 11 

jig « 


U jym. 




Rhett Stephen Bentson 

"We are the colorful ones... Re- 
joice in everything!" K. Green 
Jer. 29:11-14 
P.S. Use your charm! 

Erin Rebecca Harris 

Erin, we thank God for the privilege of raising 
such a remarkable young lady. You have lived 
by God's Word, laughed often, and cared for 

others. Continue to run the race that is set 

before you. We are very proud of you. Ps. 71:5 

Love, Dad, Mom, Jeffery, and Jenny 

Robin Chelsea Arrington 

As you graduate, we praise God for the 

young woman you have become. You are 

special to us and to God. Our prayer for you 

is that you will always "walk in His ways and 

keep His decrees." I Kings 2:3 

Love, Dad and Mom 

Peter Brangwin 

Congratulations Peter! We are very proud of 
you and your accomplishments! From gradu- 
ation to graduation, you have been a delight to 

us and we love you. We pray you will con- 
tinue to look to God for guidance and trust ini 
His will and provision for your life. 
Love, Mom and Dad I Kings 2:2b-3 

Renee H. 

Delia Vecchia 


In my heart you will always be my 
little girl. 

May GOD smile upon you all of 
your days. 

I love you, 

Megan VanderHart 

"I have no greater joy than to hear 
that my children walk in truth." 

Ill John 4 
Thank you for the joy, Megan. 

May you continue by God's grace. 

Love, Dad, Mom, Aaron, Kaylin, 

Shay, Jon, Ben, Karen and Jordan 

Myriam Jones 

We thank God for the bright song He brought into 
our lives when you were born. Your energy, enthusi- 
asm, joy, passion, and service have shown us some- 
thing of Christ's face. We pray God's rich blessings 
on you as you leave Covenant to discover a new 

path of service to our Savior. 

With deepest love, Dad & Mom; David, Eowyn & 

Jesse Stoddard; Stasie, Julien, Tessa, Zoe and Toby; 

Edmund & Jean Clowny; T. Ronald & Ellen Jones 


"Therefore, my dear daughter, stand 

firm. Let nothing move you. Always 

give yourself fully to the work of the 

Lord, because you know that your 

labor in the Lord is not in vain." 

1 Corinthians 15:58 

With Love and Respect, 
Dad and Mom 







CHATTANOOGA, TN 37416-0608 

BUS. (800) 546-7784 
OFFICE (423) 622-4500 

FAX (423) 624-6763 

PAGER (888) 349-2157 



*jjtfie> 106 Years 

Commercial Insurance 
Personal Home & Auto Insurance 
Group Medical Plans 
Contract Donds 
Retirement Benefits 
Life Insurance 
Long Term Core 

735 Orood Street, Surte 500 • Chattanooga. Tennessee 37402 
615/756-0711 • Fax 615/265-8543 

North Georgia Paintball 

3134 Straight Gut Road 
Lafayette, Georgia 30728 

We now have two fields! 

Owners: Danny Laymon, Lee Roy Gass, Mickey Bell 

Res. 866-9204 Bus. 764-2508 (Sat. and Sun. only) 

That they might see His face 

Join Mission to the World and 
the Presbyterian Church in 
America, making a difference 
in the lives of the unreached 
around the globe. 

Get to the mission field! Get involved! 

Our partnerships and opportunities are designed for your needs and abilities. This is real life! It's a team 
effort - planting churches, teaching, translating the bible, working in community development, discipling, 
sharing the Gospel and much morel Two-year and career missionary positions are available. 

Call today! 


Mission to the World 

Attn: Brian Deringer 
PO Box 29765 
Atlanta, GA 30359 
Phone: 404 320 3373 






Phone Number: 423-821-0023 

Pharmacy Phone: 423-821-6346 

Congratulations to all 
graduates. God bless 
you in all your future 
ventures. Thank you 
for all of your busi- 
ness and you will 
definitely be missed! 

"The Silver Lady" 

Express Shuttle 1-800-896-9928 

Why waste unnecessary time or money? Save both by flying direct! 


Daily Shuttle Service From 
Chattanooga To and From the 
Atlanta and Nashville airports. 





• Top coiopum M l Wrni OTfcofi II 

yea mv« M4W Off roflular /' 




Adams, Elizabeth 49, 73, 132 
Agate, Michael 78, 98 
Akin, Sara 10, 72,103,132 
Alfonzo, Esther 74, 1 32 
Alger, Jade 67, 132 
Allen, Mary 132 
Allen, Sarah 8,11,79,132 
Allison. Ruth 75. 132 
Amnions, Christopher 132 
Anderson, Charity 104, 1 16 
Anderson, Greg 41, 68, 83,132 
Anderson, Jolene 132 
Anderson, Katie 1 32 
Anderson, Scott 36, 56, 1 32 
Andreas, Thomas 21, 81, 132 
Armes, Sarah 81 
Arrington, Robin 48, 81. 116 
Arroyo, Andres 68, 1 32 
Austin, Lorissa 132 
Asano, Makoto 68 
Asher 82 
Atkins, Allison 59 
Ayres, Lisa 74, 92,132 


Baird, Melissa 65,132 
Baker, Carl 132 
Baker, Dan 87 
Baker, Mandi 65,132 
Baker, Sarah 116 
Balch.Jenn 103 
Baldschun, Jane 66, 132 
Baloche, Vanessa 132 
Barker, Nick 86 
Barker, Ginny 8, 59 
Barker, Katy 62,132 
Barker, Sarah 116 
Barker, Virginia 132 
Barrett, Jamie 48,77, 98 
Barrett, Shanna 7,34, 80 
Bartoshuck, Linda 6 
Baxter, Brian 81 
Bedzyk,Mike77, 95, 132 
Beeman, Emily 81, 116 
Belkjodi 63,132 
Belz, Esther 59, 87,132 
Belz, Jane 132 
Bennett, Jake 70, 132 
Bennett, Karen 1 32 
Bentson, Heidi 44,45,72, 132 
Bentson, Rhett 116 
Bentson, Tim 57, 110,132 

Bilbrey, James 56,132 

Bindewald, Erin 2 1 

Bird. Josh 56, 132 

Birman,Jaclyn 65, 132 

Bishop, Curran 24,70, 132 

Blair, Ginny 6, 24, 66,132 

Boatright, Emily 65, 132 

Bobos, Mandi 62, 1 32 

Bode, Rachel 94, 111, 117 

Boll, Katie 59, 132 

Bonier, Rebecca 1 32 

Bond, Tim 15,49,132 

Bone, Jeff 58, 98, 132 

Boone, Ryan 58, 98, 132 

Borger, Kristyn 61, 103,132 

Bosshardt, Ivey 132 

Bosshardt, Ruth 132 

Bostrom, Jarrod 58, 1 32 

Boulton, Bethany 43,73, 103, 132 

Brackett, Larena 132 

Brady, Holly 117 

Bragdon, Kathryn 60, 1 32 

Brainerd, Ann 59 

Brandon, Megan 59, 132 

Brangwin, Kristine 73, 110, 132 

Branson, Lisa 66, 133 

Brant, Robert 78,133 

Brauer, Kristen 75, 133 

Brauer, Nathan 8,45,56,133 

Bray, Josh 69, 117 

Brinkerhoff, Nathan 67,98, 133 

Brock, Dr. Frank 14, 32, 88 

Brock, Krue 8 

Brown, Anna 133 

Brown, Katie 74,133 

Brown, Micah 58 

Brown, Richard 78, 98,133 

Bruce, M. Adam 78 

Bruegger, Molly 14, 79, 91,133 

Bryan, Bob 89 

Bryant, Matthew 16, 70, 133 

Buliczjanelle 65,133 

Burguet, Iain 68 

Burke, John 133 

Burke, Tim 56,133 

Bursi, Laura 60, 82,133 

Butters, Wendy 1 1 7 

Byerly, Billy 71,133 

Cabezas, Xavier A. 1 17 
Campbell, Sara 43,76, 101,133 
Canales, Carlos 81,133 
Carlisle, Brian 57,133 
Carlson, Christy 60, 133 
Carpenter, Cory 117 
Carrahar, Shannon 60, 86 
Carver, Micah 69,133 
Case,Angie 81, 118 
Case, Keith 118 

Caviness, Kerry 48,66, 133 
Challies, Mary Anne 65. 133 
Childs, Laura 63, 82,118 
Chinchin, Joanna 74, 1 33 
Chisholm, Kirstin 80, 1 33 
Chiva, Pavel 81, 133 
Christmann, Ben 68 
Chun, Daniel 69 
Clark, Aarin 133 
Clark, Kristy 64,133 
Clarkson, Kelly 43, 45, 63, 101.1 33 
Claassen, Jacob 68, 133 
Clawson, Amy 60, 133 
Cleary,Tim41, 68,133 
Cobb, Matt 56,98. 133 
Cogliandro. Joe 36. 71,133 
Cohee, Daniel 56,133 
Collins, Jennifer 133 
Collins, Kim 80 
Collins, Kimberly 80, 118 
Collins, R. Gerald 57,133 
Collison,Ben 58 
Cone, Brooke 60,133 
Cook, Stephen 58, 1 33 
Corder, Justin 15,33,37.78. 133 
Corwin. Suzanne 66, 104, 133 
Counts, Elizabeth 17, 65,133 
Counts, Paul 56, 82,133 
Court, Brian 118 
Courter, Kevin 69, 1 33 
Cox,Vaden 50,51,57.118 
Crabb, Jonathan 71, 133 
Craven, Jason 71 
Crews, Andy 21, 78, 133 
Crist, Ben 8, 56,133 
Crocker, Becky 65,133 
Crossman, Brian 98 


Davis, Dana 73, 101,133 
Davis, Eric 133 
Davis, Jennifer 66. 104, 133 
Davis, Jocelyn 60, 133 
Dayton, Danielle 133 
Dean.Mallory 70. 83,133 
DeBoer, Shauna 35, 74, 119 
DeHaan,Jen 66,133 
DellaVecchia, Renee 119 
DeMarco, Justin 133 
Demaree,Erin 133 
Dennison, Dave 77, 134 
Dennison, Jeffery 119 
Dennison, Steve 77, 134 
DePrine, Becky 11,79,134 
DeRuyter, James 71, 134 
Deterding, Amy 24, 65, 101,134 
Deutschmann,Krista79, 110, 112 

Dey, Whitney 75, 134 
Di Bernardo, Jeannette 62, 1 34 
Dick,Kaki 72,134 
Digman,Alex9, 78,134 
Dixon, Andy 71,134 
Dixon, Michael 58,134 
Donaldson, Jessica 75, 134 
Dorrisjaymi 61, 134 
Drake, John 35,119 
Dreger, Nathan 134 
Duble.Mark 101 
Duffie, Amanda 74, 103, 134 

Early, Nate 56,134 
Easton, Amanda 62 
Edwards, Rebecca 72,134 
Egan, Joseph 134 
Eisenbraun, Andy 57, 134 
Elliot, Jesse 29, 68, 90,134 
Elliott, Kim 79,134 
Ellis, Maria 60, 134 
Ellis,Niki9, 24, 66,134 
Ellis. Tabitha 80,134 
Ellis, Thomas 77, 134 
Ellis, Timothy 36,77,134 
Ellison, Sarah 81,119 
Emerson, Naomi 1 34 
Emerson, Dan 102,134 
Emrich, Ethan 69,134 
Enter, Beka 60,134 
Entriken, Jonathan 82 
Entriken., Suzy 82 
Erbel, Jenny 64, 103,134 
Ernst, Jay 8, 14, 70 
Eubank, Sherry 74,134 
Evearitt,Tad 119 

Farquhar, Erin 62, 134 
Faucheux, Jeanne 120 
Fair, Kristen 134 
Feamster, Katie 75, 104,134 
Fellers, Evan 134 
Fekete, Allison 120 
Ferman,Alisha61,104. 134 
Fidati, Lindsay 75, 134 
Fields, Mark 58 
Fikkert, Alison 62,134 
Fink, Karen 74, 134 
Fink, Teresa 62,134 
Fish, David 120 
Fish, Deborah 59,120 
Fisher, Jessica 81 
Fitts, Lucas 21,67,134 
Fluegge, Sarah 74, 120 
Folkerts, Chris 81,134 
Foreman, Cliff 37 

foreman, Laurel 87 
-owler, Nathan 47,78, 87, 134 
-railey, Jessica 21,34,76, 134 
-rame, Scharlie 60, 134 
-ranceschini, Lisa 66, 92, 134 
-ranklin, David 104 
-ranklin, Sarah 104,120 
-ranks, Bethany 76, 101,134 
-ranks, Michael 78, 86,134 
-ray, Kristin 6, 7, 60,134 
-reas, Stephen 67 
-redericks, Autumn 81, 134 
-reed, Brian 121 

3ambio, Alice 1 34 
jauthier, Arthur 14 
3autsch,Yon 15, 21,134 
3ay, Danielle 73,134 
jerhardt, Daniel 134 
jilman, Annaliese 43,63, 135 
jlaser,Sam25, 58, 82,135 

lass, Stephanie 35, 79 
31eason,Jon 57, 135 
31eason, Rachel 66, 82, 110,135 
31enister,Geoff 45,70, 135 
jodfrey, Elisha 56, 98, 112,135 
jodfrey, Mary Grace 6 1 
3ood, Monique 66, 101, 135 
joodman, Geoff 57, 91,135 
joodman, Laura 6 
3osey, Chris 67, 135 

rady, Karen 80, 135 
jraham, David 71, 83,135 
jraham, Dr. 10 
3rant, Katie 81,135 
jray, Kara 75, 101,135 
3reen, Dr. Jay 88, 89 
jreen, Joshua 121 
3reen, Shannon 59, 135 
jreenwald, Katie 62, 135 
jreyling, Robynne 79, 135 
jriffith, Kara 121 
jritter, Angelica 36, 80,135 
jurney, Lisa 35, 72 

-laase, Kathleen 82, 1 1 1 

laase, Dan 82 

lacquebord, Carlle-Lize 24, 42, 66, 


Jaga, Jesse 70,110,135 
Jager, Hannah 64, 101 
iager,Josh 98, 121 
lall, Andrea 79,135 
lalhDr.Jeff 89 
ialvorson, Hoyt 58, 135 
ialvorson, Kurt 98, 121 
lamby, Mary Alice 74, 135 

Hamilton, Jonathan 56, 135 
Hancock, David 67 
Hansen, Laura 28, 81,135 
Hansen, Susan 74, 135 
Hansinger, Alina 41,60, 135 
Hansinger, Andrew 41,81, 135 
Harbert, Allison 79,135 
Hargrove, Seth 69,135 
Harper, Ben 70 
Harris, Erin 53,79, 110, 122 
Hastie, Cameron 43,76, 135 
Hastings, Joanna 63, 135 
Hastings, Jon 69, 1 35 
Hawk,Jina76, 135 
Hayes, Carrie 75,135 
Hayes, Meggin 21,74,83,135 
Heath, Amelia 72, 101,135 
Hedinger, Matt 36,56,93, 135 
Heisig, Leah 62, 86,135 
Henry, Daniel 70,135 
Herder., Karen 135 
Herndon,Nick 78,135 
Herron,Dan 56, 113,135 
Herron, Pete 70, 103,135 
Hess, Erin 32, 80, 101,135 
Hess, Rich 7, 77,135 
Hessenbruch, Joanna 61, 135 
Hettinger, Sam 58, 98 
Higgins, Mary 65, 135 
Hinkson,Paul21, 69,135 
Hinman,Josh24, 57, 82,135 
Hirsh, Katie 76,135 
Hitchcock; Stephen 98 
Hobbs, Alexandra 135 
Hobbs, Andrew 24, 56, 111,135 
Holliday, Christine 135 
Hollowell,Wes 42,67,136 
Holmes, Becca 43,63, 136 
Homer, Amy 59, 136 
Honaker, Heather 8, 60, 136 
Hook, Romona 136 
Hopper, Seth 56,136 
Hopson, Dana 60, 122 
Hopson, Sarah 21, 28, 62,136 
Horne,Cale 56,136 
Horner, Thomas 122 
Horner, Tom 81 
Hornick, Eric 57, 122 
Horton, Dr. Philip 89 
Horton, Nicole 59,136 
House, Anne 80, 136 
Howard, Neal 68 
Howard, Valerie 39, 66, 136 
Hoxter,Adam 67,136 
Hubbard, Carolyn 63, 103, 122 
Hudson, Abby 48,80,136 
Hudson, Dan 6,70, 136 
Hudson, Jessica 62, 136 
Huffine,Ben71, 112 

Hultink, Valerie 122 


Illman, David 77, 98 
Ireland, Sarah 36,43,72 
Irwin, Jennie 76,83, 136 
Isbell, Angela 62,136 
Iverts, Krista 11, 14, 79,136 
Iverts, Maija 64, 101,136 


Jackson, Brent 44, 45, 123 
Jackson, C.J. 78 
Jacobs, Jason 58, 123 
Jacoby, Jay 56 
James, Becky 59, 136 
James, Frances 80, 1 36 
Jamison, Miri 74, 136 
Jamison, Shawdi 76, 136 
Jansen,Joy 60, 101,136 
Jardine, Jennica 41,59, 82,136 
Jimenez, Rachel 6 
Johnson, Cherith 79, 136 
Johnson, Gabe 53,68, 136 
Johnson, Jen 6, 136 
Johnson, Mindy 76, 136 
Johnson, Pete 58, 136 
Johnson, Travis 10,45,71,136 
Johnston, Dawn 73, 136 
Jones, Christina 79, 136 
Jones, Christy 8,76,136 
Jones, Myriam 81, 123 
Jordan, Emily 42,73, 136 


Kadkte, Jenny 60,123 
Kamp, Allen 56,136 
Kaufmann, David 21,57, 103, 136 
Kelley, Kristin 75,136 
Kellogg, Jessica 59, 136 
Kennedy, Ben 56 
Kennedy, Hannah 1 23 
Kennedy, Sarah 66, 135 
Kent, Paul 69,135 
Kent, Susan 61,135 
Kessler, James 77, 135 
Khokhar, Jeremiah 81, 135 
Kickasola, Matthew 21, 71, 123 
Kijewiski, Edward 135 
Kim, Joseph 69 
Kim,Min 69,136 
Kimbrell, Matt 57, 98, 124 
King, Stephen 68, 92,136 
Kinsey, Angie 124 
Kinzler, Andrew 68, 136 
Kirby, Jerah Seelinger 124 
Kirby, Meghan 61,136 
Kiser, Shannon 71 
Klinger,Mary 80,136 

Knight, Travis 103 
Knox, Jim 68,136 
Knox, Sarah 73, 136 
Knutson,Joel 124 
Kodatt,Matt 70,136 
Kraakevik, James 137 
Krieg, Mark 36, 56, 98,137 

Lamb, Christine 44, 45, 8 1 , 1 24 
Lamb, Jessica 75, 137 
Lammers, Rachel 74 
Langley, Ken 70 
Lanious, Emily 75, 1 37 
Lanoie, Amy 137 
LaRose, Jessica 75, 83,137 
Larson, Jeffrey 45, 137 
Larson, Jon 81, 137 
Larson, Tim A. 21,45,68, 137 
Larson, Timothy S. 125 
Lea, Jim 57,137 
Lee, Katie 60,137 
Leestma, Ryan 57 
Lefler, Jennifer 74, 137 
Leonard, Caleb 57, 98,137 
Lester, Rachel 75, 137 
Levi,Janna29, 80, 82,137 
Lewin, Steve 57,137 
Lichlyter, Anne 33,52,79, 137 
Lillie,Jon56, 87,137 
Lindemann, Steve 7 1 
Lins,Anna8, 62, 82,125 
Littlejohn, Dr. Robert 14, 89 
Lively, Erin 61, 125 
Livingston, Steve 95 
Long, Davison 137 
Long, Margaret 63, 64 
Long, Stefanie 73 
Long, Taylor 98,137 
LoPiccolo, Bethany 63, 137 
LoPiccolo, Jenny 62, 137 
Loud, Julie 79,137 
Lown, Sarah 59, 101,137 
Luchenbill, Tamara 137 
Lucaciu, Andrew 77 
Lucas, Pam 10,14,65,137 
Lundelius, Abigail 80,137 
Lyman, Kerry 81, 83, 125 


Maddox, Molly 6, 64, 101,137 
Maffet, Johathan 137 
Mallin, Abigail 65 
Malone, Justin 70, 137 
Malone, Katie 72, 74,137 
Mangalwadi, Anandit 80, 137 
Mangum, Grier 9, 137 

Manor, Scotty 56, 1 37 
Mantooth, Matt 25, 67, 137 
Manzo, Jennie 72, 137 
Maoz, Shlomit 76, 1 37 
Maphet, Nathan 67, 1 37 
Marchmann, Matt 58, 137 
Marquis, Marty 21,45, 125 
Marr,LizA. 60,137 
Marshall, Tim 69, 83, 111, 137 
Martin, Emily 125 
Martin, Gordy 47 

Martin,Lang 15,21,42,67, 83,137 
Martin, Sarah 73, 137 
Matthews, Betsy 83, 110 
McCartney, Chris 57 
McCarty, Kevin 81,126 
McClairUen 6, 14,65,82,94, 126 
McClellan, Katie 62, 90,137 
McCullough, Samella 81 
McDowell, Sean 68,137 
McFarland, Austina 62, 137 
Mcllhenny, Megan 74, 1 37 
McKenzie, Jennifer 48, 72, 83, 1 26 
McKittrick, Katie 59,137 
McKnight, Shawn 69,126 
McLellan, Grace 16, 47,64,137 
McMurtry, Holly 8, 74, 90,137 
McQuillen, Kevin 58, 1 13, 126, 137 
McSherry, Kelly 63, 137 
Mehne, Elizabeth 72, 101, 137 
Meier, Liesl 9, 74,137 
Meiners, Sarah 65, 101, 1 13, 138 
Meiners,Wil 81, 103,138 
Meyer, Annamarie 81, 138 
Middendorf, Therese 47,64, 138 
Mike, Dr. Rulon 6 
Miller, Mary Rose 80,138 
Millette, Charity 75,138 
Mills, Kim 75, 104,138 
Mollenkof, Erin 104,138 
Monahan, Matthew 126 
Monroe, Caleb 21,36,45, 78, 138 
Montgomery, Andrew 126 
Moon, Elisa 76 
Moon, Josh 78, 82, 98,138 
Moore, Julie 73, 83, 111,138 
Moore, Starr 138 
Morgan, Katy 60,138 
Morrison, Ben 21, 69,138 
Morrison, Jennifer 81 
Morse, Hannah 138 
Moses, Shari 6 
Mugerwa,Dora 11, 79,138 
Mullen, Jon 58,126 
Mullinax, Laranda 61, 138 
Mullinsjill 6, 21, 127 
Murray, Michelle 127 
Murton, Jonathan 71, 138 
Musselman, Kristen 60, 138 

Mwaria, Miriam 81, 138 


Nelson, Paige 81, 138 
Neugard, Holly 65,138 
Nevin,Darcee 101,138 
Nichols, Ruth 72, 127 
Noll, Scott 98, 138 
Norman, Becca 43,45,63, 138 
Novenson, Matt 58, 138 


Oberg, Scott 58 
Odell, Stacy 8,61,138 
Ogburn, Stacey 64, 101,138 
Oguntebi, Blessing 72, 138 
Ohanian III, Osgar John 48, 127 
Ohanian,Mary 60,138 
Okie, Tom 67 
O'Leary, Elizabeth 63,127 
Opp, Natalie 59,138 
Osborne, Laura 73, 138 
Oster,Nate 77,138 
Ottinger, John 21,69,138 

Page, Ellie 62 

Painter, Beth 75,138 

Parish, David S. 77,127 

Parker, JoyLynne 66, 138 

Parrish,Skye 61,138 

Patton,Jake 58,138 

Paulk, Sarah 79,138 

Peck, Rob 57, 103, 127 

Peele, Deborah 76,138 

Pendergrass, Dave 57, 138 

Perkins, Andy 127 

Perrett, Paige 66,138 

Peters, Esther 73,138 

Peters, Jason 57, 138 

Peters, Matthew 56, 138 

Peterson, Jack 78 

Petrella, Erin 128 

Petrella,Terrie 81,138 

Pettit,Caiflin21, 59, 103,138 

Pettit, Ethan 21 

Philipp, Kristel 59,138 

Pipa, Joseph 138 

Pohl, Dianna 36, 80,138 

Poirier, Sarah 60,138 

Polk, Jon 68,138 

Porter, Jon 69,138 

Porter, MoUy 47, 80,138 

Posey, Kyle 57 

Posey, Mary 73, 139 

Post, Nathan 78 

Potoshnick, Esther 63, 111, 128 

Potoshnick, Matt 58,98, 139 

Powell, Nick 77,139 

Powell, Rachel 59, 101,139 
Powers, Chris 71,139 
Poyner, Katie 72,139 
Prager, Suzanne 9, 73,139 
Prentice, Jennifer 66, 101, 139 
Pugh, Olivia 62, 139 

Quillen, Chris 47, 56,139 


Ragsdale, Tommy 57,139 
Rahrer, Destiny 64,139 
Rantal, Corrie 62, 139 
Rantal, Heather 36, 37, 43, 63, 139 
Rapier, Aaron 16,139 
Ray, Summer 81,128 
Rayburn, Bryonie 139 
Rayburn, Moriah 73, 139 
Raymond, Scott 14 
Razzano, Johnny 68, 139 
Record, Tracey 61 
Redd, Joey 58,139 
Redpath,Scot 21, 128 
Rees, Joanna 21, 60,139 
Reitsma, Deborah 65, 139 
Render, Chris 7, 110, 112 
Renkema,Eric 68,139 
Richards, Ben 56,139 
Richardson, James 71, 128, 139 
Richter, Karen 139 
Rigby, Derek 78,139 
Righter, Rob 78, 139 
Rine, Melissa 65, 139 
Roberts, Josef 78, 139 
Robertson, Ben 15, 33, 78,139 
Robertson, David 139 
Robertson, Mike 56,139 
Robeson, Elizabeth 52,79, 128 
Robeson, Tiffany 128 
Rodriguez, Lael 79,139 
Rodriguez, Laura 16, 62,139 
Roe, Josiah 67 
Rogers, Mary Grace 59, 139 
Rosier, Brandi 63 
Ross, Andy 67, 139 
Ross, Jordan 69, 103,139 
Rowe, Steve 77,139 
Rowe,Tim 67,139 
Royal, Charles 77 

Sanders, Emily 66, 139 
Sandhoff, Kristen 11, 79, 82 
Sands, Liz 61, 82,139 
Satterfield, Angela 139 
Saunders, Jodi 29, 65,139 
Schalansky, Amy 73, 139 
Schalmo, Fritz 103 

Schenk, Katie 64,139 
Schenkel, Laura 75,139 
Schmidt, Andy 58, 98,139 
Schmidt, Mrs. 15 
Schneider, Stephanie 60, 128 
Schreur, Barb 14 
Scribner, Jamin 71, 139 
Seda, Michelle 66, 129 
Sell, Joel 139 

Shapiro, Matthias 56, 103, 139 
Shore, Kent 139 
Shore, Kirk 129 
Siedhoff, Matt 58, 139 
Silva,Ed 67,139 
Sligh, Sarah 80,139 
Sloan, Michael 33,78,139 
Smialek,Tami 113 
Smith, Ashley 6, 61,140 
Smith, Chris 69,140 
Smith, Nick 8, 71,140 
Sotelo,Tim 81,140 
Soundara, Phou 68, 140 
Sperow,Lisa 62, 129 
Spiecker, Eric 83 
Spieker, Adelynn 83 
Spiritosanto, Sam 77, 140 
Sproul, Stephanie 60, 140 
Sroka,Josh 57,140 
Stacey, Beth 73,140 
Stair, Brad 78,140 
Stair, Julie 129 
Staley, Sarah 59, 68,140 
Stanley, Kara 65, 140 
Stanton, David 98 
Stanton, Melissa 129 
Staven,Joe 15, 67,140 
Steere,Dan 58, 98,140 
Steere, Krista 11, 76, 101,140 
Steinbrecher, Ryan 140 
Steketee, Barb 76,140 
Stewart, Angie 66 
Stewart, Carrie 140 
Stewart, Elizabeth 73, 140 
Stewart, Kate 43, 73, 140 
Stortz, Katie 37, 64,140 
Stout, Emily 72 
Swann, Mary 140 
Swanson, Chip 42, 43, 69 
Swanson, Eric 71, 140 
Swanson, Joel 56, 87 
Swanson, Julie 74, 140 
Swartz, Jesica 63, 140 
Sweatt, Melannie 73, 140 
Sweet, John 77, 98,140 
Swinney,Dawn 81, 101, 140 

Takata, Yukiko 80,140 
Talarico, Jessica 76, 103,140 
Tamminga, Hosannah 80, 140 
Taylor, David 103 

Taylor, Jarrod 140 

Taylor, Kristin 61, 104,140 

Taylor, Melissa 59, 104, 140 

Taylor, Trevor 47, 67, 140 

Terry, Jessica 64, 82, 140 

Tholl, Kristen 72, 140 

Thomas, Michelle 140 

Thomas, Benjamin 129 

Thomas, Cedric 129 

Thomas, Michelle 63 

Thompson, Bradley 140 

Thompson, Dan 67 

Thompson, Lydia 24,39,47,66, 129 

Throener, Charity 81,140 

Thrower, Jonathan 77, 140 

Tilley, Rachel 72, 140 

Tilley, Sarah 21, 73,140 

Tiscione, Krista 6, 72, 140 

Todd, Marcus 68, 140 

Tolson, Holly 59, 140 

Tolson, Laurel 14,52,79,140 

Tomlinson, Kathryn 140 

Toms, Megan 81, 130 


Toner, Seth 130 

Toole, Jeremy 58, 103,140 

Towers, Eric 78, 140 

Townsend, Amy 130 

iTraver, John Calvin 21 , 44, 45, 

57, 130 
iTrimiew, Jason 21, 57, 98,130 
iTrimmier, Alana 59, 140 
Trygar,Eddie8, 71, 103,140 
Tuininga, Janine 140 
Tucker, Anthony 98, 130 
Turner, Josh 68, 103,140 
Tyler, Ty 57, 98,140 


jUsher, Laurel 37,47,66, 110, 141 
Ussery-Perez, Sarai 80, 141 
Uthlaut, Robert Eric 130 

Valkenburg.Beth 72,141 
van der Westhuizen, Lycia 8 1 , 140 
Van Eck, Brandon 57,141 
Van Eck, Ethan 77,141 
Vance, Cherish 60 
VanderHart, Megan 81, 130 
VanDyken, Crystal 104, 131 
vanSteenburg, James 100 
varela, Pablo 78, 87,141 
\arner,Winship 71, 141 
Vaughn, Nellie 81 
Vivarette, Mandi 60, 141 
vbltz, Heidi 61,141 
vfeken,Dave 69, 141 


Wilton, Justin 42,47,67,141 

Wardell, Isaac 21,44,45,57, 141 

Weaver, Johnathan 71, 141 

Weaver, Julie 75,141 

Webb, June 81,141 

Webb, Matt 57,141 

Weigers, Robert 130 

Weir, Lisa 80,141 

Weiss, John 56, 141 

Wells, Jason 58, 98,141 

Werson, Jana 60, 141 

Wessel, Damaris 81, 141 

White, Grace 21, 28, 63, 90,141 

White, Mary Frances 141 

White, Teresa 141 

White, Walker 44 

Whiteaker, Christy 76, 101, 141 


Wlliams, Evan 141 

Wllison,Ty42, 141 

Wlsey, Christy 72,141 

Wlson, Anna Catherine 8, 60, 141 

Wson, Jessica 141 

Wndemuller, Fernando 15,141 

Wnters, Kirk 56, 141 

Wse, Joseph 58,141 

Wthington, Grant 56, 141 

Wtvoet, Amanda 45, 72, 141 

Wolf, Mason 21, 68 

Wood, Jason 77, 82,141 

Wood, Julie 141 

Work, Ian 71, 103, 141 

Wright, Chris 48,131 

Wright, Matt 77,141 

Wright, Ryan 70, 141 

WykoffDan 15, 33, 78,141 

Wykoff, Steven 47,77,131 

Yakovlev, Andrey 81, 141 
Yleah, David 81, 83,131 
Yleah, Romeo 71 
Young, Brian 98 
Young, Laini 52, 79, 131 
Young, Nancy 45, 95 
Young, Stephanie 76, 101, 
Young, Terrance 69 



-*— '-*"' ^Wrotcrby Emily Boatright 

Zacharias, Kristine 141 

Aalker, Jenny 62, 141 
!Aallace,Wendi 73,141 
! Mills, Jake 131 
iAalton, Brian 56,141 



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u 3Iiis is i£e way; wafA in it. ;? ~9saiaA 30:21 

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